26 roof maintenance projects you can do2

To ensure a comfortable living in your home, you need to take concerned about your roof system. It is known that the roof is like a protection for your whole house parts. The roof is in the top parts that cover the building. The fact is that, since the roof system is not something that you can see any time you are home, it makes you forget to check the condition of your roof. However, just like any other components that you have in your house, the roof also needs maintenance regularly. You may also check Mast Roofing & Construction, Inc.

26 roof maintenance projects you can do1

When talking about the roof, there will be so many different kinds of it. Well, the difficulties of the maintenance will also be influenced by the kind of roof. It can be from the design style and also from the materials. With different durability, the schedule of the maintenance will also be different just based on the roof material you choose. To add your knowledge, let’s see some different kinds of roofs first. One of them might be yours and some others may give you inspiration in case you want to do a re-decoration project.

Kinds of roof

Gable Roof

It can be said that the gable roof is the most popular roof style. It is applied in a variety of home designs and will always fit well to any of them. It might be simple but its flexibility and simplicity be applied to varied home designs making it becomes popular one.

Talking about the shape, the gable roof is basically a triangle shape with the base resting atop the house. Then, the two sides are rising to meet the ridge. Here are examples of gable roof applications.


There are many types of roofs that you can apply to your home decoration, one of which is the gable roof. This type of roof has a triangular design with straight lines at the top. Now you can use it for the main roof in your house. Having a gray color theme will make it successful in presenting a simple and easy-to-match look with anything. Grey Gable Roof from @thaddeuspj


This house uses a Gable roof on the front porch and manages to make it look attractive. This gable terrace has a red brick color that presents a natural look. The weakness of this type of roof is its vulnerability to wind. This roof is also equipped with a glass window on the front so it will look very attractive. Red Brick Gable Roof from @designlink_consultants

Clipped Gable Roof

The clipped gable roof can be said a way more aesthetic in its design. It makes your home have a high performance and be seen as stand out. It is basically the roof that is designed with the basic shape of the gable. There will be two sides rising to meet the ridge. You will also find out that the peaks of the roof are bent which creates small hips at the ends of the roof ridge.

1 snapinsta.app_1080_19931991_1200034423434415_938091028622082048_n

Take a look at this clipped gable roof. This roof design has a cut edge that creates a more angular appearance. By using this type of roof, it will make your exterior look more prominent and might be the center of attention. This roof has a slanted edge so it can fend off rainwater and wind. Black Clipped Gable Roof from @housestories_

2 snapinsta.app_1080_11324514_1622266401360206_2131132796_n

Choosing the right roof will provide comfortable living for you. Using a clipped gable roof is the right choice. This type of roof has a slanted edge so that it can ward off rain and wind. Therefore, this type of roof is suitable for those of you who live in bad weather conditions. Green Clipped Gable Roof from @gardenstogables

Dutch Gable Roof

If you dream of having an attic space, then the dutch gable roof is the best choice for you. It also lets you install windows to create natural lighting inside the house. This one is such an interesting one because having an attic that is designed well to be a special room is always fun.

3 snapinsta.app_1080_38254386_231173507566546_8901022174215667712_n

This one roof has two sloping sides that join in a gable. You can use this roof to add attic space in your home. Add glass widow there to help improve air circulation and also provide perfect natural lighting in your home. You can apply this roof idea in your home. Dutch Gable Roof from @historicdesignconsulting

4 snapinsta.app_1080_140178828_715272546030118_8303933896961284990_n

This house uses a Dutch gable roof to make it stand out and be different from usual. One of the advantages of a dutch gable roof is that it can add extra space to your home. This is because the sloping sides of the roof create additional space or storage under the peak. Dutch gable roofs are also known to be durable and easy to maintain. Grey Dutch Gable from @mermansarchitectureanddesign

Gambrel Roof

The gambrel roof will also let you have an attic room and loft. This one is more interesting and increases the utilization of your house function. Adding windows there will also be possible as you can enjoy the scenery outside and let the sunlight to comes inside the room.

Anyway, this kind of roof design can be said as the classic one but will always be interesting for you who love something unique and classic. Here are examples of the gambrel roof design applications.

