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When you’re a new mom, the last thing you want to deal with is clutter. Think about your nursery room. Having a clean, neat, and organized nursery room is a must. As the main room to take care of your baby, the nursery room should be away from clutter conditions. That’s why it’s important to have an organized nursery room. In this case, you can try to declutter your nursery room in several ways. So, getting the space ready before baby arrives can help save you lots of time and energy during the first few months. Also, it will help keep everything in order, allowing you to easily find items and reduce clutter. Plus, an organized nursery room is beautiful!

One of the best ways to organize your nursery room is to get a crib with drawers. They’re a great place to store all sorts of baby items, including extra blankets and sheets. Cribs are good for storing smaller items that you’ll need to access on a regular basis. Another option is to get a crib with several smaller bins or baskets. This is a great way to get organized without sacrificing space or style! When organizing your drawers, make sure to use drawer organizer ideas. When choosing a drawer organizer, make sure to measure the width and depth of the drawers you’re organizing to ensure you get one that will fit. Also, utilize the wall of your nursery room for vertical storage ideas. You installing some shelves or hooks on the walls.

And having a baby it means you will be showered with gifts and toys for your baby. But it doesn’t mean you can keep it all because it will cause a mess in your nursery room. Therefore, you have to sort out useful items and those that will not be used. You can give it away or donate it to someone else. Also, do regular decluttering by making a schedule to organize your nursery room. For other tricks, take a look at these pictures below.

Tricks to declutter your nursery room1

Floating Shelves at the Corner


Take advantage of the empty wall to install vertical floating shelves that can be used to store some of the dolls that can be used as wall hangings too. The design of these floating shelves is made of wood without repainting so that it seems more environmentally friendly and safe for your baby to avoid toxic paint that disturbs the air in this room. Floating Shelves at the Corner from @tourdelust

Schedule Declutter Nursery


Set a routine schedule for your nursery maintenance, what kind of maintenance can you do? To keep the nursery tidy, try to return items that have been used to the storage area when they were picked up, also clean the dust that has stuck to the nursery area, don’t let items scatter around the baby crib. Schedule Declutter Nursery from @mapdesignrd

Wall Mounted DIY Hook Ideas


And you can also use a hook to add to the existing storage in the nursery. Use a hook that is long enough to fit the empty wall in the baby crib area, so you can store more items on the hook with the hooks provided. Use a hook made of wood to match the baby crib you are using. Wall Mounted DIY Hook Ideas from @marzenakobusinska

Standing Clothes Rack


Try to provide a standing clothes rack in the nursery area as a unique alternative to open clothes storage. Apart from hanging some clothes that are often used, this standing clothes rack can also be used as a unique nursery decoration. Coupled with the existence of a drawer at the bottom will certainly add more storage. Standing Clothes Rack from @jadeholyk

Basket Organization


Basket are a unique storage item for use in a nursery, this is because you will store blankets in a rolled up basket so that they look like room decorations. Roll up all the blankets you have and try to get them all into the basket, that way the nursery will look neat and comfortable. Basket Organization from @homelifebyderrion_

Minimalist Look Cabinet Storage


For those of you who like a simple style as a home decoration, using a storage cabinet with a minimalist look is a smart idea. The cabinet that is used as the main storage in this nursery will be more harmonious if you choose a cabinet color that matches the color of the room. Use this standing cabinet to store all your baby’s clothes and important items to avoid dust and dirt. Minimalist Look Cabinet Storage from @homebycullen

Wooden Cubbies for Open Storage


To make it easier for you to store and also find the items you want quickly, storage that is suitable for use in a nursery is open cubbies storage. You can combine these wooden cubbies with plastic containers so that the items you store don’t get messy, don’t forget to stick paper that says the contents on the container to make it easier to find the items you are looking for in a more efficient time. Wooden Cubbies for Open Storage from @la_luizaa

