8 reasons you should buy a smart lock for your home fi

The smart lock is a popular and growing home security device. It offers a number of benefits to the homeowner, from improving convenience to enhancing safety. A good smart lock will let you control and monitor your lock from your smartphone or a connected home hub. Some locks also offer a biometric option, which uses fingerprint recognition instead of passwords. Due to its benefits, there are some reasons you should buy a smart lock.

8 reasons you should buy a smart lock for your home 1

Simple (No more traditional keys)

Using a smart lock provides simplicity over traditional keys. This is because of its ability to be locked and unlocked without using a traditional lock. In addition, most locks are designed with a keypad that allows you to unlock them without a physical key. No more to rummage in your pocket or bag, all you have to do is just enter the secret code. You can also control your locks remotely using a smartphone app.


Choosing a smart lock by using this password will also make your home decoration safe from various kinds of danger. Using this type of lock you don’t need to use traditional keys. You can also control this type of lock remotely to find out if your house has been locked or not. Touch Smart Lock from @apartamento_203a


Looks simple, doesn’t it use a smart lock in your home? Yes, this smart lock will make it easier for you to adjust the door easily. Simply enter the password to eat your house door is locked. This smart lock can also be monitored remotely to ensure your door.  Simple Smart Lock from @apartamento_203a


You can try entering a password to open and lock the door of this house now. Just enter the password, your door will be locked. This is a sophisticated technology for you to try now in your home. Password Smart Lock from @homewithapple


Smart Security

Smart locks are a great way to add an extra layer of security to your home. They work with the other smart appliances in your home, such as your thermostat or alarm system, to lock your doors when you leave and unlock them when you return. So, it can enhance the security of your home.


Having a small and sleek appearance, this smart lock will make it easier for you to handle the door of the house. Having sophisticated technology you can lock it remotely using a cellphone. This sleek look is suitable for homes with a minimalist style.  Minimalist Smart Lock from @augusthomeinc


Locking the door to the house is now a no-brainer. Simply connect with a cellphone, your door will be locked. Having this alarm system will also make it easier for you to check for hazards in your home. Smart Security Lock from @homewithapple

Provide Convenience

A smart lock also offer several convenient features, such as motorized deadbolts and wireless connectivity to your smartphone or home network. Most modern smart locks have a touchscreen for passcode entry and an iOS or Android app that allows you to remotely control them. These apps also allow you to set schedules for your door to automatically unlock. You can also set up geofencing, which means that your door will automatically lock as you leave the established perimeter. This feature can be especially useful if you often leave the house without locking it.


This wireless smart lock is suitable for those of you who don’t want to bother locking doors traditionally. Simply connecting to this key cellphone will automatically connect directly. Having this sleek look will also make your doors slimmer.   Wireless Smart Lock from @smartlockmalaysia_official


This wireless smart lock uses a wifi accent that will give it a sophisticated look and keep your door safe from harm. Connecting using this cellphone will also make it easier for you to lock the door remotely so you don’t have to bother locking it traditionally.  Wireless Wifi Smart Lock from @smartlockmalaysia_official


The sleek appearance of the smart lock on the door of this house can solve the problem. Connected using your cellphone, you can check directly whether your door is locked or not. This type of lock is easy for you to use. Sleek Security Lock from @yalehomeemea


Smart locks are a great way to control your home’s access. They allow you to set user codes, track lock status, receive notifications and more. They can be a great solution for homeowners who have frequent house guests, renters or children in the household. Some models also come with programmable numeric keypads.


This wifi connected smart lock is the best way to control your home access. Tracking using a cellphone will also make it easier for you to manage the entrance to your house. Wifi Smart Lock from @heikes_homestory


Tracking the status of the key using this cellphone will also make it easier for you to solve problems at the door of the house. You can try this because you will receive notifications directly on your cellphone. This sleek smart look will also make your door look beautiful and stylish.  Smart Lock Control from @yeeuu_lock

Can Spruce Up Your Exterior

By using a smart lock, you can indirectly improve the exterior of your home. The shape is sleek and modern, and the touchscreen-style door lock can make your exterior more sophisticated.


Choosing this type of sleek smart lock will also decorate your door. Having a black color will make your door look attractive with a masculine touch. This smart lock is also equipped with wifi access so that it makes it easier for you to control and get notifications via your cellphone. Sleek Smart Lock from @homesmart.sg

Great Investment

There’s no doubt that owning a smart lock is an excellent investment in your home security. A smart lock is an affordable investment for your home but will last for years to come.



You don’t need to hesitate to choose a smart lock because it has a good investment for the security of your home. Choosing a round key shape that is small and slender can be the right choice for you to try on your home door decoration. This key can be connected via bluetooth and wifi at the same time. Bluetooth and Wifi Lock from @augusthomeinc

Easy to Install

Using a smart lock that is easy to install and apply will make it easier for you to manage your home door. Having this small shape will not take up much space at your entrance so it is suitable for those of you who have a sleek home appearance.


The house key connected to this application is able to keep your home safe and sound. This smart lock is equipped with extra security that is able to provide notifications and connect with this smart lock application. The appearance of this lock looks sleek and makes an interesting door decoration for you to try. Key Conneted Apps from @omni_controls


Using a smart lock that is easy to install and apply will make it easier for you to manage your home door. Having this small shape will not take up much space at your entrance so it is suitable for those of you who have a sleek home appearance. Smart Lock Home from @augusthomeinc


Having a sophisticated home door by adding a smart lock is mandatory for you to try. The advantage of this lock is that it is easy to install and connect via your phone. Apart from connecting to your phone, you can also enter a password for this smart lock for extra security. Smart Door Lock from @gushedsystem

Time Saving

If you’ve ever rushed to leave your home or office in a hurry, you know the stress of wondering whether or not you locked your door. Fortunately, you can now prevent that panic with smart locks. Moreover, smart locks work seamlessly with other devices in your home. You can even integrate them into home automation systems to automate things like lights, thermostats and more. It wil save your time for sure.


Yalle Smart Lock does a great job of guarding your home entrance. This type of smart lock works seamlessly with other devices in your home. Having a sleek and petite appearance will not take up much space and will make your home door design even more attractive for you to try. Yalle Smart Lock from @yalehomeus


Implementing smart locks on these entrances can prevent panic. Using this type of lock can prevent panic when you are traveling. You can connect this smart lock with a thermostat and lights to give it a sophisticated look. Small Smart Lock from @netraclos


To save time, you can use a type of lock that you can connect to your watch. Using this type of lock will save you time and will create the appearance of a safe and secure home. Connet Watch App from @designmilk


This smart door lock that can be connected with a mobile application manages to keep your home safe. Choosing this type of lock will save space and be able to provide a perfect home door design. Connet Handphone from @designmilk

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