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Is security camera necessary to be installed in your home? If you think it is necessary, then you are come in the right place.

Home security cameras guide before buying1

Not only for office or business, but security camera is also become a-must-have device in every home nowadays.  Instead of hiring a security company, setting up a home security camera become the best options for most people. It connects to your home WiFi network to send alerts, video clips, and live video feeds to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor activity while you’re away. Many models even feature built-in spotlights and floodlights to literally shine a light on intruders. Is there any other benefit of installing home security camera? Of course, yes. The benefits are:

Increased security: Surveillance cameras serve as a deterrent against theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities, and can also provide evidence in the event of a crime. Choose the one that have a night vision, smart cameras with facial recognition technology, and video doorbells that integrate with smart home systems.


Choosing a sophisticated camera such as a video doorbell can detect the faces of people who want to visit your home. This camera can be placed beside the door or on one of the walls of your house. This sleek design will also make for an interesting patio decoration for you to try now. Video Doorbells Camera from “@tech1st_solutions.

Increased safety: Surveillance cameras can also help ensure the safety of individuals and property by detecting potential hazards and providing real-time monitoring of high-risk areas.


Choosing a surveillance camera for this type of surveillance is capable of detecting people’s faces and movements. Having a camera resolution that is adequate will also be able to become a surveillance camera in your home. Simply place an outdoor section of the top wall to cover all the pictures in your home. Surveillance Cameras from @alaincitton.

Improved surveillance: Surveillance cameras provide a constant visual record of activity on your property, allowing you to identify and resolve issues quickly.

Increased convenience: With remote viewing and monitoring capabilities, surveillance cameras offer increased convenience and peace of mind, especially for those with busy schedules or those who are frequently away from their property.

With so many benefits that they offer, now it is time to choose home security camera for your own. Here are some tips to choose the right one:

Determine your needs: Consider the areas you want to monitor, the type of camera you need (indoor, outdoor, etc.), and the level of detail required (resolution). Some cameras are battery-powered while others require AC power. So, consider which is best for your needs. Choose a camera that can easily connect to your home network and can be accessed remotely. Also consider the storage options available and choose a camera that can store data in a secure manner. And the budget of course.


In choosing this security camera you also need to pay attention. Buying cheaply according to your budget can also be thought of. Using a small surveillance camera that has good image resolution is able to provide proper home security. Security Camera from @ezviz.

Pick the right resolution: Higher resolution means clearer images but also requires more storage and bandwidth.


You need to try this selection of security cameras with good resolution. Buying a small camera combined with a good camera resolution is worth trying. Good resolution is also able to reach human movements and detect faces in detail. Good Resolution Camera Security from @shalmi.pk/.

Consider the field of view: Consider the lens size and the camera’s viewing angle to ensure it covers the desired area.


Choosing a camera with a lens that covers this entire area can make an interesting decoration for you to try on your home. Having a convex lens also creates an attractive camera and can cover the area you want.
Consider Camera from @tech_house_singapore.

Night vision: If you need to monitor the area at night, choose a camera with infrared night vision capabilities.


Monitoring the atmosphere of the house at night you can try using a camera that has infrared. This is the perfect home security idea because it has an interesting design for you to try. This camera is able to make your home decoration safer. Infrared Night Vision Camera from @pps_leakdetection.

Connectivity: Decide between wired or wireless cameras and make sure they are compatible with your network and storage systems.


Choosing a wireless camera that is placed on the table in this house will also produce a sophisticated and stylish home decoration. Pinning the camera on this table will also make your home decoration more attractive and able to highlight your entire home. Wireless Camera from @ezviz.

User-friendly features: Choose a camera with features such as remote viewing, motion detection, and alerts to make monitoring easier.


Choosing a camera that can detect motion from a distance is also what you need to apply to your home decoration. Using a CCTV camera that is placed in the corner of this house will also produce the perfect outdoor decoration. Having this high resolution will also make your camera more perfect. Motion Detection Camera from @the_quirky_wanderer.

Cost: Set a budget for your security camera system and compare prices and features of different options.


Using this low-cost camera will also be the perfect decoration for this room. You also need to try this low-budget, high-quality camera in your home. Choosing CCTV and placing it outdoors can also spy on your entire outdoor home. Camera On a Budget from @zositechnology.

All the things that you need to know before buying security camera is already mentioned above. Now, it is time to choose one for your home. We’ve divided what we regard as ‘the best’ into two categories: the best indoor home security cameras, and the best outdoor security cameras, to help you browse our reviews below.

Best Indoor Camera


You can try this indoor camera for home security now. Using a high resolution camera with this small frame will also highlight your entire home. Putting it on the table or hanging it on the wall can spy on your entire room. Indoor Security Camera from @cpisecurity

Ring Indoor Cam

The Ring Indoor Cam is a budget-friendly security camera from the Amazon-backed company, Ring. It’s user-friendly and captures clear Full HD footage during both day and night. The camera integrates only with Amazon Alexa, but not with Google Assistant or HomeKit.

Blink Mini

The Blink Mini is a compact yet powerful home security camera that offers affordability and quality. With clear full HD footage recording during the day and night, it is simple to set up and control via the app. It provides both cloud and local storage options, but local storage requires an additional sync module. A free cloud storage trial is included, but ongoing usage requires a fee.

Arlo Essential

The Arlo Essential Camera is a cost-effective, plug-in security camera that records clear Full HD footage upon detecting motion. The privacy filter ensures peace of mind while using the camera’s smart features, which require a subscription. The camera lacks HomeKit support and there are more affordable options available, but it’s a good choice for those seeking a user-friendly home security camera.

Best Outdoor Camera


This extra high resolution security camera is the best choice that you can apply in your outdoor home. Placing one of these outdoor walls will also highlight your entire home and be able to detect the movement of everyone who walks by. Extra Security Camera from @nooiehome.

Anker Eufycam 2

The Anker Eufycam 2 is a solid mid-range option at an affordable price. While it doesn’t offer the highest recording resolution and there’s no color footage at night, for most people, this home security camera hits the sweet spot between price and features. You can get the highest recording resolution, but you will need the EufyCam 2 Pro for 2k video, So, if you want a system that doesn’t cost anything to maintain but still lets you keep a close eye on your home when you’re not there, the Eufycam 2 is excellent. It gives you complete control with no overhead cost.

Wyze Cam v3

The Wyze Cam v3 is the best choice for an affordable outdoor home security camera. With full HD recording capabilities, both day and night footage is clear. Plus, it offers free cloud storage for up to 14 days and has a Micro SD card slot for local storage, making it a top contender in the budget camera market.

The Wyze Cam v3 is unique among outdoor home security cameras with its built-in stand, offering flexibility to be placed on a surface or mounted to a wall. However, it requires a power outlet and may not be ideal for all outdoor setups. While it offers free cloud storage, it lacks person detection and has been found to be unreliable in detecting unusual sounds and motion without a paid monthly subscription.

Arlo Ultra 2


The Arlo Ultra 2 offers outstanding detail in its 4K recordings, even in large areas. Ideal for mounting at high locations like over your driveway, this camera ensures you can see even tiny details, like reading car number plates. It’s a great choice for those looking for a home security camera that captures every detail.

So, which one you will choose?

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