20 proper floor beds for your small room2

Do you have a small room and providing a bed there sounds impossible because of the space limitation? You don’t need to be worried because there are some options for floor beds that you can use properly. The kinds and prices really vary as you can choose based on your budget. However, we do recommend you also consider comfort because a good rest quality is such an asset. Imagine when you have a bad rest quality, you won’t feel fresh when you wake up in the morning and it will ruin your day. Such a bad thing! So, here are some references for the floor beds that you can have.

20 proper floor beds for your small room1

Folding Mattress

Any folding furniture can always be a solution for you who have home space limitations including for the folding mattress. You can fold it and store it when you don’t use it. This one is really simple although you may need space to store it since it is still thick enough to be stored.

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If you have a narrow bedroom, using folding mattresses is the right solution. Look at this folding mattress, having a pink theme will make it look beautiful and suitable for girl bedroom decorating ideas. By using this folding mattress, it can be adjusted according to needs, namely it can be folded when it is not needed so that it can leave a wider space for movement. Pink Folding Mattress from @baggybeanshome

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Using a foding mattress is the perfect idea for those of you who have a narrow space. In this way, you can fold it when it’s not in use so it’s more space saving. These folding mattress have a plaid pattern and are white and gray in color so that they will look beautiful and catch the eye. Plaid Folding Mattress from @knutshome

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Folding mattresses are the perfect choice for tight spaces. This is because, you can fold it when not in use so you can use this room for other things. In addition, this folding mattress also has many choices of motifs so that it is liked by many children and women. Patterned Folding Mattress from @elidnaz_nurse_mom


A daybed is not as high as a normal bed but it is high enough to be said to be a floor bed. The daybed has a small size so that it is still proper to be applied for the small room space even when it can’t be folded.

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Instead of using a king-sized bed, this daybed will be the right choice if you only have a small room. Even though the size is smaller than a bed, this day bed will still provide perfect comfort for you. Here you can complete it with pillows and bedding so that it is more comfortable. Black Daybed from @tazidesigns

7 snapinsta.app_1080_47583577_378783079562567_4815309007996966164_n

Look at this daybed! Has a size that is not too big, making it very suitable for small room ideas. This is because it is very space saving but can still function well as a daybed. This time you can complement it with a pillow so that it will make it more perfect and will never fail to provide comfort. Square Daybed from @astridfauerby

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This daybed would be the perfect bed in a small space. The reason is that it is quite multifunctional, that is, it can be used as a bed and also a seat in your home. The idea of using this daybed would be the perfect solution for providing a comfortable place to rest in a small space. Corner Daybed from @leqb.architects

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This daybed has a unique shape, which is like the shape of a hand. Having a size that is not too big makes it suitable for small room ideas as a substitute for a bed. Using this daybed will provide a comfortable place in your home even with a small space. Hand Shape Daybed from @sohnjohnsohn

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If you have a narrow bedroom, using a daybed is the right solution. This daybed has a small size but is quite soft so it manages to provide perfect comfort in your bedroom. This time you can complete it with a pillow so it will look very perfect. Grey Daybed from @thetojimato

Thai Massage Mat

The Thai massage mat is thin but can be warm enough since the filling is solid. It can be folded but commonly it is rolled. You can hide it in the corner of the room. Anyway, the rolled bed will be more space-saving than the folding bed as the rolling bed is thinner.

