26 celebrating valentine_s day at home romantic decoration ideas2

No need to go to the public space, you can surely celebrate Valentine’s day at home. Of course, there are some things that you should prepare that are related to home decoration so that you can bring the spirit of romantic Valentine’s day inside your home. Also, if you have decided to celebrate it at home, you should be able to create the best atmosphere needed so that you won’t disappoint your loved ones. Don’t forget that Valentine’s day is not only about your spouse but also your family.

26 celebrating valentine_s day at home romantic decoration ideas1

In creating Valentine’s day decorations, you can focus on the parts that are commonly used to celebrate. Here, the most important part is the table decoration that you will use to have a romantic dinner. Then, you may also decorate the bedroom to have a more intimate celebration. In case you want to celebrate it with your family, decorating the living room is the thing that you should do. In case you need some inspiration, you should check the following ideas.

Table Decoration for a Romantic Dinner

For a romantic dinner, the table should be decorated as romantic as possible. You can focus on the centerpiece that is added with romantic ornaments such as flowers, heart shapes, candles, and more. Then, you may decorate the cutlery also. Consider applying the tablecloth with the matching theme.

2 snapinsta.app_1080_329016110_870920487353647_2103165920234245302_n

This dinner table uses a red log table runner so that it will present a bright appearance. The red candle with the gold candle holder that is displayed on the dining table will have a double function. Apart from providing beautiful lighting it will also be the perfect centerpiece in your home. Red Candle Centerpiece from @kd.events_

3 snapinsta.app_1080_272183169_116992324194851_735234246994155975_n

Look at this dinner table! Using a combination of white and red as the main theme will make it look perfect. Candles that are displayed on the table will be an interesting lighting idea and bring a romantic feel. Besides that, it will also be a very perfect centerpiece. Candle Lighting from @vvaacc

4 snapinsta.app_1080_314712545_845599669917370_7896475821842913668_n

This long red table runner in red tones will bring a festive look and is perfect for a valentine theme. Several white candles displayed on this table will make a beautiful and attractive centerpiece. Several flower arrangements that are displayed on the table, will present a beautiful and festive appearance on your romantic dinner table. Long Table Runner from @glamour_events22

5 snapinsta.app_1080_327207203_141648048741875_9096760737940722631_n

This romantic dinner table has a red and white color theme so it will provide a bright contrast and is perfect for Valentine’s celebrations. A heart ornament set in a glass vase will present a beautiful look on your romantic dinner table. Placing it on the table, will make it a perfect centerpiece. Red and White Themed from @lillyssocialhouse

6 snapinsta.app_1080_295845999_450460973598480_4779448407476132876_n

This red glitter table cloth will bring a bright and festive look. A flower bouquet arranged in a vase and placed on the table will bring out the perfect beauty. Here you can use a red candle as a lighting idea so that it will strengthen the romantic feel. Red Flower Bouquet Centerpiece from @zina_eventdecorations

7 snapinsta.app_1080_275835385_377874607673432_4114359044129749093_n

Very romantic ! This dinner table uses a candle as a centerpiece so it will bring a romantic feel. Here you can also add flowers there so that it will make it more lively. A sprinkling of flower petals on this table will add a romantic impression and make your romantic dinner table perfect. Candle and Flower Centerpiece from @decoration_by_shaimaa_hany

1 snapinsta.app_1080_328826898_698365625258593_6402614957600753907_n

The red table runner that lays on the white table will present a standout appearance. Rose flowers displayed on the table will be a beautiful and attractive centerpiece idea. Then you can add candles as lighting ideas so that it will provide dim lighting and bring a romantic feel. Roses Centerpiece from @kinsei_id

2 snapinsta.app_1080_151197994_885316285562156_7642241281735062850_n

Heart ornament will be the perfect centerpiece on this romantic dinner table. Some of the candles that are displayed on this table will provide a beautiful lighting idea and are also suitable for a romantic feel. As a decoration, you can sprinkle this table with rose petals and also present a flower arrangement there so that it will look beautiful and festive. Heart Ornament and Candle Centerpiece from @homeontube

Romantic Bedroom Decoration

When decorating the bedroom, don’t only focus on the bed decoration. It is great if you can decorate the whole room parts to have a romantic atmosphere. You can do it by choosing the color scheme that will be right for Valentine’s day like red or pink.

1 snapinsta.app_1080_328854160_508135511433180_1076818468940014118_n

This valentine’s bedroom has a white and pink color scheme so it will present a very pretty look. The owner places a flower arrangement on the table and a bouquet of flowers on the bed to create a romantic atmosphere. Candles placed on a tray will provide beautiful lighting and go well with a romantic feel. Pink Accessories from @home_decor_magazine_

2 snapinsta.app_1080_326492451_717227646507145_4282984626788846837_n

This pink wall will be the main background in this Valentine’s bedroom. This heart-shaped pillow displayed on the table will make it the center of attention. Flower arrangements and candles will work together to present a valentine look and also a romantic feel in this bedroom. Pink and White Themed from @lusyem

4 snapinsta.app_1080_317205398_1201433970724110_9093856784667219507_n

Remarkable ! The I LOVE U accent made using rose petals on this bed looks absolutely stunning. A sprinkling of flowers throughout this bedroom will bring a romantic feel and is liked by many couples. This valentine’s bedroom is perfected with candles that are everywhere so that it will give a dim and romantic feel. This decoration idea will never fail to try. I LOVE U Accent from @saatphereindia

2 snapinsta.app_1080_271974831_428507095679438_4224096905578939059_n

This heart made using rose petals and hung on the wall will bring a touch of Valentine’s in this bedroom. Flower arrangements and some aromatherapy candles that are placed above the bed will attract couples. Not only that, a sprinkling of rose petals and red accents in this bedroom will make your Valentine more festive. Red and White Themed from @redesignedbygrace

