20 home security tips to consider in 20232

These days, the risk of getting in touch with the criminal is way higher and higher. Not only when you are going outside but also in the security of your home. No wonder since the cost of living is increasing where it doesn’t have balance with job availability, then criminals will always be there. So, what can we do to protect our property and wealth? The answer is by applying the ‘Home Security’! Let’s say that you can install a deadlock for your door that has higher security than the common lock system. Interested in other ideas? Keep on reading!

20 home security tips to consider in 20231

What is ‘Home Security’?

Anyway, ‘home security’ is not meant to be a person who protects the security of your house. But, it is about things that you can apply or do in an effort to protect your home. It can be really varied where you can have the modern one with advanced technology such as an alarm system, motion detector lighting, or security cameras. However, if installing those technologies is too pricey and you don’t have enough budget for that, then you can still do some other on-budget things. Here we have compiled the ideas that are gathered from the high cost to the lower cost.

Upgrade Window and Door Lock

Upgrading the window and door lock can be the first common thing that you can do. You can install the lock that needs your fingerprint to open it. Or, there is also the lock that uses a code or password to open. This kind of lock can be really effective since you don’t need to be worried about losing your door key. Also, you don’t have to be confused in choosing a spot to hide the key if you should leave it for your family member.

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Pay attention to the security of your home to avoid any crime!. Using a smart door lock is a very practical solution. You can use a fingerprint door lock so that it will give you a double advantage. Apart from making your home more modern, this fingerprint lock cannot be accessed by strangers. Fingerprint Door Lock from @natalia_foachi


Talking about home security, door locks are a very influential thing. This time you can upgrade your door lock by using the password lock. This will make your door inaccessible to random people who don’t know the password. This idea is very effective for maintaining the security of your home but at a fairly high cost. Passwords Door Lock from @huberlock


Another idea for the window and door lock upgrade is by installing a deadbolt protector door. It can be cheaper than the previous ideas and can be secure enough for your door security.

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Apart from upgrading the door lock, here you can also install a latch guard on your door. You can use a latch guard that is made using a strong material so that it is not easily broken into by thieves. This latch guard fits perfectly behind the door so it will work effectively and efficiently. Silver Deadbolt Door from @813fabrication

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You can never fail to install latch guards in this house. In this way, your door is very difficult to open and more secure from any crimes committed by strangers. This time you can use latch guards which are made using strong materials so they are very effective and efficient in keeping your home safe. Gold Deadbolt Door from @geo_locksmith

Providing Lock Box for Spare Keys

Upgrading the window and door lock is something that not everyone can have. The high-cost reason becomes a barrier for them. Anyway, if you are one of them and should leave the spare key for your family member, then the solution is by installing the lockbox. With the lockbox, you don’t need to worry about your key that is left under the pot or mat on your front porch or garden anymore. You can install it on the wall or just anywhere that is reachable for your entire family member.


Installing a lock box on the wall is an easy way to keep your home safe. With this, you can leave your keys in this lock box and be very safe without fear of being taken by someone else. This idea is simple and cheap enough to keep your home safe so it will never fail to try. Wall Lock Box from @propertyempress


To keep your home safe! Here you can install a lock box on your door. This will keep your key secure and less likely to be accessed by others. In this way, your home will be safer from any crime but still in an easy way and at an affordable cost. Silver Lock Box from @peter_therealtor_wa_or

Installing Home Alarm System

It is proven that a home with an alarm system installed is way safer and has a lower risk to be burglarized. The system can effectively scare the intruder. It is also great as the home alarm system can be controlled from anywhere by using your smartphone technology. The benefit is that when you are having your holiday with your whole family member, you can still control it and make sure that your home is safe.

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Installing an alarm in your home is a simple but very effective idea to keep your home safe. This alarm will work by making a sound and scaring people who will commit crimes in your home area. This time you can install this alarm on the wall area so that it is more effective and efficient to work and still save space. Smart Alarm from @securetech

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Another way to keep your home safe is to install an alarm in your home area. Use a small alarm and install it on the wall so it won’t be exposed too clearly but still work effectively. This alarm will emit a sound that can frighten offenders in your home area. Wall Alarm System from @amattergroup

Installing Motion Detector Lighting

Motion detector lighting is another security system that can scare the burglar effectively. Well, it won’t provide any sound but the lighting that is automatically lit will surprise the intruder. You can install it on the front porch, garden, entryway, or any spot that you think will be most effective. Anyway, the lighting detector can also help you to light your way or when you want to open the door at night without turning on the lamp. It is really interesting and helpful.

