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Do you own an apartment but you don’t live in it? Instead of leaving it empty, it would be better for you to rent it. By renting out your apartment, this will bring benefits to you and your property as well. From a business perspective, this will bring good income to you. Meanwhile, in terms of property, your apartment will be better maintained and increase its value. However, before renting out your an apartment, it’s important to make sure everything is ready to go. This can help ensure a smooth rental process and avoid a lot of hassle in the future. Tenants will need a lot of information from you to process your application. This includes payment deductions, tax returns, personal references and sometimes letters of recommendation and of course the condition of your apartment. In this article, we will focus on how to prepare the condition of your apartment.

First, if you’re renting out your apartment, it’s important to clean it up. This shows future tenants that you care about your property and that you want it to be as neat as possible. Cleaning your apartment will help tenants feel interested in renting your apartment. Then, you can refresh your apartment by adding a fresh coat of paint to your apartment. It can improve the mood, make it feel more like home. Next, you can remove your personal items and esxisting furniture. Ensuring to clean your apartment bathroom is very important. While cleaning your bathroom is an unpleasant task, it can also be a critical step in getting your apartment ready for rent. Without proper sanitation, germs can easily spread throughout your home.

When preparing your apartment for rent, one of the most important tasks is to clean the kitchen. This will not only help potential tenants to find your apartment more attractive but it will also ensure that you get a positive rental agreement. Also, clean your windows. This can help you maintain a pristine property from the start, and it’s a great way to build trust with your new tenants. Keeping the interior windows in good condition will also prevents any damages or mold growth early on. This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and mold removal later. Ensuring proper electrical and water installations is important before renting out your apartment. For other considerations, take a look at these ideas below.

How to prepare your apartment for rent1

Applying Balcony Style


You can apply a style from balcony decoration that will never go out of style. This will be one of the ideas you can do to make the apartment more attractive. For example, you can try to apply a bohemian style which is dominated by the use of wood or rattan in the furniture you use. A series of pampas grass and cactus plants is a mix of decorations that you can try. Bohemian Vibes Balcony from @theboholife_

Pest Free Kitchen


Before you are going to rent out an apartment, there are several things that must be done. One of them is to make the room look clean and tidy. Now you can do maintenance and cleaning in the kitchen room so that it is free from pests. Check all existing cabinets and storage shelves, spray with cleaning fluid to prevent pests from coming. Cleaning the Kitchen Area from @berg.interior

Empty Furniture

328159783_5889771801107912_4259625192314050914_nEmpty the apartment room from the use of furniture and other interior items that are used. Also clean the walls from using your personal paintings or photos. This can be done before you rent out the apartment. Clean the door and glass windows from dust so that they can enter sunlight to the maximum so that it helps the room not be damp and smelly. Empty Furniture from @tkrealtygroup

Left Home Appliances Working


When you are going to leave furniture in the apartment that will be rented out, you should check again whether it can be used properly or not. For example, when you are leaving a kitchen island, make sure that the faucet and sink are functioning properly first. Apart from that, making it look more modern is your job to do. Left Home Appliances Working from @tkrealtygroup

Renovating Bathrooms Ideas


Renovating the apartment bathroom is highly recommended to increase the attractiveness of the tenants. What you can do now is paint the entire bathroom with a choice of neutral colored paint. Next, check the ceiling as well to make sure it doesn’t leak. Also check the sink and toilet to keep it clean. Renovating Bathrooms Ideas from @knackeredmavis

Cleaning the Floating Shelves Area


Of course, your apartment decoration has open shelves, so you can display it more cleanly and attractively. Do not leave any items in this open storage area. Furthermore, you can also add LED lights so that their existence looks more attractive and can be seen clearly and can be used as additional room lighting. Cleaning the Floating Shelves Area from @lemanwork_studio

Use the Smart Lock Door


Instead of using the house key with the old method. Now you can switch by using a smart lock door, which only requires entering a code or password to enter the apartment. This will add to the attractiveness of your apartment tenants because it seems more sophisticated and will be more secure. Use the Smart Lock Door from @apartamento_203a

Check Water Installation


Water is a basic need in every house or apartment. Therefore, one of the activities that can be done before renting out your apartment is to check the water pipes. Try to work this water channel well to distribute water sources to the faucet, toilet and shower area in your bathroom. Replace the pipe when one leaks. Check Water Installation from @matthewplumbingireland

Repainting Walls


Repainting all parts of the walls and ceiling of the apartment is an activity that you must do to get a more attractive, elegant and not too simple look. Use only neutral colored paint to give the illusion of a wider and cleaner room. Previously you could cover all the furniture with plastic so that it would not be exposed to the paint droplets that were applied. Repainting Walls from @rojempaintz

Check the Ceiling of the Apartment

310854636_206546861715478_5608125923019556584_nMake sure your ceiling doesn’t leak and is free from pests and fungus. Now you can check again and finish by applying a neutral color paint. White is a color choice that you can apply when the tiles in this room are dominated by splashes of pastel colors that attract attention. Check the Ceiling of the Apartment from @lata60te

Replacing Entire Lighting


Replacing all the apartment lights with the right lighting is the best idea you can do before renting out an apartment, you can replace the lighting with more modern ones to match your apartment’s decor. For example, you can replace it with the use of recessed lamps and modern pendant lamps which are dominated by splashes of gold. Replacing Entire Lighting Lamps from @aglosystems

Replacing a Broken Light Switch


Check again and replace the damaged light switch with a new one and of good quality. This is done to avoid electrical short circuit which can cause a fire in your apartment. Try to call an electrician to the apartment to ensure that all electricity can be used more safely. Replacing a Broken Light Switch from @eatitpal

Added Use of CCTV


CCTV is an outdoor security tool that you can install in the area around your apartment. Adding CCTV is a smart idea that you can do before renting out an apartment. One of the functions of using this outdoor security is to know the movements of someone suspicious that you don’t recognize. Added Use of CCTV from @bunker_alarms

Install Alarm Window


Installing an alarm in the apartment window can be done to increase security when you travel. This will increase the interest of tenants when you have plans to rent out this apartment. The use of an alarm window will seem more sophisticated and can be installed easily in any area according to the needs of the room. Install Alarm Window from @villa_pocket

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