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Apart from using folding mattresses and daybeds, Thai massage mats are another alternative that you can use as a substitute for beds. This thin but dense shape manages to provide perfect warmth for everyone who uses it. With its thin shape, this Thai massage mat is quite easy to store in a small room. Yellow Thai Massage Mat from @cynthias.massage

13 snapinsta.app_1080_302507894_1156179298266249_3713761528667405938_n

Effective and efficient. This Thai massage mat will be an effective and efficient substitute for a bed in your home. The reason is that it has a thin but dense size so that it will still provide perfect comfort. This time we are using a Thai massage mat which has a complicated motif so it will present a bohemian look. Bohemian Thai Massage Mat from @rhiannoncatherine.stm

14 snapinsta.app_1080_80372235_2656826767687052_3086732493121927077_n

This Thai massage mat will never fail to complement the small room in your home. This is because it has a thin but dense size so that it can be an alternative as a substitute for a bed in your home. This time you can complete it with a bed sheet so that it will make this Thai massage mat look beautiful and attractive. Thai Massage Mat with Bed Sheet from @kateshipp333

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Do you have a narrow bedroom? If so, using a Thai massage mat is the right choice. This Thai massage mat has a fairly thin size but still provides comfort and warmth for you. Having a green color will make it look bright and can attract the attention of everyone who sees it. Green Thai Massage Mat from @centredspace

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Check out this tiny bedroom! He is equipped with a Thai massage mat as his bed. Having a slender shape will not reduce its function as a bed. This time, you can complete it with a white bed sheet so that it will provide perfect warmth and comfort. Rectangular Thai Massage Mat from @thebody_drift

Foam Sleeping Mat

It can be said that the foal sleeping mat is not as flexible as the folding and Thai massage mat. But, some of the foam sleeping mats are commonly already designed to be able to fold. However, if the foam mat can’t be folded, you can simply lean the bed on the floor.

3 snapinsta.app_1080_31975899_1652047201511272_541868531650658304_n

Using a foam sleeping mat is an interesting idea to replace a large bed. This time you can use a folding foam sleeping mat so that it can be turned into a sofa or can be folded and stored when not in use. You will never fail to use this foam sleeping mat so it is more effective and efficient. Grey Sleeping Mat from @byklipklap

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Look at this sleeping mat! Made using foam, it manages to provide comfort and is suitable for small space ideas. In addition, this one sleeping mat can be folded smaller and can be stored very practically when not in use. Apart from that, it can also be converted into a four seater area. 4-Fold Foam Sleeping Mat from @pandoraliving

22 snapinsta.app_1080_277471636_503605101363074_8782277393724081710_n

We use a foam sleeping mat to complete our small bedroom. In this way it will save more space but still function properly. This is because, this foam sleeping mat is very light and can be sent on the wall when not in use. Therefore this foam sleeping mat will never fail to try. Patterned Foam Sleeping Mat from @wakeincloud

Air Bed

If you ask for the most space-saving bed design, then the answer is the air bed. You can deflate the air of the bed if you don’t want to use it and fold it into a small size that is thin at once. The annoying thing about it is that you should fill the air of the bed everytime you want to use it.

17 snapinsta.app_1080_327895078_210464261493995_3667520240223769285_n

This air bed will never fail to complement any small space in your home. The reason is that this air mattress can be deflated and folded very small and can be stored very easily. However, this air mattress will also provide perfect comfort because it has a soft texture and is comfortable to lie on. Marble Pattern Air Bed from @bestwayfrance

18 snapinsta.app_1080_73237095_111182213463297_6616065164828375559_n

This bedroom uses an air bed as a bed. It has a size large enough padded so that it will never fail to provide comfort. However, this air bed can be deflated when it is not in use so it is more space saving and you can use the room for other activities. Grey Air Bed from @intex_iberia

19 snapinsta.app_1080_17268014_108327373009282_2671077321439444992_n

This Black Air bed has a size that is not too big so it is suitable for the same room idea. You can use it as a substitute for a bed with comfort that is not much different. The advantage that you get from using this air bed is that it is already organized, because it can be deflated and can be folded when not in use. Black Air Bed from @reyssongs

20 snapinsta.app_1080_52893391_2515295768498093_2613852577564770361_n

This air bed is quite large in size but will never fail for small room ideas. This is because the air bed can be deflated and stored when it is not needed. But when needed, this air bed can be pumped and it will expand and have a soft texture so it is very comfortable to lie down and rest. Blue Air Bed from @intexargentina

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