How to decorate your living room this spring2

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to spruce up your living room to welcome this new season. You can decorate your living room with some spring touches. And surely, it would bring a lot of colors to your living space. It is not a difficult task to do. Even you don’t have to spend much budget to spice up your space. These easy decorating ideas are sure to get your home ready for the warmer weather. For example, swap out the heavy draperies and carpeting you relied on during the winter for sheer, breezy options that bring in light and airy vibes. But other than that, we have some ideas to decorate your living room this spring.

How to decorate your living room this spring1


Bring in Outdoor Elements

Incorporating items that are normally found outdoors is a great way to bring nature into your living room. Using stones, trees, sand, straw and other natural materials in your decor will help you relax and enjoy the feel of the outdoors. Adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to your space is also a fantastic idea for adding ambiance and creating a comfortable place to gather. You can place chairs or a sofa around it to create an inviting sitting area.


In this spring living room, you can use a blue rattan sofa to add color to your living room. Complete with blue pillows, it manages to create a matching look and adds to the impression of a warm and comfortable room. This green plant in a pot gives a meaningful look.  Blue Sofa Rattan from @brass_and_oak


You can also decorate your farmhouse living room with a touch of spring to celebrate spring this year. You can add centerpieces in the form of terrariums filled with blooms on the coffee table for maximum results. The white color scheme and touch of wood in this room are able to give a beautiful appearance and a natural touch. Farmhouse Spring Living Room from @curatedandcozy

Go Bold with Pastel Colors

Adding pastels can be a great way to add color to your living room without going overboard. These soft colors are easy on the eyes and can create a soothing and peaceful vibe. Pastels are also a popular option for accent walls, which give your space a fresh look while still remaining neutral and safe. A light pastel blue and white, for example, makes a perfect color scheme for your living room.


The blue color will also give the room a touch that is fresh and looks quirky. The model on the sofa and added some patterned pillows will make your living room decoration more comfortable and warm. On this coffee table you can add white blooms to complete this spring look.  Blue Sofa from @housebythestonebridge


The pastel pink and blue colors applied to the sofa and pillows are able to give the living room a charming spring look. Using pastel color pillows with floral patterns successfully makes a beautiful and stylish living room decoration. Pink and Blue Pastel Living Room from


Complimenting a spring living room with pastel color accents can be a fresh look and an adorable look. This demo on the sofa and some pillows succeeds in creating a comfortable and warm decoration. Pastel Color Sofa from @wishfairdecor


This blue sofa and blooming flowers can give an attractive spring look. The blooming flowers that are placed on the dining room table will make the room decoration fresh and cool. Blue sofa and color scheme.  Blue Sofa and Blooming Flower from @beti_house


The addition of yellow and green to this sofa succeeded in giving the spring living room a more attractive and stylish look. These brightly colored pillows will also balance out this year’s spring look. Yellow and Green Sofa from @hayneedle


The selection of large wall art hanging on one of these walls is eye-catching and will add color to your springtime living room. Using this large framed abstract wall art can give a perfect look. Adding a touch of green to the pillows will also balance the look.  Green Large Wall Art from


This bright color pillow manages to add a touch of bright color to this spring living room. Choosing colorful colors and leaf patterns on these pillows can produce beautiful home decorations and can be the center of attention. This red floor lamp also manages to provide dramatic lighting and a touch of red to this lampshade. Bright Pillow from @architetturatammaro


The white color scheme in the interior design of this spring living room is able to make a meaningful room decoration. Combined with this blue color, it will balance the look and will make your room decoration more stylish. White Color Scheme from @maria.decotiis

Swap Out Seasonal Decor Items

When spring comes, it is the right time to swap out seasonal decor items. You can replace your winter decorations with spring shades. Swapping out your seasonal decor items is a great way to keep your space feeling fresh and welcoming. First, look at your decor staples: wall art, rugs, pillows, and other seasonal items. These are all easy changes to make that don’t take a lot of time or effort.


