Live in a small house pushes you to have tiny bathroom as well. Here, you should be more creative in creating space to make your bathroom look larger. Here are some hacks to make your some bathroom feel extra cozy;

A bathroom in a dwellig doesn’t always need wide space. Even, you can create a nice hallway bathroom with creative design. Talking about hallway bathroom design, the measurement is required to consider the right fixtures to place there. Usually hallway bathroom is elongated, so you have to fit the shape of the bathtub and the cabinet to have a nice result.

Minimalist bathroom is a popular bathroom today. It is usually used by small families who do not have many family members. Minimalist bathrooms tend to have a clean and neat look, due to the lack of excessive storage and large material. This arrangement is perfect for people who like a slim and simple space and can easily be aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing its function. 

Bathroom sometimes is one of relaxing room after having stressful activity outside. When you already tired, you need to take a bath with warm water and let your body get calm. Even, some people get brilliant idea when they are in bathroom. We can take example of the story from Archimedes, Nicola Tesla, John Lennon and other genius people get their idea form bathroom. So, here are the eight are stylish bathroom ideas for you.

Nowadays bathroom not only serves as a place to clean up your body, but also as a to unwind. This is like having a sanctuary for relaxation. For that matter the lighting in the bathroom is an important thing to note. Bathroom activities will not comfortable without being supported by proper lighting.