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Using a detector lighting monitor to keep your home safe is a perfect idea. This time you can install this tool in an outdoor area on the wall so it’s simpler and still works perfectly. It will work by turning on automatically and will scare away intruders. Motion Detector Lighting from @novolux_lighting


There are many ways you can do to keep your home safe, one of which is to install motion detector lighting. This tool will work by turning on automatically and can frighten offenders who will infiltrate your home. You can install this tool on the outside wall so it will work very effectively and efficiently. Cube Motion Detector Lighting from @gira.international


Installing Home Security Cameras

The home security camera is already used not only for homes but also for stores, hospitals, and other public services. It can be said that the home security camera is effective because it lets you see everything around the house. Even when there is a burglar trying to come inside your house, you can see the face or characteristic features of the burglar to help the police to arrest the burglar. It is also great that the security cameras can be installed anywhere you want. For example, you can install it on the spot that monitors the gate area. Then, you may install it on the front door, entryway, living room, backyard, or just anywhere!

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An idea that will never fail is to install security cameras in your home. It will work by recording the conditions in your home area and connected to your monitor or cellphone. This time you can install this security camera in an indoor or outdoor area. By using this tool, the security in your home will be more secure. Wall Security Camera from @digitalgiftzone

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A security camera is one thing that will never fail to keep your home safe. Instead of placing it on the wall, this time you can place it on the table. This tool will work by recording the circumstances around you and making it easier for you to find out crimes or things that lead to crime in any form. Table Top Security Camera from @caughtbycanary

Installing Security Fence and Gate

It is known that the fence is really functional to help you increase your home security. That is why when you live in a risky area, then you should make sure that you install a good fence. Choose the best material and measure the height to make sure that it can’t be reached easily. Treat the gate just the same as the fence where you should choose the material that is sturdy enough and won’t let the burglar open it easily.

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A never-ending thing for home security ideas is installing a fence. Here you can install a fence made using metal so it is very strong and safer. Not only fences, here you can also install gates with stronger and better performance so that the security of your home is better maintained. Metal Gate and Fence from @myfence2go

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The gate is one of the things that you should pay attention to to keep your home safe. Double Swing Gate with a high enough size will provide perfect security and is not easily broken into by thieves. Not only that, made using strong materials, it will make this gate very durable and will not fail as a home security idea. Double Swing Gate from @entrance_metal_gates

Besides the material and the height, you may also need to install a security camera there. Even when you want to install a security camera for your home, consider installing it on the gate spot first.


Effective and efficient! Presenting a security camera is an effective and efficient solution to keep your home safe. This time you can install a security camera in the front gate area. Use a security camera that has the same color as the gate so it will look the same and won’t be exposed clearly. Black Camera Security from @itsoundselite


Simple but so perfect! Installing a security camera is the perfect idea for your home security. This time you can install a security camera at the front gate of your house. This will make it easier for you to know what is happening in the area in front of your fence. This idea is very effective and efficient to try. Black Camera Security from @gosecuresolutionsltd

Smart Video Door Bell

This one is the kind of doorbell that has a camera so that you can see who’s pressing the bell. Besides letting you see who’s the visitor, it also lets you speak to the visitors and hear the sound outside. Another interesting thing about it is that the smart video doorbell can detect motion and is connected to your smartphone. You can control it and receive notifications when there is motion detected. Awesome, right?!

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If you want to install home security, here you can install a smart video door bell. This will make it easier for you to know who is coming. This smart video door bell works by connecting using a WIFI connection and you will receive the door bell and know who is coming. Smart Video Doorbell from @24hourpower_electrical

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Complementing the front door with a smart video door bell is the perfect idea. In this way, when the doorbell is pressed, it will immediately connect to your cellphone. So wherever you are, you can still find out who is coming because this bell is equipped with a camera. Tree Tone Doorbell video from @denonstore

Make it as If Someone is at Home

Well, this one is the traditional way but can be effective. You can do it by lighting up the lamps inside your home. Or, you may create sounds as if there is someone at home by turning on the television. This one is an option for you who don’t have too much budget for your home security upgrade that we have mentioned above.


Blaming the lights in the house is an easy and inexpensive way to make a home security idea. It doesn’t have to be all the lights to turn on, here you only need to blame the lights on the front or near the windows and doors. In this way, your home will look like it is inhabited and safe from crime. Lighted House from @michellevaldez1531


Instead of using several home security tools, here you only need to turn on the lights in your home. Here you can turn on the lights on the terrace and the lights near the window so that it looks bright from the outside. This one home security idea is very easy to do and very effective. Therefore you will never fail to try it. House with Bring Lighting from @deany169


What we have shared above are the best choices that you can have from the high-cost but able to create a high-security to the lower cost but not as efficient as the high-cost. Pick the one that can be most effective for your home and affordable for you. Good Luck!

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