37 different lighting options to inspire you2

It is great how the lighting is not only used to light up your room. Well, of course when installing lamps, you should consider their function first. But, you should also know that the lighting is too wide to only functioned to light the room. If you want to beautify your home decoration, concerning on the lamps choices will help you to make the room looks pretty even with a minimum ornament.

37 different lighting options to inspire you1

Basically, there will be many different kinds of lighting that can be classified to their function, colors, and style. For the function, the options are hanging lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, and so on. Then, talking about the colors, there will be surely many colors available that you can use to set the tone of your room for beauty purposes and comfort purposes. For the style, you can choose lamps in modern style, classic, industrial, and many other styles which really vary.

Lighting Type

Ambient Lighting: ambient lighting can be said as the main lighting available at home. It means that the lamps will be bright yet soft so that it won’t be annoying and able to cover the lighting need in the room. Of all of the lighting options, the ambient lighting should be the first one that you consider to install.

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In this living room we use LED lighting as the main lighting idea. Having white light will allow you to provide perfect lighting and make your living room look brighter. Besides that, using this one lighting idea will never fail to decorate your home. White Ambient Lighting from @beamever_lighting


Task Lighting: after you have installed the proper ambient lighting, in case it is for the working room, reading room, or any room that you use to focus on doing something, you will need the task lighting. Anyway, when the ambient lighting should be soft, then we recommend you install the brighter task lighting so that it can create contrast and works effectively to help you focus on your work. Also, with that technique, you can create less glare and not to hurt your eyes.


Take a look at this reading room! We used a floor lamp as task lighting there so it will provide perfect lighting. Being right next to the seat will allow it to provide proper lighting when you are reading a book. Therefore, you can never fail to use this floor lamp for lighting ideas on your reading nook. Floor Lamp from @lynngoodedesigns

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Apart from using an ambient lamp, here you can also add a table lamp for lighting ideas in your home office. This time you can use a bulb table lamp which has a bright enough light so it will provide perfect lighting. Placing it on the desk will allow it to work perfectly as a lighting idea. Bulb Lamp from @homebyemma_

Accent Lighting: accent lighting is used to draw attention to a specific area of the room. It can be said that accent lighting is one that can create a dramatic impression in your room decoration. If you have a piece of art or architectural details in the room, then you can highlight it by using accent lighting. It is great how accent lighting can be used both indoors and outdoors. For the outdoors, you can use it to highlight areas in the garden that you want to expose.

33 snapinsta.app_1080_316175370_1310153666398443_6218949320005101767_n

We use LED lamps for garden lighting ideas so that it will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. The spotlight of this LED light will hit some of the plants in the garden and present a dramatic appearance at night. This time we placed it on the ground so it would make it work to give the perfect light beam. Solar Lighting from @charlotterowegardens

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Festive isn’t it? This garden uses several lights as a lighting idea. The owner placed them in the right position and at the same distance so that they look neat and orderly. When night falls, these lights will give a very bright light and make your garden look very lively and lively. Outdoor Garden Lighting from @mrresistor68

35 snapinsta.app_1080_27880110_191715414920426_8834269092421566464_n

This indoor accent light will present a very dramatic appearance so that it will never fail to try. This time we are using recessed lighting right above the wall art so that it will make your wall art look very beautiful and festive. Therefore you will never fail to use a recessed lamp as an accent light in your home. Art Lighting from @arealighting

Fixture Type

Desk Lamp: desk lamps intend to be used for students or for those who work from home. It is a great one that will help you to stay on task since it helps you to get focus from the lamp. Generally, the desk lamp is easy to move as it can be swung on its arm so that you can illuminate a different of your desk. This one is a proper one for studying, reading, and working.

