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It’s a new chapter in your life, and you want your first apartment to feel like your home. Decorating your first apartment is fun. You will feel excited to arrange it and make it as attractive and comfortable as possible. However, sometimes it can also be a little daunting and confusing. Where to begin? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your space feel cozy and homey, even if you’re on a budget! The trick is to think outside the box. For example, instead of buying brand-new furniture, consider painting your current pieces to give them a new look. But other than that, there are other considerations to decorate your first apartment with ease. And here, we will discuss it further.

If you’re decorating your first apartment, think beyond what’s already in place. Start by thinking about how the space could be divided into zones and what you need in each zone to make it more functional. Small apartments often come with a limited amount of storage, so seek out pieces that look good and provide plenty of room for storing essentials. This will help your space feel more spacious and neat. Using the right color palette, incorporating a few interesting pieces of furniture and incorporating an innovative lighting scheme are all sure fire ways to make your new abode feel like a home.

When it comes to decorating your first apartment, it’s important to think beyond your rugs. They’re often overlooked, but a well-chosen rug can bring color and texture to any space. They’re also a great way to soften hardwood or tile floors. Plush rugs also help reduce noise by absorbing sounds and reducing echoes. Also, you can also add personal touches to your first apartment. Furthermore, take a look at these ideas below.

How to decorate your first apartment with ease1

Multifunctional Kitchen Island


When using a kitchen island in a mini kitchen room, adding some stools along the kitchen island is a smart idea that you can try. This will be an additional dining area as well as a food serving so that it is more multifunctional and suitable for use in modern and contemporary apartment decorations. Multifunctional Kitchen Island from @smartgirls_finishrich

Bohemian Style Apartment


You can try the bohemian style that is applied to the living room decoration of this apartment by hanging a large enough macrame on an empty wall. Not only macrame, but you can also use plain white textured knitted rugs. Bohemian Style Apartment from @madiisonpaige

Simple Look Windowsill Decor


An easy way you can do to decorate the windowsill is to put a textured flower vase made of glass. Here you can use white blooms that can be obtained from the backyard garden. This windowsill decorating idea is simply charming. Simple Look Windowsill Decor from @home_sweet_hannah

Keep It Tidy

Take advantage of the empty living room floor to place a cubbies that can be used as open storage. Here you can use it by adding several baskets or containers to make it easier for you to organize all the items that will be stored. Add a Cubbies Storage from @alextravocado

Symmetrical Nightstand Display


Apart from being furniture that is usually used in bedroom decorations, the two wooden nightstands which are placed symmetrically on both sides of the bed can be used as storage because they are also equipped with drawers. Add a DIY textured table lamp which can be used as additional room lighting that can be used as needed. Symmetrical Nightstand Display from @patterson_interiors_

Monochromatic Color Scheme


Black and white is a color combination that you can apply to the first decoration of your apartment. Here you can use a solid black iron coffee table combined with the use of plain white wall paint. These two colors make for an instant monochromatic theme. Black and White Living Room from @67qm_home

Statement Wall Decorations


Don’t let the walls of the apartment bedroom look plain and boring. Right now you can try hanging a number of paintings that come with a variety of different themes, patterns and colors. The appearance of this painting frame can also be applied to the wall right above the bed you are using. Colorful Painting Frame Wall Decor from @dormify

Add Fairy Lighting in the Bedroom


Besides being able to be used as room lighting, fairy lighting that is installed on the wall is also an additional magical decoration that never fails. Use a long fairy light so that it can be shaped into a floral pattern that can be used as the focal point of the room. Add Fairy Lighting in the Bedroom from @dormify

Sectional Sofa with Coffee Table Combination


To fill the living room of your first apartment, the use of a sofa is better enough. This furniture can be used as a comfortable sitting area with your family on weekends, the use of this sectional sofa can be used for lying down too. Sectional Sofa with Coffee Table Combination from @sandraemiliah

Keep White Paint Fresh


Paint the entire kitchen space white for a fresher and more modern apartment look. In the kitchen room this can also be used for decorating the laundry room so that it can function optimally and save space. White Paint Kitchen and Laundry Room from @nossoape_13

Open Plan First Apartment Design

314529883_169668039006557_328133582428336868_nOpen apartment decoration can be applied when you have a large and open room. In this first apartment you can combine the decoration of the living room, dining room and bedroom. All the furniture that is used can be neatly arranged to produce a neater room decoration too. Open Plan First Apartment Design from @bjurforsgoteborgcity

Use Modern Side Tables


When you are going to decorate your first apartment with a low budget, you can use a floting side table that can be used to place coffee cups, a collection of books and of course charger friendly. Choose and use side table material with iron material so that it is more sturdy when used for a long time, don’t forget to repaint it with plain white color. Use Modern Side Tables from @roomandboard