Ladder Storage On a Budget


To reduce clutter in your nursery decor, you can try using a DIY standing ladder as additional storage. Place the DIY standing ladder right beside the baby crib, that way you can hang up some clothes and blankets so that this room looks tidier and free from clutter which makes your baby feel maximum comfort. Ladder Storage On a Budget from @meet_the_taylors

Multifunction Bench Storage


If you have a narrow nursery, there is nothing wrong if you use multifunctional furniture. Multifunctional furniture that you can apply is a small bench accompanied by storage at the bottom, you can use this storage to store small items so that it will reduce clutter in the nursery. Multifunction Bench Storage from @home_with_rose

Fabric Basket Holder Ideas


Another storage that you can use in the nursery is a fabric basket. Don’t hesitate to use some of these basket fabrics, this aims to separate items according to their function. Use a fabric basket equipped with a holder, which will make it easier to move it so that the nursery will be more organized and according to what you want. Fabric Basket Holder Ideas from @interiorswithharriet

Pallet Box Organization


Adding storage in the nursery area is the right step to keep the room clean and uncluttered. Use a medium-sized pallet box organization so you can put it under the table, you can use this pallet box to store toys so they don’t get messy. Pallet Box Organization from @mom_of_alittlepirate

Neatly Arranged Nursery Decor


Arrange all furniture layouts in the nursery area appropriately and not overly. Use enough furniture, for example you can put a baby crib right next to a glass window so you can get natural lighting. Peach and white are the nuances of a supportive room. Molding wall design adds texture to the room instantly. Neatly Arranged Nursery Decor from @hunkerhome

Wicker Container with Lid


Woven baskets are a storage addition that you can use in nursery decor. This will minimize the chaos that occurs in this room. Just put it right next to the baby crib with more than one so you can store all the things you have in this room. You can use two different sizes simultaneously. Wicker Container with Lid from @trendenvy

Konmari Method


Check out the konmari method in this drawer nursery area. All your baby’s clothes will be neatly arranged and this storage method will store more clothes. You can roll baby clothes and store them according to a pattern to make them look more harmonious. Plain white clothes can be stored close together. Konmari Method from @that_manda_girl

Boys Wardrobe Organization


This baby boys wardrobe is equipped with a basket holder which will be additional storage that can be easily inserted and removed. Here you can use a large number of clothes hangers or according to the storage needs of this baby’s clothes. Repaint the entire wardrobe with plain white to make it look more elegant. Boys Wardrobe Organization from @mulberrycottage_ox

Windowsill Bookshelves Design


The windowsill section of the nursery decor can be of even greater use when you use it as a suitable bookshelf area for your future. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use multifunctional furniture, for example using a wood melamine day bed which is perfected with hidden storage at the bottom. Windowsill Bookshelves Design from @elefantedesign

Standing Magazine Storage


All magazines and some dolls can be stored in the magazine organizer area which is wide enough. The frame used is PVS so it is lighter when it is moved to another room around it. Try to put the magazine storage on the floor area that doesn’t interfere with your activities while in this room. Standing Magazine Storage from @homeonbawnlane

Built-in Wall Shelves Ideas


The corner of the nursery room can be used as built-in wall shelves to store all the dolls and other cute ornaments you have. This wall shelf has several open shelves arranged vertically. Repaint the shelves according to the wall paint used to make it look more aligned and in line. Built-in Wall Shelves Ideas from @our_little_lea

Container Organization


Containers are additional storage that you can use in nursery decorations and can be included in standing open shelves. To make it easier for you to find the item you are looking for, you can add a label to the outer surface of the container according to the contents inside. Use large labels so they can be seen clearly. Container Organization with Label from @athomewiththewilliams

Drawer Organizer


To organize your drawers more neatly, you can use drawer organizer ideas. In addition to keep all your baby’s clothes free from dust, it will keep your drawer more organized. By using drawer organizer ideas, you can use the entire drawer to the maximum. Drawer Organizer  from @lifeatsophs

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