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There are many types of desk lamps that you can use for lighting in your home office. This time we used a white table lamp and has a flexible handle. This lamp can be bent to the right and left according to your needs, therefore, this desk lamp is perfect for your home office or study room. White Desk Lamp from @susa_cheryl

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Light is one thing that is very influential in any activity. Here you can use a folding desk lamp to make it simpler and more flexible. This folding lamp has a white light that can provide bright lighting and allow you to work perfectly. Folding Desk Lamp from @_maggieyt

3 snapinsta.app_1080_306207883_8029457420459173_6101751043602634135_n

Look at this desk lamp! Made using metal material will make it very strong and durable. Having a size that is not too big and too small makes it very suitable to be placed on the desk. Therefore, you can never fail to use this desk lamp for lighting ideas in your home office. Metal Desk Lamp from @theconsultancypr

4 snapinsta.app_1080_269962080_293687316037972_1939849464830970368_n

Cute ! This desk lamp has a cartoon theme, making it very adorable. Placing it on the desk, making it able to present its own charm and manage to raise your mood. Not only that, this character desk lamp is equipped with a pencil holder, making it more multifunctional. Animal Desk Lamp from @esha_crafter

Table Lamp: this one might be quite the same as the desk lamp when talking about the placement. However, the function is quite different. The table lamp intends to beautify the decoration as you can put it on the console table, side table, or any other spot that you want to illuminate for the beauty purpose.

5 snapinsta.app_1080_130200765_172960817896931_8478515091165385705_n

This lamp is made using metal pipe material so it is stronger and durable. In addition, this pipe table lamp has also succeeded in presenting a perfect industrial look and is suitable for completing industrial-style home decorations. Finally, you can place it on the table so that it will provide perfect lighting as well as an attractive appearance. Pipe Table Lamp from @industrial_home_ideas

6 snapinsta.app_1080_328283196_5937754306259565_2993331196460767975_n

This vintage style table lamp has a very attractive appearance. Placing it on a vintage style table will make it successful in presenting a matching look and make your home decor more perfect. This time you can place two vintage table lamps on the table so that it will make your home decoration more perfect and more festive. Vintage Table Lamp from @ebanista

7 snapinsta.app_1080_327941569_1730793077337224_9141510214435651075_n

Unique and interesting! This table lamp has an astronaut-like design that makes it successful in stealing the attention of everyone who sees it. Placing it on your living room side table will allow it to provide maximum lighting and present a unique look at the same time. You can place this one lamp idea in other areas such as the home office, bedroom and reading nook. Unique Table Lamp from @willslightings

Wall Lamp: the installation of the wall lamp could be really flexible. You can even have it indoors and outdoors. For the outdoor, you can install it on the porch or terrace. You can use it as the lighting or simply to beautify the decoration and create drama with the illumination. For indoor lighting, you can use it as additional lighting or to layer the lighting to create a certain impression that you want.

9 snapinsta.app_1080_330546571_702288604777757_1482955647868452968_n

Wall lamp is one of the lighting ideas that you can present in your home decor. This time you can use a white LED lamp so that it will present a very bright light. Install this LED lamp on the side wall of the stairs so that it can work properly in your home. LED Wall Lamp from @churchill_lighting_interior


Not only for indoor areas, wall lamps are also suitable for outdoor ideas. You can install wall lamps on the right and left of the front door so that they will be the perfect welcome. Choosing to use yellow wall lighting, allows it to provide dim lighting and succeeds in bringing a warm and soothing feel. Terrace Wall Lamp from @hedefaydinlatma


Look at this bedroom decor! We use a wall lamp as a lighting idea. Installed right next to the bed will allow it to provide perfect lighting. Here you can use a wall lamp with dim light so that it will provide calm and warmth at the same time making it suitable for bedroom lighting ideas. Bedroom Wall Lamp from @lifeatjemhouse

Floor Lamp: if you want to add lighting to your room in an attractive way, then you can choose floor lighting. It commonly comes in an aesthetic design and is such a great way to beautify the decoration of the room. For the function, you can have it for the reading lighting, when you want to sew, and any other specific function.

10 snapinsta.app_1080_178698183_468834574426992_539305720941174887_n

This time we use floor lamps for lighting ideas in the living room so that they will present their own charm. Placing it next to the sofa, will make it successful in providing the perfect lighting. It has a black theme, making it look neutral and suitable for any decoration in your home. Living Room Floor Lamp from @mydecorista

11 snapinsta.app_1080_44484332_350209339074853_4994400482326057247_n

There are many types of lamps that you can use for lighting ideas in your home, one of which is a floor lamp. A floor lamp made using wood material will make it look very aesthetic. Equipped with a white lampshade will make it look more attractive. This time you can place it on the wall area of the room and it will give it its own charm. White and Wooden Lamp from @styledbydi


This floor lamp which is made using metal has a size that is quite high and curved. With its curved shape, you can place this floor lamp in a corner but will still provide perfect lighting on your dining table. Therefore, you will never fail to use this type of floor lamp. Corner Floor Lamp from @itsaboutromi_

Chandelier: chandelier is one of the general lightings that is the most breathtaking choice since it comes in various aesthetic designs. You can have one in a modern design, glamorous design, classic design, or you can even have it seasonal design. It also comes in varied sizes, materials, and prices as you can choose the ones based on your budget. The chandelier is commonly installed over the dining room table, in the living room, or bedroom.

