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Mold can be harmful to your health. Mold is a problem that can create all kinds of health problems. It may cause skin rashes, asthma, bronchitis or other respiratory illnesses, and it can be very dangerous for children, the elderly and people with immune deficiencies or compromised lung function. In this case, mold can grow in your home. However, mold only grows in spaces that present its ideal living conditions, especially basements, bathrooms and kitchens. But in this article, we want to talk about how to prevent mold in your kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most common places in a home for mold to grow, especially if there are problems with insulation, weatherproofing, plumbing or ventilation. But mold can also be found in other areas of the home. Mold thrives in humid, dark, warm and damp environments. There are a lot of things you can do to prevent mold in your kitchen. But with a little knowledge and some simple steps, you can prevent mold in your kitchen and keep your family healthy! Here are some tips that you can apply to your kitchen.

How to prevent mold in your kitchen1

Daily Cleaning

Make sure that you’re cleaning the kitchen daily. A dirty kitchen is the perfect environment for mold to grow. Clean the countertops, sink, faucets, and other surfaces as often as possible.


After finishing using the kitchen area, you should clean it again, especially on the countertop which is usually used as an area for cutting vegetables and fruit. The countertop area around the sink is also usually splashed with water after you wash the dishes. Leftover vegetable or fruit slices will invite pests and usually together with mold. Dirt and Dust Free Countertop from @marinalibermaninteriores


There are many advantages that can be obtained from using a stainless steel sink in your kitchen decoration. One of them is that it is easier to clean using a brush and cleaning fluid. It’s not enough to get here, you can also throw away leftover food in this sink after washing the dishes. This will reduce the presence of mold and pests that will disturb the comfort of your kitchen. Easy Maintenance Stainless Steel Sink from @theglobalvilla


The use of a faucet will be a place for mold to develop when you don’t clean it regularly. Just spray all parts of this stainless steel faucet using cleaning fluid to keep it looking shiny when exposed to the reflection of sunlight or light. You can do maintenance after you finish using it, for example after cooking or washing dishes. Focus On Faucets from @mandlhome

Check Your Garbage

Check your garbage can regularly and dispose of old food properly. Leaving old or spoiled food in the trash can will increase the likelihood of mold growth on it.


It’s a good idea to line the garbage section with plastic trash to make it easier for you to dispose of it regularly. Disposing of trash as often as possible will prevent mold and pests from coming into your kitchen area. Mold will grow on food scraps or vegetable scraps that have been stored too long. Garbage Cover with Plastic from @35victorian


When you separate organic and inorganic waste in the garbage in the kitchen area, this is a smart idea that will minimize mold. You can throw it away as often as possible to avoid unpleasant odors that will disturb your comfort while cooking in the kitchen. Take out the garbage every two or three days. Separate Organic and Inorganic Waste from @binopolisltd


Don’t get used to storing canoes for a long period of time, because this will bring mold in your kitchen. To make it easier for you when disposing of garbage from the garbage is to cover it with plastic trash that is large and thick enough so it doesn’t leak easily either. Garbage that is stored for too long will produce an unpleasant odor. Don’t Pile Up Trash Long Term from @sheffield_sustainable_kitchens

Empty Your Garbage

Ensuring to empty your garbage regularly is very important. Emptying the garbage regularly can help to decrease the amount of organic material left in the waste bin.


To make it easier for you to dispose of the trash that is in the garbage, just coat the inside surface with plastic. The more often you throw away the trash, the less growth of mold will be minimized. Pick up this plastic waste and dispose of it in a place which is of course outside the room. Cover Garbage with Plastic from @m_m_maxwell


Don’t pile up the trash in your kitchen garage for too long because this will cause unpleasant odors and mold. Garbage pull-outs are easier to use and of course have a modern look that can be pushed back inside so they can be hidden in your kitchen. Empty the Pull-Out Kitchen Garbage from @daro_uk


When your garbage is applied right under the cutting board, the remaining vegetable or fruit waste will accumulate. Therefore, to avoid decay and mold, you can throw this garbage outside the room for a short period of time. Carry out regular trash disposal. Take Out the Trash as often as possible from @smarthomes_vic

Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

It’s important to keep your refrigerator clean because mold growth is a very common problem. Even small amounts of mold can lead to serious health issues for you and your family members. To keep your fridge clean, discard any food that is rotting or uncovered, and store only what you know you’ll be able to eat. Also, don’t leave perishable foods in the refrigerator for too long – this allows spores to grow and spread throughout the entire unit.


