Decorating rules to have balance interior design for perfect harmony2

A great décor scheme will require good balance in everything look. The ideas below will offer you smart decorating rules to have a balance interior design.

Decorating rules to have balance interior design for perfect harmony1

Tackle Balance In Open Spaces With Zoning Idea

Tackle balance in open spaces with zoning idea Decorating Rules To Have Balance Interior Design For Perfect Harmony


Open spaces will require additional planning to balance a variety of design elements. Therefore, the easiest idea to go is through zoning. Zoning spaces by lighting, furniture, or just a good layout is sophisticated. In the open-plan kitchen above, there are several living spaces that balance each other with clever zoning with color while repeating texture and shapes to tie each room together.

Mix Shapes And Silhouettes

Mix shapes and silhouettes Decorating Rules To Have Balance Interior Design For Perfect Harmony


Do you know that a square peg will fit perfectly with a round hole? Here is the feature. It can still give a balance interior design by playing with different shapes in one perfect space. Therefore, when your interior is dominated by right angles and straight lines, round shapes and silhouettes will help balance it out. After that, the limited elements in this bathroom also allow the pattern to be read clearly.

Balance Starts With Symmetry

Symmetry is undoubtedly the building block of balance. Nowadays, people insist on true symmetry in interior design that can be formulaic and dated but it definitely offers benefits for a sense of calm clean comfort. As a guestroom above, the architecture of the space sets up a symmetrical layout with a very classic approach to a bedroom design. Next, the shelves are filled with the interesting object so they give dimensions. Then, you may hang antique French botanicals on the outside to give the room and shelving more depth and impressive. For the last, the custom lamp shades lacquered in the ochre color also embrace unity.

Texture To Smooth Out Layered Interiors

This dining room is paired with hard architectural details like beamed ceilings and wraparound wainscoting with soft textures to strike the perfect balance. There is a balance exhibition through the seat back fabric along with the paint color. After that, there is also an almost fabric-linen texture for wallpaper that hugs everything together.

Balance Old And New

Combining different styles of eclectic styles with transitional styles is achieving the goal of balancing both old and new furniture and décor. Take note that combining design like this is all about careful curation.

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