29 how to make sure that your hvac system works well2

The HVAC system becomes something important for your house because this is the one that controls the air quality, the humidity, and even the temperature. We know the HVAC as the ‘Heating’, ‘Ventilation‘, and ‘Air-Conditioner’. With that fact, it is clear that the HVAC system takes an important role in the comfort of your home. Here we will show you the appliances that become the parts of the HVAC system.

29 how to make sure that your hvac system works well1

Parts of HVAC Systems

1. Heating System

For you who live in four seasons country, installing the heating system is such a must. This one is a really effective one as you can make your room warm really soon. It can be in a form of an appliance, but can also be installed as a part of the construction so you don’t need the space for this. Don’t forget the water heater in your bathroom as it is also a part of the heating system.

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Underfloor heating this system is the right choice. This system works to heat efficiently and flexibly through pipelines that are planted in the floor area. It is very efficient and affordable and offers many advantages over radiators. You will never fail to use it in your home. Underfloor Heating from @integralphr

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Installing a heating system in your home is a perfect idea if you live in a country with four seasons. This time we are using a two manifolds heating system which will distribute heat throughout the room in your home. Currently, you can install a hating system in the wall area so it won’t occupy the floor area and leave a large enough space.Two Manifolds Heating System from @consultmechanical

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This time the heating system uses radiant light that is in the floor area. This radiation system provides an even coverage throughout your home. The lighting system on this floor uses water pipes made of plastic and installed under the wooden floor. This one heating system is very quiet compared to other heating systems. In Floor Radiant Heating System from @consultmechanical

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This one heating system is often called mini-split or ductless. This heat pump uses a system similar to an air conditioner, which extracts heat from the air and distributes it to the room through pre-assembled pipes. This heating pump system is usually used in household life. Heat Pump Heating System from @terrys_electrics

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Look at the picture above! This furnace heating system uses a furnace with a fan that circulates hot and renewable air to various rooms. Here you can distribute the heating system to the bathroom area, bedroom and other spaces. This heating system is suitable for household life because it can be used for months. Furnance Heating System from @homestead_comfort

2. Ventilation

A long time ago, when talking about ventilation, it will be about the window or any gaps in the construction of the house that can let the air in and out naturally. However, the ventilation that is meant in the HVAC system is mechanical ventilation using a mechanical system.

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Ventilation is one of the things that must be considered in everyday life so that it will provide healthier air. Instead of using windows, here you can choose ventilation that is equipped with a mechanical system. This ventilation will work to enter clean air into the building and remove dirty air. As a result, air circulation in the kitchen area is healthier. Kitchen Ventilation from @yekengineering


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Bring ventilation in your home. This time the right choice of ventilation is ventilation that is equipped with a mechanical system. Install this vent in the ceiling area so that it will work perfectly. The advantage of this type of ventilation is that it has a small size but is perfect for air circulation in your home, even in closed spaces. Ceiling Ventilation from @climateairuk

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Ventilation with a mechanical system is the right solution for your bathroom. Besides being easy to install, this ventilation can work effectively and efficiently so that it will keep your bathroom healthy and not damp. They are available for short or long extraction lines, in this version, you can install them in the ceiling area so they won’t interfere with your activities. Black Ceiling Ventilation from @optimum_airconditioningltd.

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This bathroom is equipped with air vents so that the air circulation in your bathroom is healthier. This time you can install this vent in the wall area so it looks different than usual. This ventilation works by using a fan to apply pressure to the structure to introduce fresh air into the bathroom area. Bathroom Wall Ventilation @nfinnertyelectrical

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Look at this picture! The air ventilation installed in the ceiling area has succeeded in making air circulation in your bathroom area healthier. It works by forcing fresh air into the bathroom area and removing the dirty air in your bathroom. Having a size that is not too large, this type of ventilation will never fail to decorate your bathroom. Bathroom Ventilation from @panasoniciaq

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There are many types of ventilation that you can use to keep air circulating smoothly in your home. Currently we use ventilation that is equipped with a mechanical system for the bathroom area. We chose to install this ventilation in the ceiling area so it will work more effectively and efficiently. In addition, this type of ventilation is very easy to install and will not reduce the space for movement in any area. Over Head Bathroom Blower from @that.70s.mobile.home

3. Air-Conditioning

This one is the most common one. Almost all of us use it. Anyway, talking about the air-conditioning, it won’t be only about the one that’s installed on the wall. There are also some other types of air-conditioning as you can check below.

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This air-conditioner is not too big in size so it won’t take up much space in the house. Currently we are installing this air-conditioning in the wall area so it is simpler but still works well. This air conditioning will work to provide wall air in the indoor area so that it will feel cooler. Under the Window Air- Conditioning Display from @reflectted

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Look at this one air-conditioning. It has a small size, making it very suitable for display on the table. The advantage of this air-conditioning is that it is easy to move around, and is suitable for display anywhere. Not only that, this Air-conditioning does not only work as an air conditioner but as an air purifier so it is more multifunctional. Mini Air-Conditioning Table Top from @expatacdubai

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Instead of using air-conditioning on the wall area, now you can place it on the floor area. Here you can use portable air-conditioning so that it will provide benefits for you. Besides being easy to move, it also saves space. Therefore you will never fail to present it in your home decor. Floor Air-Conditioning Display from @wowcher

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Look at the picture above! This is a type of air conditioning that is perfect for those of you who have a small space. Currently placing it on the table, allowing it to work properly without having to take up much space. This Air-Conditioning is very easy to move without reducing its function and performance. Table Top Air- Conditioning from @anja.suhr

How to Maintain

1. Change the Filters

Changing the filter is not only aimed to make the filter stay clean from dust, hair, and other particles that will affect our health. But, changing the filter can also maximize the work of the HVAC system. It will let the system heat and cool way more effectively.