5 snapinsta.app_1080_278131229_1028726351093912_7965457991610494693_n

Look at this roof! It has an roof design that has two slopes on each side. The lower slope is steeper than the upper. Equipped with several windows, making this type of roof provide perfect natural lighting. Not only that, it will also make air circulation in your home healthier. Light Grey Gambrel Roof from @conradhanson

6 snapinsta.app_1080_269720931_1531000353952136_3026213989683130780_n

Do you use gamrel roof on your home decoration?. This type of roof has the advantage of being able to provide more space in your building and is quite easy to build. This roof also has several vents that are neatly installed so that it will make your roof look more attractive and also provide perfect air circulation. Gambrel Roof from @classiccolonialhomes

Hip Roof

This one is a traditional roof design that consists of four equal-length slopes that meet to form a simple ridge. This kind of roof is highly visible so it will make up a big piece of your home’s exterior look.

7 snapinsta.app_1080_101669546_3226848184026384_2679694522081963615_n

This hip roof has a symmetrical design that makes it simpler but very attractive. This type of roof is perfect for those of you who live in a country in bad weather conditions. This is because this type of roof is very good at shedding snow and rain. Therefore it only has a small chance of collapsing when it rains heavily. Black Hip Roof from @concordcarpenter

8 snapinsta.app_1080_93929283_530664020975443_6495480706577703108_n

There are many choices of roofs that you can apply to the construction of your home, one of which is the hip roof. This roof has the advantage of being resistant to high rainfall and snow. This is because this type of roof has a shape that can shed rainwater and snow. Hip Roof Design from @simonbowlerltd

Mansard Roof

The mansard roof has a classic shape that comes from French architecture. However, it is really popular in the United States. This kind of roof is really aesthetic and lets you have an abundance of interior attic space and multiple windows.

9 snapinsta.app_1080_287548973_185926233783368_7124165090180036705_n

This mansard roof has a perfect rustic appearance so that it succeeds in presenting its own charm. The roof has a hip design characterized by two sloping planes leading to the roof with a sharp peak in the center. This roof design also provides many places to install windows so that it can provide more space in your house. Rustic Mansard Roof from @mattengengroup

10 snapinsta.app_1080_317321260_1818219545237327_3647834406206640377_n

The top of the Mansard Roof has a shield-like shape while the bottom is quite steep almost vertical. There are many advantages that you can get from this type of roof. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, it has extra space as well as better air circulation. Equipped with glass windows there, this roof also provides perfect natural light. Grey Mansard Roof from @gardenstogables

Shed Roof

If you have a modern home design and love something artistic and unique, the shed roof is the best choice for you. This kind of roof has a really strong personality, allowing you to install some interesting window placement, and reflecting the owner’s personality. Look at how the shed roof is really interesting from the following images.

11 snapinsta.app_1080_66349557_473320810129664_6139632977469141816_n

The shed roof has one steep sloping side. With this steep slope, it can promote water and snow drainage perfectly. Not only that, a shed roof can also maximize the attic or upper floor space. This type of shed roof is perfect for modern home designs and manages to present a simple and attractive appearance White and Black Shed Roof from @pegboardmodern

12 snapinsta.app_1080_184601557_817988498850408_4593057651087697918_n

You can add a shed roof to any building or home. Having steep sides of this type of roof can drain water and snow drainage to the maximum. This type of roof also has several windows that are installed so that it will provide perfect air circulation and can provide natural lighting there. This shed roof idea will never fail to be applied to any building model. Shed Roof from @kaisalmela

Flat Roof (Low Slope Roof)

This one is really simple and unique. Even when it is only in a flat form, interestingly it can steal people’s attention. This is the kind of industrial style that is rarely used. But, for you who want something different and unique, the flat roof is the right choice for you.

13 snapinsta.app_1080_326536339_164328376346427_4407565700717653274_n

Roofs that have an almost flat or slightly sloping surface are called flat roofs or low-slope roofs. With a fairly low slope, this type of roof is equipped with a continuous membrane covering that can better withstand standing water. Because it has a very simple design, this roof is liked by many people. Flat Roof from @other_peopleshomes

14 snapinsta.app_1080_313874302_5550174071733092_710219593741870162_n

Do you like a simple look? If so, using a flat roof type is the right choice. This roof design has an almost flat surface and only has a slight slope. The main advantage of the flat roof design is its simple construction. Installation is also easier and cheaper because in terms of quantity, there are fewer areas in a flat roof design than sloping roof types such as gable roofs and others. Black Flat Roof from @lifespacecabins

How to Maintain Your Roof

Well, each roof design that we have mentioned above might need different maintenance. But, here we have gathered some tips for you that you can adjust based on your roof design. Get them down below!

1. Make it Waterproof

Giving a waterproof layer for the roof can give the best effect for your roof to be more durable. It can be done by using waterproof liquid or by applying a waterproofing membrane.