Keep Flower Fresh Pattern


Keep your bedroom fresh by using the right bedding. Now you can use colorful floral bedding, then complete it with the use of a jute rug and elegant molding painted in pastel pink. All colors that are applied will work well. Keep Flower Fresh Pattern from @apartmentlist

No Need to Use a Lot of Furniture


For beginners in apartment decorating, you don’t need to use too much furniture. For the decoration of the main bedroom, you have a bed that has been covered with comfortable, soft and fluffy bedding and mattress. Here you can rest peacefully all day long. Minimalist Bedroom Decoration from @bysophialee

Living Room with Dining Room Combo


There’s nothing wrong with combining the decor of the living room with the dining room. These two rooms will work well together and the furniture used can also be arranged easily. A sectional sofa and four dining chairs are enough to use and produce a clean line room decor. Living Room with Dining Room Combo from @nossoape_13

Festive Pattern and Color Apartment


Look at the several different patterns and colors that are applied simultaneously in this living room decoration, isn’t it very fun and more festive? Yes, you can combine green, yellow, red, white and orange for a more lively room finish. Festive Pattern and Color Apartment from

Spacious and Open First Apartment


If you have a large apartment decoration, there’s nothing wrong with applying an open theme. Now you can combine the living room with the kitchen openly, try to use neutral and matching room color shades so that they can blend in the same room. Spacious and Open First Apartment from @em.terry

Upgrade the Lighting


Upgrade the latest lamps with a more contemporary design and appearance. A pendant lamp with a modern design that is dominated by the use of gold is the best choice that will never fail. Hang it right above the kitchen island to spread the resulting lighting throughout the room evenly. Modern Gold Color Pendant Light from @renovsdecor

Adding a Personal Touch


Put a personal touch into your first apartment decoration in the easiest way you can do. Hanging a few family photos is the best idea you can do, you can print all the photos in black and white and apply them to a large number of frames and of course with the same size. B/W Family Photos Wall Decor from @samanthapynn

Small Powder Room Decor297230671_366981015600399_4081743354379487134_n

When the powder room decoration is dominated by white, you can add other colors by decorating the mirror frame with a greenery garland that is quite long. This garland ornament can be made easily and the materials used are also easier to get in the backyard garden without having to buy it so it’s more on budget. Small Powder Room with Greenery Accent from @michael.s.penson

Simple Couch Design


Living room decoration cannot be separated from the use of a couch. Just choose and use a couch with a simple design and one that has a splash of neutral colors like white. Throw pillows and blankets make the couch surface feel warmer and more comfortable to wear all day on the weekend, while the use of a hemp rug is a natural finishing touch. Simple Couch Design from @dominiquegebru

LED Lighting with High Curtain


If you are going to decorate your first apartment with a modern theme then try to use the appropriate furniture. LED lighting that is attached to the ceiling can be combined directly with the use of elegant white high curtains which will make it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. You can try it so it doesn’t go out of date. LED Lighting with High Curtain from @cm_designgroup

Small Bathroom Decoration


Even though it’s small, it’s comfortable. These words can be applied to the decoration of the first apartment bathroom. Just dominate the use of white bathroom tiles to add to the illusion of a room that looks brighter, wider and more open. Another advantage that can be obtained is that it is easier to carry out routine maintenance. Small Bathroom Decoration from @roombyclara

First Apartment Home Office


Take advantage of the small room that is right next to the door to the bedroom as an area to put a simple desk. This wooden desk without paint will present a farmhouse theme instantly, another decoration that you can apply to this desk area is placing a series of flowers and green plants ending with a large and wide hanging canvas painting. First Apartment Home Office from @laharirao

Modern Minimalist Living Room


No need to use excessive furniture in decorating the living room of your first apartment. This is done in order to get a touch of modern and minimalist style simultaneously. Start by using a sleek coffee table, bold color chairs and a sofa with throw pillows on top. Modern Minimalist Living Room from @patterson_interiors_

Grey Bathroom Decoration


Gray and white is a neutral color combination that can be applied directly to your small bathroom. These two colors will not go out of style and can be applied to the interior used. When the sink and toilet are white, you can use gray for tiles. Grey Bathroom Decoration from @ourhomelifeblog_18

Simple Bathtub with DIY Tray


The white bathtub design perfected with a DIY wooden tray is a comfortable soaking area that can be used all day long. This open wooden tray can be used to place aromatherapy candles which will make you feel more relaxed. You can bring indoor green plants into the bathroom using a fairly large pot. Simple Bathtub with DIY Tray from @redesign_number_nine

First Apartment Bathroom Decor


Simple bathroom decoration with supportive lighting is suitable for use in your first apartment. In this bathroom you can move comfortably because it is perfected with a clean and pest-free room. Using white paint is the best choice that you can apply right now. First Apartment Bathroom Decor from @iain_halliday

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