This blue pillow is able to give color to this living room sofa. Choosing a striped blue pillow will add a spring pattern to your living room sofa. Don’t forget to add mos in the bowl to strengthen the spring style in this house. Blue Pillow from @lifeonvirginiastreet


This combination of green pillows and white sofa succeeds in giving an attractive spring living room look. Choosing a green pillow combined with some green plants in this pot also managed to give it the perfect spring look. Green Pillow from @mymountainretreat


Adding ester centerpirs in the form of blooming flowers in a box vase and egg accents in this bowl makes for a charming look. I put it on the coffee table in your living room to produce an attractive home decoration that can be the center of attention. Easter Centerpieces from @mandikhome


Adding colorful throw pillows to this white sofa will stand out and create the perfect spring living room decoration. Adding this floral pattern also makes for an eye-catching decoration that will steal the eye.  Colorful Pillow Spring from @plaids.and.poppies


In this spring living room, it is equipped with blue accents which will give the room a fresh look and steal the eye. The model on blooming flowers, a bench and a few pillows placed on this sofa manages to give a perfect look.   Blue Accent Spring Living Room from @damariscon_stilo


Adding an ester ornament that is placed next to the sofa can be the center of attention for the perfect spring living room. Adding a small bunny statue, green plants and blooming red flowers managed to become the center of attention of everyone who came. Easter Ornament from @bindujoseph77

Bring in Glass Decor

Glass decor is a big design trend that is sure to spruce up your home and give it a pop of sparkle. One of the best ways to add a springtime touch to your living room is with a colorful glass vase. Whether it is rainbow tinted or a deep crimson hue, this bright and cheerful accessory can make a bold statement without costing you a fortune.


Decorating a house with a spring theme makes your living room decoration more attractive and will catch your eye. Adding blooming flower accents to this coffee table makes an attractive room decoration and can be the center of attention of everyone who comes..  Spring Decor from @designsbyashmara


Using cherry blossoms as these centerpieces manages to give a touch of spring to the whole of your home. Placement on this coffee table succeeds in providing a beautiful home decoration and can be the perfect center of attention.  Cherry Bloosom from @nissalynninteriors


Make these pink magnolia flowers the perfect spring coffee table centerpieces. The pink magnolia blooms that are placed in this vase are able to produce a charming decoration that steals the eye. Pink Magnolia Flower from @maricelalopezdesign


This rose bloom can make an interesting spring decoration for you to try. Placing a flower vase in the form of a statue is able to make an attractive decoration and can be the center of everyone’s attention. Blooming Rose Centerpieces from @damariscon_stilo

Add Fresh Flowers

A few flowers can make a big difference to the look of your living room. They add color, texture, and a nice fresh aroma to the space. A bouquet of tulips is the perfect way to bring spring decor into your home. They’re inexpensive and come in a range of colors to suit every decor style. You can also add a few floral arrangements in different vases. You can even place a few floral blooms in a basket to create a more natural look.


This spring living room is equipped with white blooms as centerpieces for your coffee table. This soft sofa complete with patterned pillows will also make a comfortable and warm room decoration. This hanging chandelier will also give a dramatic impression to your entire space. Spring Living Room from @melissarobertsinteriors


Hanging a spring wreath made of baby breath flowers placed in this basket produces an attractive spring decoration. Hanging on this fireplace hearth will also produce a beautiful and eye-catching home decoration.  Spring Wreath from @cindy.countyroad407


The choice of blooming flowers to use as a coffee table centerpiece is a simple idea that you can try now. Using lavender blooms will give a perfect spring home look.  Blooming Flower Centerpieces from @irishhomeideas


Spring is synonymous with blooming flowers. Therefore you can use pink blooming orchids which are placed next to the sofa to become the perfect center of attention. Combined with this beige color scheme, it will produce a warm and comfortable space design.   Blooming Orchid Flower from @lebaneseindc


Adding a terracotta flower garland that is hung above this fireplace manages to give the living room a spring look that means something for you to try. In addition to garlands decorating this fireplace with spring ornaments, it will also make an interesting living room decoration for you to try..  Wreath Terracota from @makinghomematter

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