15 snapinsta.app_1080_328465913_500067858985051_5680865649141586817_n

Here you can do roof maintenance by making it waterproof. An easy way and you can do it yourself is to coat your roof with a waterproof liquid. Besides being easy to do, this method is very effective in keeping your roof safe and not easily damaged. This will also make your home area not damaged by water. Covered with Waterproof from @copper_and_sheet_metal_ltd

16 snapinsta.app_1080_327353628_553108576862381_5563678793575092311_n

There are several ways you can do to keep your roof safe from damage. The simple thing you can do is make it waterproof. Now you can install a waterproof coating on your roof so that it will be easier and work more effectively. In this way, you can be sure that your roof will be safe from water damage. Covered Black Waterproof Ceiling from @downsview_roofing

2. Clean the Gutter

The gutter is part of the roof. This will affect the efficiency of your roof function so cleaning the gutter is really important. There will be many things inside the gutter that should be cleaned based on the season.

17 snapinsta.app_1080_74706174_468598703754037_1028649952387601422_n

Gutter is one of the things that can affect the damage to your roof. Therefore, make sure your gutter is in good condition and clean. You can do this by taking out the trash in the gutter. In this way the water in the gutter can flow smoothly and not cause damage to your roof. Clean the Dry Leaves from @windowcleaner

18 snapinsta.app_1080_315111651_5493634174047149_9208924327922332207_n

Take care of your roof to avoid damage. You can clean the leaves and moss on the gutter. Because when the gutter is dirty, the water will not flow and cause damage to your roof. Therefore gutter cleaning is the right way to care for your roof to keep it safe from damage. Scoop Dirt In Gutter
from @windowcleaner

3. Remove the Moss

During spring, your roof will be wet and moist which will make moss grows on the roof. Well, moss might be seen as something natural and give the roof a fresh impression. But, the moss can damage your roof. Also, there might be animals there. The moss will make your roof dirty that come from the root. So, there’s no excuse for the moss to be on your roof!

19 snapinsta.app_1080_49933901_143097416606626_1009192981441791359_n

Look at the roof that is filled with moss, this will trigger damage to your roof. Do the cleaning on the roof using certain tools until it is clean from moss. In this way, as a result your roof will be cleaner and will not be damaged. You can do it yourself or call an expert. Removing the Moss from @completelycleaned

20 snapinsta.app_1080_280936843_1005685873410433_9176586039903472411_n

Moisture in the roof area will usually encourage the growth of moss there, this will also cause damage to your roof. Therefore cleaning the roof from moss is the right way to maintain the roof in your home. This way, your roof will look clean and will probably avoid any leaks and damage. Cleaning Roof from @estlin.tentenverhuur.cleaning

4. Watchful with the Tree Branches

If you have trees in your yard and it is near the house building, you should make sure to do the trim regularly. The tree branches can damage your roof and if it is already too long and too far-reaching the roof, it will be more difficult to trim it without damaging the roof. Just make sure that you trim all the branches before they grow too much.

21 snapinsta.app_1080_1391364_464091643695501_602286382_n

Trees are one of the things that will cause problems for your roof. The treatment you can do is by cutting down trees. It doesn’t have to be all trees, just trim the branches that cover your roof area so that it will reduce damage to your roof. Trees Covering the Roof from @micahtbyrd

22 snapinsta.app_1080_327486825_722495052702063_8103543709393868472_n

Look at this roof! Covered by trees and likely to result in damage. Therefore, the most effective thing is to do the pruning of the tree branches that are above the roof. With this, your roof will remain safe from falling branches when big winds hit. This idea is quite simple and will never fail to do. Tree near the Roof from @geowoomba301

5. Identify the Damage

Identifying the damage on schedule is needed. With this, you will find the damage before it becomes too severe. For this, you can’t do it only with a glance but you should going up and see the clear condition of your roof.

24 snapinsta.app_1080_323825024_713820723429465_607212128377042093_n

One easy way to take care of the roof is to identify the damage. You can do this method by climbing on the roof and looking for signs of damage. When you have found signs of damage, do repairs from the start. In this way you can prevent enlarged damage to your roof. Check The Roof from @jamespduffy


There are many ways you can take care of your roof. At this time you can identify damage to your roof so that it will not cause enlarged damage. This method is very effective and efficient for anyone to do. This way the damage to the roof will be less and probably your roof will have a long life. Identify the Damage
from @truetradieau

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