How to have a home design with the eco living concept2

With environmental awareness becoming more and more popular, eco living concepts have made their way into home design. These green trends include using sustainable building materials, minimizing energy consumption, and more.

Choosing green and sustainable home designs can help you build an environmentally friendly house without compromising style. This article will explore some of these ideas.

Eco living is

Eco living is an understanding to protect nature and its sustainability as a whole. This concept has now become part of the lifestyle. The eco living lifestyle seeks to maintain, preserve and protect life on this planet earth. And the concept of eco living is now starting to be adopted into home designs.

There are some ways that you can do to achieve and have a home design with eco living concept. Below are some of the ways.

How to have a home design with the eco living concept1

Use recycled materials

One of the best ways to have a home design with eco living concepts is to use recycled materials. This will help minimize your impact on the environment and conserve energy. Recycled materials are usually cheaper than new ones, and they also last longer. Some of the most popular recycled products include wood, plastic, cork, and metal. Recycled materials also make your interior design look cool and unique. This is especially true if you decide to use these materials in creative ways.


Eco decoration cannot be separated from recycling. At this time you can use the remaining wood at home to make it into a plant vase that can be placed indoors. What you can do now is sculpt the wood with the design you want, this is done so that this DIY wooden vase has a smoother surface. Use Leftover Wood from @re_wood_uk


Do you have an old book that you no longer use? If you have it, you can use it as a wallpaper decoration that can be applied to all parts of the walls of a room. Just attach this book using a special adhesive glue so that it doesn’t come off easily when used for a long time. A vintage planter made from an old galvanized basket is a decoration that never fails. Use Old Book Wallpaper from @mervi3


No need to buy it, now you can try making a mini basket and coaster with knitted yarn from your old sweater. Make it look as good as possible with an interesting pattern. Making it doesn’t require a lot of money, but only requires high artistic work, besides that you can also wash it again when it looks dirty. Yarn Knitted Basket and Coaster from @diydicky

Use natural light

Natural light is an excellent way to add to the beauty of a home design. It can make a space look brighter and less cramped, and also bring out the colours of your furniture and walls in a way that no artificial light could. It’s also beneficial for your physical health – sunlight increases serotonin, a happy chemical that helps you feel good. It reduces stress and anxiety and improves sleep. In addition, it can help to clear the air in a room, and is particularly good for houseplants. Ideally, orient your home so that it gets plenty of morning and evening sunlight.


Home design with the Eco concept cannot be separated from the use of glass wall that are large enough and wide. Why ? Due to the wide glass wall, it is able to enter a large amount of sunlight into the room. Besides that, the entry of sunlight into the room is also able to minimize pests or mold that develop in the room of this house. No need to coat it with curtains to make it more leverage. Transparent Glass Wall Living Room from @hoursinplace


An easy way that you can do to bring natural light into your kitchen decor is to use skylights and glass windows with transparent glass material that can allow maximum sunlight into the room. In addition, you can also treat the glass surface by spraying cleaning fluid to keep it free from dust and make your home environment healthier. Combination of Skylight with Glass Window from @carol_interiors_


Eco bathroom decoration will certainly have a higher level of splashing water. Therefore you can use several glass windows with different sizes and shapes to allow more natural light into the room, this will help keep the room moist. In addition, large glass windows can be used as an area to see beautiful outdoor views. Use More Windows from @alliedprojects

Applying High Ceiling

With the principle of saving energy, applying a high ceiling to home designs with the concept of eco living is highly recommended. This is so that the house feels cool and comfortable even without using air conditioning or fans. The use of air conditioning can have a negative impact on the environment.


