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Do you live in a small house or condo? Don’t let that stop you from throwing an awesome party! Whether it’s a starter home or you’ve recently downsized, a small living space still provides huge possibilities as long as you know the right interior decor tips. 

While it isn’t without unique challenges, hosting a party or event in a small condominium or house is certainly possible. All it takes is flexibility, an open-to-trying-it mindset, and a dash of creativity. Rather than letting a limited amount of space stop you from throwing a great get-together, here are three simple interior design ideas that make it easy — and even enjoyable — to entertain in a small living space.

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

Furnishing a cozy property with multi-purpose furniture is one of the easiest and most practical ways to create extra space in a contemporary home. Essentially, these are pieces of furniture that combine more than one function, including creative storage spaces.

Start with foldable pieces, such as a bookcase or wall shelving unit with a table that folds out in the main living space. This can quickly transform into a prep station, cocktail bar, or buffet for food when required, then quickly fold up and out of sight again when guests have left. 

Those eager to host dinner parties in their home can choose an expanding dining table that easily reconfigures when it needs to accommodate extra guests for a soiree. Better yet, search for a multi-purpose dining table that transforms into a side table with storage units during the day.

Another idea to create additional storage is to utilize the space underneath beds. Store out-of-season clothing, shoes, or other bulky items in rolling cabinets or under-bed storage containers in this unused area. The same approach may be put into practice by those living in multi-level condos or townhomes: install pullout drawers in the steps of the staircase, or use the space underneath it for stowing away small appliances, holiday decor, linens, and other items that don’t get everyday use. 

Get Creative on the Walls & Ceilings

Thinking vertically is another creative interior design hack for small condos and houses. Vertical lines such as portrait-orientation wall art and stenciling can create the illusion of a larger room, naturally drawing the eyes upward.

Physically adding height to a room can also go a long way in making the most of the limited available space. Tall, slender display units that span the entire height (or near-entire height) of walls are excellent for displaying books, candles, and decor items without taking up much floor space. 

Hanging cooking utensils from the kitchen ceiling maximizes space while adding a unique decor element. Installing a hanging rack beneath a kitchen cabinet to store stemware and coffee is another easy interior design hack for tiny houses. 

Narrow kitchenware such as pans and plates can be stacked in vertical slotted shelving units affixed to the wall, creating a practical yet simultaneously decorative storage solution. Adopting this vertical interior design strategy adds a bit of subtle drama in the same way towering skyscrapers add depth to large cities. At the same time, this is a clever way to style more miniature interiors to capitalize on space. 

You can adopt this same approach when preparing for a gathering. When arranging food items such as drinks and snacks, put them into tall glassware and containers of different heights to add a unique touch. 

Open Up the Bedrooms

Choosing to live in a condo means you’ll have to get creative. In addition to the traditional approach of using the living room and kitchen as the central gathering spots, consider opening up bedrooms as additional social spaces. This tactic creates a sequence of “bubbles” where guests can mingle, flowing from room to room rather than congregating in one spot. 

Of course, you’ll need to add the right decor to make these spaces feel welcoming to guests. Adding a set of comfy chairs or even a futon to a bedroom can transform the space from a place of rest to an entertainment zone. Position a seating unit at the foot of the bed or facing the window or patio to maximize the view, if applicable.

Another option is to purchase an oversized ottoman that doubles or even triples as an extra seat and a storage item. Depending on the nature of the other decor in the room, a casual hanging hammock-style chair or large floor pillows maybe even better options. Scatter a few plump cushions, textured throws, and ambient lamps around the seating area to create an inviting nook for socializing, and don’t forget to add a side or coffee table for guests to set down snacks and drinks.

Small-space Interior Design Tips Spark Creativity

These three simple interior design hacks prove that it’s possible (and even simple!) to host a party in a small condo or house. Instead of getting overwhelmed at the prospect and letting a snug home cramp your style, consider throwing a party as an opportunity to flex your creativity and fine-tune your problem-solving skills.

Even implementing just one of these suggestions can give you the confidence — not to mention the physical space — to open up your home to guests.

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