12 snapinsta.app_1080_327103890_575826107389891_6230374507946655523_n

Chandelier is one of the most widely used lighting ideas. This time we use white crystal chandelier for a modern dining room decoration idea so it looks very beautiful. This Chandelier is hung right above the dining table so that it will work well to provide lighting in the dining table area. Crystal Chandelier from @homes___decor

13 snapinsta.app_1080_328937919_926712374996898_1286688163764558576_n

Take a look at this luxurious bedroom! Using a white crystal chandelier as the lighting idea will make it look perfect. The white light that is produced from this chandelier will provide sufficiently bright lighting and succeed in making your bedroom decoration more luxurious. You can hang this chandelier above the bed so it will look perfect. Luxury Chandelier from @teohongainteriors

14 snapinsta.app_1080_330971595_3410406942558223_6413963593482394278_n

Chandeliers are the last choice as a lighting idea in this hallway. Here we use a gold channel with a classic style to make it look attractive and manage to steal the show. Hanging on a classic-style roof too, will make it look even more perfect and succeed in inspiring everyone who sees it. Classic Chandelier from @europeanantiquesnz


Bathroom Vanity Light: it is a must to provide proper lighting for your bathroom vanity light so that you want to have any problems in getting ready. In choosing the light, consider the space that you have for your bathroom and your general bathroom light so that the vanity light won’t be seen as too much and can be in its best function.

15 snapinsta.app_1080_275075924_2116278615215557_1106327536337579777_n

This bathroom vanity is equipped with lights so it will make it look very perfect. This time the owner uses a lamp that has white light so it will provide very bright lighting. Installing it directly above the mirror will allow it to provide perfect lighting in your vanity. Therefore, this idea will never fail to try. White Vanity Lighting from @precise__construction

16 snapinsta.app_1080_322051555_1983463881860733_2993193469155617988_n

Lighting is one of the things that you should pay attention to in any decoration, including the vanity. We use white lamps for lighting ideas in the bathroom vanity to make it look more attractive. This time you can mount it on a mirror and it will provide lighting and a beautiful appearance at the same time. Three Vanity Lighting from @davittdesignbuild.inc

Pendant: if you need additional light for your home, installing the pendant light is the best choice. This kind of lighting is commonly used over the kitchen island or home bar. The designs are really varied, you can choose the one based on your room decoration style so that everything can be seen as harmonious.

17 snapinsta.app_1080_161300673_223118906219211_1084015629807776240_n

Using pendant lights for kitchen lighting ideas is an interesting idea. Here we use a pendant light made using metal material so that it will present a perfect industrial look. You can hang a pendant light above the kitchen island so that it will succeed in bringing out its own charm in your kitchen. Metal Pendant Light from @hollowayanddavel

18 snapinsta.app_1080_12976517_270470336628417_2075573623_n

This pendant light is made using brass material so it manages to present a more attractive appearance. Hanging it above the kitchen island makes it successful in providing perfect lighting there. This time you can hang three pendant lights at the same time above the kitchen island so that your kitchen will look stunning. Brass Pendant Light from @lighting.l.world

19 snapinsta.app_1080_275767362_946750752648214_8849035840051955312_n

Not only in the kitchen, this time we use pendant lights for lighting ideas in the dining room. We used a white pendant light for the lighting idea in the white dining room so it will present a matching look. Using three pendant lights will make it successful in providing perfect lighting in the table wall area. White Kitchen Pendant Light from @house_of_rs_

Recessed Light: if you want to beautify your ceiling by using lighting, then the recessed light is the option for you. This is the kind of lighting that is installed above the ceiling and is able to highlight the ceiling itself to create beauty. However, if you don’t have the proper ceiling then it may impossible for you to install it. Also, you need to make sure that the lamps are insulated well.