4 snapinsta.app_1080_273718101_486000629818839_3491454759251061748_n

This dim lighting manages to bring a romantic feel to this bedroom. Heart-shaped rose petals on the bed will make your Valentine’s decoration more perfect. Heart balloon and flating balloon will bring a more festive look. Candles at several points will give a festive look and also provide romantic lighting. Dim Lighting from @ibedroomcollection

6 snapinsta.app_1080_273761590_271616821749948_4965917558819096254_n

Look at this bedroom decor! Heart accents made using flower petals on this bed will present a beautiful and perfect look at Valentine’s celebrations. Here you can also add a flower bouquet there so it will look more perfect. Here you can use dim lighting so that it will present a romantic feel and look beautiful. Heart Shape Flower Petal on the Bed from @ibedroomcollection

7 .snapinsta.app_1080_82898991_880498592408960_7688347667348338943_n

Flower petals sprinkled in this bedroom area will present a beautiful and romantic look. Coupled with candles, it will make this Valentine bedroom decoration even more beautiful and lively. Several balloons above the bed will give a festive impression and manage to steal the show. Lots of Rose Petals from @architectures_idea

10 snapinsta.app_1080_149905625_416870166066082_3990374746069393739_n

The accent of a pair of swans made using a towel and displayed on this bed will make your Valentine’s decoration more perfect. Red String lights and heart accents that adorn your bedroom walls will present a quite festive look. Candles, flower arrangements and lanterns will add to the excitement of your bedroom decoration. A Pair of Towel Swans from @10thousandmilesaway


Simple but perfect! This bedroom is decorated with rose petals and roses so that it succeeds in presenting a valentine feel. Floating heart balloons in this bedroom area will make your Valentine’s decorations even more festive. This valentine’s bedroom looks romantic in a fairly simple way. Red Floating Balloon and Petals Sprinkle from @picnicnchill

Cozy Romantic Living Room Decoration

The living room can be a cozy room to celebrate Valentine’s day. You can decorate the room to celebrate the day with your family. Or, if you want a relaxing moment with your spouse, spending the day in the living room can also be fun. Here are the references for the romantic living room decoration to celebrate Valentine’s day.

1 snapinsta.app_1080_273660599_313684280580043_6581759011074596872_n

This white living room is decorated with a Valentine theme so it will look festive. Here you can use some heart ornaments to decorate the fireplace in your living room so it will look more beautiful. Then you can use accessories such as pillows and blankets with a valentine theme so it will look perfect. White and Red Themed from @unconventionalblonde

2 snapinsta.app_1080_27878149_1024411637696720_5292431544500092928_n

The living room is a suitable place to celebrate Valentine with family. It doesn’t have to be complicated, here you can just bring a heat accent. Use a heart-shaped floating balloon so it will look beautiful. This one decoration idea is very simple but manages to present a quite festive look. Red Floating Balloon from @designhome

3 snapinsta.app_1080_141404708_230404415402865_7392800320472853079_n

Simple but still interesting. This living room is decorated with heart-themed wall art, making it suitable for Valentine’s Day decorations. Pillows with heat motifs will add a strong Valentine feel to this living room. To make it more interesting, here you can also add heart art above the side table so that the Valentine’s decorations in the living room are perfect. Heart Throw Pillow from @littlecajunhouse

4 snapinsta.app_1080_149291380_543423456621775_8675678117089488151_n

This coffee table is the centerpiece of the Valentine’s Day decoration in your living room. The red rose arranged in a vase and displayed on the table will be a very beautiful and attractive centerpiece. Rose petals sprinkled on the table will give a festive feel to your living room. This aromatherapy candle, which is still in closed condition, will provide a beautiful lighting at night. Rose Flower Arrangement from @our.reality_life

5 snapinsta.app_1080_27879212_213627979201240_6204763884721537024_n

The pink nuance in the Valentine’s Day decorating room succeeds in presenting a beautiful feminine look. Pillow pink will be an accessory that looks beautiful while providing comfort. The floating ballon heart and also on the sofa will add joy to this Valentine’s celebration. Then you can also place a flower arrangement on the table so that it will be the perfect centerpiece. Pink Heart Balloon from @fashionablykay

6 snapinsta.app_1080_81959433_396609211198819_3933080897743171391_n

Rousing ! This living room decoration uses balloons so it looks festive. White and pink balloons scattered on the living room floor will bring joy to Valentine’s celebrations. Not only that, heart floating balloons will also add beauty and liveliness to your living room. Love balloons displayed on the table will be the center of attention. Balloon Everywhere from @alex.metallo

7 snapinsta.app_1080_16464992_1196074563842417_7313269530497646592_n

Take a look at this valentine’s living room decoration! It looks simple but interesting. The heart pillow that rests on the sofa will be the perfect focal point in this living room. This tray filled with heart ornaments, candles and flowers will make your living room decoration more beautiful this Valentine’s Day. Lastly you can sprinkle rose petals on the table and it will look amazing. Sprinkle of Rose Petals from @chrisbernardphotography

8 snapinsta.app_1080_149446323_867533133810452_2227767256300666328_n

The love balloon displayed in front of the fire place looks simple but perfect for Valentine’s Day decorations. Some balloons thrown on the sofa will give a festive impression to your Valentine’s living room decoration. Then you can make your and your partner’s initials using rose petals so it will look romantic. Love Letter from @honeypotfurniture


The living room with white nuances manages to present a simple and elegant appearance. The heart balloon that is allowed to float on the roof will present a quite festive Valentine feel in a simple way. Several flower arrangements and house plants will work together to provide beauty and freshness simultaneously. Pink Floating Ballon from @charlestonsoutherncharm

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