A transformation of old cottage into the most gorgeous guest house by greg and liz dutton2

An old cottage with two bedrooms is transformed into a gorgeous guesthouse by a couple of Greg Dutton and his wife Liz Dutton. Liz says that she finds that there’s a certain intelligence and wisdom to the cottage’s design. The inside of the house is perfect and needs less renovation and modifications, but the outside, especially the front porch was failing, the same also for the front roof which was failing and needs to be rebuilt.

The process doesn’t require the house to be taken down to the studs, both Greg and Liz added insulation and were able to salvage the original single-pane windows. After peeling up the floor of the house, Greg and Liz found the original heart pine boards. The beautiful pinkish hue successfully amazed Greg and make him use that as a touchstone. And here are the end result of the renovation of the old cottage into a family guest by Greg and Liz Dutton.

A transformation of old cottage into the most gorgeous guest house by greg and liz dutton1

1. Living Room

The Duttons discovered a fireplace and then restored it, seeing a fireplace plaster under the wall combined with red oak and strips of plywood make it look interesting. In the corner of the living room, we can see a patinated old cabinet stows sun hats and bedding. This adds texture and integrity to the peace and quiet space.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen needs some modifications and renovation. By removing a floor hatch to the basement, we can improve the room and get some space for a breakfast table. It also improves the airflow and makes the kitchen feel fresher.

3. Bathroom

There is not much modification here, the exterior was left as it is to keep the feeling of the house. But on the inside, we get an old cast-iron tub that makes the room feel vintage and calming.

4. Bedroom

The bedroom is connected to an open view where you can see a dozen horses running and playing in the grass. It’s a wonderful view when you wake up. Moreover, when you open the window, you can breathe the fresh air to make your day.

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