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There are many things you can do to maintain the HVAC system in your home, one of which is to replace the filter. Replace the filter on the air-conditioning in your home to maintain good performance. This can be done for a certain period of time so that your air-conditioning can still produce cool and healthy air. Change the Air-Conditioning Filters
from @sja_engineering


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HVAC system maintenance is one of the things you should pay attention to. At this time, you can take care of your HVAC by replacing a filter that is dirty and cannot be cleaned anymore, even if it is damaged. This will keep the HVAC System in good performance. This idea is quite easy and you can do it within a certain period of time. Change the Ceiling Ventilation Filters
from @pipedoctorny

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Look at the picture above! Someone is carrying out activities to replace the filetr on the HVAC System at his house. This is a very appropriate effort to keep the HVAC system performance in your home perfect. As a result, the air produced from your air-conditioning is fresher and the air circulation in your vents stays healthy. Air-Conditioning Filter from @azurefloridahomes

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Performing maintenance on the HVAC system is one of the most important things to maintain its performance. One easy and simple way is to replace the filter with a new one. This will make your HVAC system work perfectly and last longer. And you can do this treatment idea yourself or bring in experts. Change the Wall Ventilation Filters
from @katiejasiewicz

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Taking care of the HVAC system in your home by replacing the filter is an effective and efficient way. This is because, you can do it yourself at home without having to call an expert. By carrying out maintenance and replacing filters, the air produced from ventilation in your home is healthier. This idea is perfect and will never fail to try. Change the Ventilation Filters from @blizzard_ltd

2. Periodically Maintenance by the Professionals

This one is the preventive effort to make sure that your HVAC system doesn’t have to experience major damage. It is clear you don’t need to wait until there is a problem with your HVAC system to call the professionals such as Total Air. Simply make a schedule and your HVAC system will be durable and long-lasting.

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Carrying out periodic maintenance is one of the right ways to keep your HVAC safe and not suffer major damage. At this time you can periodically check the heating system area. This will allow you to find out damage earlier and can minimize even greater damage. Check Heating System from @westair__

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Make sure your HVAC remains safe and can function properly. The effective and efficient way is to carry out regular maintenance on the Air-conditioning, ventilation and heating systems in this house. By carrying out periodic maintenance, you will avoid more severe damage and result in increased repair costs. Check Air Conditioning from @broadwayrefrigeration

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Now you can perform periodic maintenance on your HVAC system so that it can work perfectly. Do cleaning on your ceiling ventilation to avoid rust, mold and others that will cause more severe damage. If you do this maintenance, your HVAC is ensured to perform well for a longer period of time. Check Ventilation from @maxxairvent

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This time you can perform maintenance on the electrical system to keep your HVAC system safe and functioning properly. Find signs of damage and perform repairs quickly to prevent further damage. This idea is very effective and efficient, apart from that, this method also greatly minimizes costs. Check Electrical System from @_thermosphere

3. Periodically Cleaning

Besides changing the filters, cluttering your HVAC can create good home air quality. Well, the HVAC system is the one that can give a huge effect on your health because it influences your air quality. So, don’t ever let it dirty as it will create pollution around your home area.

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Doing regular cleaning is a very easy HVAC maintenance method to do. This time you can use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the ventilation areas in your home. With this effort your ventilation will be cleaner and can produce healthier air. Cleaning Ventilation from @mitsubishihvac


Air-conditioning cleaning is done by spraying a special cleaner to remove adhering dust. With this effort, as a result, your air conditioner will work with very good performance and provide cooler air. This method will also make your AC have a fairly long life. Therefore you will never fail to make this effort. Air-Conditioning Cleaner from @temcon_air_conditioning

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There are many ways you can do to keep your HVAC system in good working order. Here you can do regular cleaning so that it will make it cleaner and not easily damaged. You can do a thorough cleaning and it will give a very perfect performance to your air-conditioning. Cleaning Heating System from @bellbroshvac

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When it’s dirty, maybe your AC’s performance will decrease, so you can do regular cleaning. It’s not enough just the inside area, here you also have to clean the outside area at the disposal of the air conditioner in your home. In this way, your air conditioner can work perfectly and reduce the possibility of fatal damage. AC Exhaust Cleaning from @rerewishal

15 snapinsta.app_1080_165165982_1010581892678892_7954082421605604454_n

Vents that are left on for too long will collect a lot of dust and cause your vents to rust. This will result in the incoming air being unclean and possibly causing shortness of breath. Therefore, cleaning regularly by spraying water or using a vacuum cleaner is the perfect idea. And finally the ventilation in your home will bring fresher air. Ventilation Cleaner from @redcupcafeuk

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