The use of high wooden beams allows you to have air circulation in the rooms of the house faster and smoother so that air circulation will be better and you can cool the room temperature without fans or air conditioners. Indirectly you will save more electrical energy because it is equipped with sufficient ventilation in the house, the use of air conditioning will eat up a lot of electricity bills at the end of the month. Wooden Beams High Ceiling from @yves.garneau


Because the living room is a room that is often visited by your guests, apply the Eco theme with the right interior design. For example, you can use a high ceiling to decorate a brighter, wider and more open living room. In addition, high ceiling decorations generally have a good selling value, making them suitable for investment. High Ceiling for Living Room Area from @_sunshineinmysoul


The perfection of high ceiling decoration will be obtained by combining and using whatever hanging lighting you want. Try to use modern chandeliers so they never go out of style. The use of a high ceiling will also automatically provide more natural light because it is perfected by the presence of a wide enough glass window. Contemporary High Ceiling from @contemporary.rugs

Use water-efficient appliances.

As part of your home design, it’s a good idea to consider using water-efficient appliances and fixtures. This can reduce your utility bills while helping preserve our natural resources. For example, installing low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators save around 4 litres of water per minute.


Make sure you can save more water when doing activities in the kitchen area. The thing you can do to save water is to install an aerator on the faucet so that the water that comes out has a lower level. How did it happen ? Yes, because this faucet aerator has a layer of small filters which makes less water come out. Just choose a stainless steel material so that it is not easily damaged and does not rust easily either. Use Faucet Aerator from @thriftedgiftedboutique

Install solar panels

Solar panels are an excellent energy-saving choice for a home. They can reduce a homeowners’ electricity bill and cut their dependence on the grid for power. However, installing solar panels requires a lot of structural and technical design considerations. Fortunately, there are a few guidelines that you can follow when building your home to make sure the design is solar-ready. First, you should consider the slope and orientation of your roof. A south-facing roof is the ideal location for solar panels.


Solar panels that are installed on the roof of this house allow you to pay the end of the month electricity bill at a lower cost. This solar panel will absorb more sunlight during the day so that it no longer requires electrical energy to use lights or anything related to electricity. Install it evenly on the roof of one set, choose and use it with good materials so that it is not easily damaged when used for a long time. Solar Panel Roof from @seelaviehomedesign

Install a green wall

Using green walls in your home design is an eco-friendly and popular way to reduce your carbon footprint. They add natural insulation to your building, reduce energy costs for heating and cooling, and improve the air quality inside your space. The plants used in a green wall can also affect its longevity. Make sure to select appropriate plants for your specific location and lighting conditions.


An easy way that you can do to bring the Eco theme to your home decor is to make green moss the main decoration of the bathroom wall. What you can do now is to do daily maintenance to the fullest so that the moss wall living results are more fertile and can develop properly even though they are indoors. Moss Wall Bathroom Ideas from @dream_zen_house


Install and hang box planters on the wall decoration of your living room, this is done to instantly bring the Eco theme into the room. Fill it with a variety of indoor green plants which are perfected by the beautiful blooming flowers. Paint the planter wall in a color that harmonizes with the tufted sofa you are using to make it more matching. Box Wall Planters Decor from @eco.brooklyn


Not only indoors, but you can also install and use plant wall living in your balcony area. Just install it vertically so it doesn’t use much wall area. In addition, this vertical wall living also adds a fresh atmosphere and is ready to be used as a focal point for the eyes of those who see it. New Green Wall Alert from @thenakedpalm


Fern is a type of indoor plant that can develop properly and optimally when applied to your cozy nook area. The arrangement of the fern wall living is arranged vertically so that it doesn’t use up much of the wall area. In addition, you can carry out routine maintenance to produce fresh home decorations throughout the day, try to use real plants to bring natural nuances into the room perfectly. Vertical Wall Garden from @green.walls.decoration

Good waste management

In adopting the concept of eco living, good waste management is important. Especially for household waste. In this case you can separate household waste into two categories, organic and inorganic. For organic waste can be processed into compost while inorganic waste can be recycled into something that can be utilized. For example, plastic bottles can be reused as planters or other decorative items.


You can set up a trash can in the kitchen decor to differentiate organic and inorganic waste. Why should so ? Yes, because organic waste will rot and smell more easily, you have to throw it away more often so it doesn’t cause pests in your kitchen space. Regular trash disposal will keep your kitchen décor healthier. Recycle inorganic waste if you have free time. Kitchen Trash Can from @mymarkonit

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