When you put expired food in the fridge, the mold will grow freely and perfectly. To avoid mold in the refrigerator, you can pay attention to the expiration date of the food that will be stored. Arrange all food neatly and orderly so that this refrigerator can accommodate quite a lot of food and drinks. Pay Attention to Expired Food from @kellyscasa


Food that is stored in the refrigerator for too long will produce mold in the food so that it will interfere with your digestion. Therefore you can handle it by removing expired food and rotten fruit to avoid mold. Do this activity regularly every week or it can be adjusted to the needs and free time you have. Take Out Rotten Food from @rapidmaidspecialistsnyc


Remove all your food and drinks from the refrigerator to carry out routine maintenance every week. What you can do here is wipe it with a clean cloth or you can also wash the interior of the refrigerator which can be washed. This is done to avoid the presence of fungi that cause disease in your body. Keep Refrigerator Clean from @rapidmaidspecialistsnyc

Clean Your Dishwasher

In order to prevent your kitchen from mold, you should clean your dishwasher regularly to kill bacteria and fungi that thrives in damp, dark places like the gasket, drain seal, rack, and rubber parts of your dishwasher. To make sure your dishwasher stays fresh, spray it down with distilled white vinegar before each wash cycle. This will kill any bacteria or mold that’s growing inside your dishwasher and deodorize the interior.


After you finish using the dishwasher, it’s a good idea to wash it again or spray it using cleaning fluid to remove any dirt that causes mold to appear. The dishwasher can be closed again when it’s clean and all the cutlery has been removed so that it keeps the moisture inside too. Keep It Clean from @jessjrowe


Spraying cleaning fluid on the dishwasher area is already the best activity you should do every time you finish using it. This cleaning liquid will reduce the growth of mold in the dishwasher area where the surface is always wet and damp. Just get this cleaning fluid at the nearest supermarket at a very affordable price. Spray Kitchen Cleaning Liquid from @mag.testerka


All dishes that have been washed in the dishwasher can be removed and moved to an open area for maximum drying. Before you close the dishwasher again, you should be able to wipe the inside surface using a clean, dry cloth. This is done in order to avoid the presence of mold and at the same time make the stainless steel dishwasher not easily rusty. Set Humidity Temperature from @fiesta.etc

Keep Your Countertops Clean

Every countertop should be kept clean and dry at all times. Moist surfaces are the perfect place for mold and bacteria to grow. Make sure after you finish your activities in the kitchen, you clean your countertop. You can use a cleaning liquid and fabric to clean your countertop. Besides preventing the growth of mold in your kitchen, this will make your kitchen look shiny.


Keeping and organizing the kitchen area clean throughout the day is a routine that you can maintain. There are many advantages that can be obtained, such as avoiding the development of mold, the presence of pests and your discomfort when cooking. The countertop area is kept clean by spraying it with cleaning fluid so that it always looks shiny. Sleek and Clean Countertop Area from @suddenlysimpleorganizing

Keep Clean and Dry Your Kitchen Utensils

Wash your wooden spoons, cutting boards and other utensils on a regular basis to keep them clean. Especially your cutting boards. Cutting boards that are not washed clean can be a place for mold to grow. And make sure before you put it back in the kitchen cabinet, your kitchen utensils are dry.


When you are going to store cooking utensils and cutlery in a storage drawer, try to keep them dry so mold doesn’t grow due to excessive humidity. Try to put it in an open room when finished washing kitchen utensils made of wood so that they can dry to the maximum. Store In Dry Condition from @pullenandco

Keep Your Floors Clean

One of the easiest ways to prevent mold growth in your kitchen is to keep your floors clean. This includes cleaning up spills as quickly as possible and ensuring that you dry your floors thoroughly after they have been exposed to water or stains from cooking activities.


To lighten and make your work easier in the kitchen, a vacuum cleaner will help clean the floor area to the fullest. Try to keep the floor in the kitchen area dry and not damp to avoid the development of mold that will disturb your comfort. You can use this vacuum cleaner every day or you can use it as needed. Use a Vacuum Cleaner from @nailah_el.aziz

Maintain Good Ventilation in Your Kitchen

Having proper ventilation in your kitchen will help to decrease the risk of moisture buildup, which is the most common cause of mold. It will also keep the humidity level in your kitchen lower, which is the ideal environment for mold spores to germinate.


The best ventilation comes from using glass windows. Choose and use windows with transparent glass material that can allow maximum sunlight into the room. This sunlight helps keep the humidity in the room, thereby minimizing the presence of mold that develops quickly. In addition, you can also open this glass window to enter fresh air. Glass Window Kitchen from @aspleyhouse

Since mold can cause a number of problems and can lead to disease it is important to take precautions. Especially for the kitchen area as an important area in your home. By applying some of the prevention tips above, hopefully it can help.

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