How to choose the best lighting for your garage2

Even though you often ignore it, paying attention to the condition of your garage is very important. Maybe you think the garage is just a place to store vehicles and maybe to store your rarely used items. But don’t let your garage be neglected, let alone dark. You need the right lighting for your garage. The right garage lighting can help you to work in your garage more safely and efficiently. This is especially important if you use your garage as a work space or storage area. It can also make your space look more attractive, and help to enhance your curb appeal. And to choose the best lighting for your garage, consider a few factors including the size of your space, your natural light conditions and your needs.

Ideally, you should have three types of light in your garage: ambient (general), task, and accent lighting. This will help you bathe the entire room in different layers of illumination that will eliminate dark corners and shadows. Another good option is a flush-mount ceiling light. This is a dome-shaped light that is easy to install, cost-effective and comes in a variety of sizes. It’s also a good choice for those with garage ceilings that aren’t suspended. And when evaluating the task lighting options available, it’s important to consider what tasks will be performed and the room in which the lighting is installed. Whether you’re reading, sewing, or working on your car, you need to be able to see clearly what you’re doing. Furthermore, here are some garage lighting ideas to copy.

How to choose the best lighting for your garage1

Flush- Mount Ceiling Light


Using this flush mount ceiling lamp provides bright lighting in your home garage. Here you can use some lights that are planted in the ceiling for bright light throughout the house. The white color scheme also gives a spacious and airy feel to your entire home. Flush-Mount Ceiling Light from @kford6669

Colorful Led Light


You can add colorful LED lights that will give a colorful glow to your entire garage. Placing it on the garage wall combined with the hexagonal lights on the ceiling will also offer the perfect garage look for you to try. Colorful Led Light from @garageleds

Floor LED Light


To provide perfect lighting in your home garage, you can also install lights on the garage floor. Using Led lights that are placed on the floor gives an attractive design and can steal the eye. Apart from that you can also add a ceiling light to give the perfect lighting. Floor LED Light from @konzeptarchitects

Track Light


The track light in the garage of this house provides an attractive appearance for you to try. Laying on the ceiling will also make your garage brighter with white light. This scone lamp on the wall can also be additional lighting in your home garage. Track Light from @__mika_dong__

Hexagon Light


This hexagon shape ceiling lamp offers perfect lighting in your home garage. Lights like the picture above can be the center of attention and can provide the perfect garage decoration for you to try. Hexagon Light from @garagestyleltd

Wall Garage Light


Using LED lights on this wall will also produce a bright and stylish garage design. Combined with the hexagon lights on the ceiling, this also offers an attractive garage design and can be the center of everyone’s attention. Wall Garage Light from @garageluxuk

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Snapinsta.app_1080_20347379_465188547172300_7720567554124546048_n (1)

Under cabinet lighting provides a close and direct source of light for the tasks you do above the cabinet counter. LED under cabinet lights are the best choice as they are energy efficient and available in bright and warm white options. Lighting Under Cabinet from @superbrightleds

Sonaray light


This sonary lamp provides an attractive lighting for your home garage. Placing it on this ceiling can provide an attractive home design and a different design. Combined with this white color scheme, it gives the illusion of a spacious and airy space. Sonary Light from @sonaray_australia

Natural Light


Windows are a great way to bring in light — natural light. Applying to a home’s garage will provide ventilation which is essential if your garage tends to be stuffy, or you’re working on various car or home projects there that involve paint, oil, or other strong-smelling materials. Natural Light from @detachedgarage

Floor Lamp


This pipe lamp provides an interesting lighting for your home garage design. Using a lamp like this will produce an attractive design and look different. Placing it in the corner of the garage will also provide a perfect home design. Floor Lamp from @joespipeworks

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