20 snapinsta.app_1080_315926230_601983498347909_1690567588745149390_n

Using a recessed lamp for lighting ideas in your home is a perfect idea. The reason is that this recessed lamp will provide benefits for you at the same time, namely lighting and a beautiful appearance at the same time. This time you can use a white recessed lamp for lighting ideas in your family room so it will look very bright and bright. White Recessed Lamp from @homeofsunay

21 snapinsta.app_1080_71708044_1348939741931524_5250295165858834401_n

This dining room uses recessed as its lighting idea so it will look attractive. By using this recessed lamp, it will make your ceiling look festive and can also provide lighting throughout the room. Here you can also add a pendant light as additional lighting so it will look extraordinary. Dining room Recessed Lamp from @m.lahr_homes

Sconce: commonly, the sconce is installed on either side of the bed to light up the bed area in case you want to read or do some specific things on the bed. It comes in many sizes and designs. Additionally, you may also install it around the front door of your porch or mirror in the bathroom.


Scones are one of the lighting ideas that are suitable for bedroom decoration. This time you can install it on the right and left of the bed so that it will provide perfect lighting. Besides that, this wall scone will present an attractive appearance without having to require a lot of effort and still save space. Bedroom Wall Scone from @creatingmagicalhomes


This bathroom uses scones as a lighting idea so it looks attractive. Installed on the right and left side of the mirror will make it successful in providing perfect lighting in the mirror area. Besides that, using scones as a lighting idea in your bathroom will present a simple and attractive look. Bathroom Wall Scone from @hudsonvalleylighting

Track Lighting: the use of track lighting can be varied. You may use it for your bar lighting, artwork highlight lighting, and many other utilizations. The interesting thing about the track lighting is that you can turn all of the light heads to cover the area you want to highlight.

23 snapinsta.app_1080_152083327_1803105799848800_7989691914594734781_n

We use track light for lighting ideas in living room so it will give a different look. This track light is mounted on the ceiling area so it will provide good lighting without having to take up a lot of space. The black and white contrast presented by the track lighting and wall will create a beautiful monochromatic look. Black Track Lighting from @amore_lighting

24 snapinsta.app_1080_50924469_510743262783913_7162546624658562171_n

White track lighting that is installed on the living room ceiling will be the perfect lighting idea. Apart from saving energy, this track lighting can also be adapted to your needs. That is, it can be rotated and fitted to the object you want to highlight. Therefore track light is the right choice. White Track Lighting from @klmlighting

25 snapinsta.app_1080_18444209_1836952943231757_6263561463017766912_n

You will never fail to use track lighting in your kitchen area. Because this type of lamp can be rotated and adjusted to your needs. This lamp also has energy-saving properties so that many people like it for lighting ideas in the kitchen and in other areas. Kitchen Track Lighting from @cosinteriors

Under-Cabinet Lighting: installing under-cabinet lighting is a great way to illuminate the entire countertop area. It gives you an ease so that you can always do the cooking clearly no matter what time of the day or night.

26 snapinsta.app_1080_160568177_433228717940908_8530442364591349763_n

Take a look at this kitchen decor! We installed an LED lamp under the cabinet so it will make it look more luxurious. In addition, the lamp under this cabinet will provide perfect lighting and make it easier for cooking and washing dishes in the kitchen area. Therefore the idea of installing a lamp under the cabinet is an idea that will never fail to try. LED Lighting from @38.hillside

27 snapinsta.app_1080_52333489_107086206998776_573356235651507890_n

There are many types of lamps that can be used for kitchen lighting ideas, one of which is the lamp under the cabinet. This time we used a white lamp and installed it under the cabinet so that it will present a luxurious and festive look. Using this lighting idea will make it easier for you to do your cooking on your countertops day and night. Sleek Under Cabinet Lighting from @lightlablighting

28 snapinsta.app_1080_296135104_599654921507076_7613285381553516197_n

Interesting and inspiring. This kitchen is equipped with lights that are installed under the cabinet so that it will provide benefits for you. Apart from giving a beautiful and attractive appearance, this lighting idea will also make your kitchen more suitable for cooking. Yellow Under Cabinet Lighting from @gillbuilthomes

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