Bathrooms are one of the essential rooms in the house. We spend a little time getting ready for the day and cleaning up before bed. Hassles, such as faulty light fixtures or electrical shocks, can cause significant inconveniences. Avoid these problems and give a new look to your bathroom and electrical contractor Vancouver can fulfill all the requirements it need. 

Bathroom renovations may be tough, but it is a long-term investment. If you are a bathroom singer, you can make it more fun by installing LED lights and Bluetooth speakers. There are so many other options you can consider while renovating your bathroom but make sure that your wiring should be done correctly for your home improvement. If it is done by following strict electrical codes and regulations then it will help your house pass any future inspections. 

Electrical Requirements Your Bathroom Needs 

One thing that should be your priority that bathroom outlets should be always be grounded. Most of the home outlets are customarily grounded as they can avoid many hazards and accidents. Bathrooms are one of the rooms in your home that can attract moisture the most. This increases the risk of electrical shocks. 

However, this risk can be reduced by grounding. Connecting switches with a grounding wire system will remove all the risks of any mishap from areas exposed to moisture. 

There are some other electrical requirements that your bathroom needs for your betterment and electrical contractor Vancouver can help you, keep reading this article to know about them. For your ease, some of them are listed below:

Circuit with an Appropriate Power Watt 

To utilize the lightning and electrical components, our bathroom requires enough amount of energy. The minimum energy required by the electrical code is 20 Amp to safely run an overhead light and an exhaust fan. If your home supports more power, then there is nothing wrong with it. But don’t try to DIY anything. Hire an electrician from a good electrical company as they will better know what is appropriate for your home and bathroom. 

If you want to run other electrical appliances, for instance, hair dryers or other hot hair tools then you need more power. Therefore, enough amount of energy should be present in the circuits of the bathroom. 

Availability of Wiring for Lighting and Fan

Each bathroom should have electrical wiring and capacity for the installation of lights and an exhaust fan. Fans are necessary for the ventilation of air and should be in your mind during the renovation. Some wall sconces or vanity lighting options can make your bathroom more aesthetic, and you will enjoy it more while getting ready. Any extra lighting besides the overhead can be installed, but the fan should be the first priority. 

Ceiling Mounted Fixture for Light

One ceiling-mounted light fixture should be present in your bathroom that can be turned on with a light switch. Ceiling lights are perfect for bathroom vanity as they will provide you evenly distributed efficient lighting and bright and radiant lights. Try to use LED fixtures or bulbs to have accurate colors of the lights and make your experience even better. 

Ceiling-mounted light fixtures will also provide safe and efficient functioning of your bathroom and home improvement with this ample lighting. 

Installation of GFCI-Outlet

Areas in the home that have access to water should always have one GFCI outlet for the safe side. A ground fault circuit interrupter, commonly known as a GFCI outlet, can prevent any shocks caused by the bathroom circuit shorts. 

Appliances like a hair dryer or curling iron require enough contact that you can receive a shock if your hands are damp. GFCI outlets make sure of the prevention of these breaker trips. Moreover, these circuit breakers are used to shut off the power when there is an imbalance in the current. 

The purpose of these outlets is to prevent electrocution and is essential for your bathrooms. If you are planning for a bathroom renovation, then add a GFCI outlet to your bucket list for the safety and home improvement

Fitting of Switches outside the Shower and Tub area 

Although this requirement seems like common sense, still it’s something that you need to consider while renovating your bathroom. It is extremely important to keep all the electrical components and switchboards outside the shower and tub area. Electrical contractor Vancouver can do best fitting of switches. This reduces the occurrence of hazards that usually occur when electricity meets water. 

Wrap Up

Bathrooms are damp and use a lot of power. This creates special requirements for wiring. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom then consider the requirements mentioned above, including electrical wiring, cover lighting, airflow, and other safety devices. Buy the GFCI outlet from an authentic electrical company and make it your priority for the safety of everyone. 

 Bathroom Renovation can be both exciting and overwhelming, but we hope this article will guide you about the electrical requirements your bathroom needs and make your bathroom aesthetic and safe.

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