How to independently clean a crystal chandelier at home2

Crystal chandeliers are one of the choices to add a touch of elegance to any space. Therefore, cleaning is important no matter the design or material of your chandelier. You must take set aside plenty of time to get this done in one session.

How To Clean A Crystal Chandelier

The location of your crystal chandelier will help you to determine how frequently it needs more than just dusting. So, chandeliers in bathrooms or kitchens need to be more often because they will quickly become coated particles of grease or spray-on body care products that attract more dust. Thus, pay attention more to high-humidity climates that attract dust more quickly.

In a conclusion, most crystal chandelier cleaning session is at least twice a year to keep them sparkling.

The tools you will need to clean the crystals chandelier are a stepstool, drop cloth, microfiber cloths, needle-nose pliers, spray bottle, padded moving blanket, microfiber duster, a large plastic bucket or sink, and white cotton gloves. For the materials, you will need dishwashing liquid, distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, and commercial glass cleaner.

Prepare The Work Area

First step How To Independently Clean A Crystals Chandelier At Home


For the first step, start to prepare the work area. Here you can place a drop cloth on the floor to catch any drips that may ruin your floor or carpet. Then, you can place a stepstool slightly off-center on one side o of the chandelier where you can reach the crystal easily.

Turn Off The Fixture

The second step, turn off the fixture for a safe cleaning but make sure you have adequate lighting to work. You can turn off the wall switch and allow the bulbs to cool completely before beginning the cleaning.

Dusting The Chandelier

The third step is dusting the chandelier. You can use a microfiber duster to remove as much dust and spider webs as possible to keep the beauty. Take note that there is no need to push around loose dust as you clean. You will focus on dusting the fixture, crystals, and bulbs.

Glass Cleaner Step

For the fourth step, you can use a commercial glass cleaner, a homemade mixture of one part isopropyl alcohol to four parts distilled water that will leave the crystals to stay sparkling. Besides, you can mix the water and alcohol in a spray bottle for easier application.

Spray The Cleaner

The fifth step is spraying one cloth with a small amount of the glass cleaning solution. You can wipe all sides of the crystal and switch to dry. Make sure to not spray the glass cleaner directly onto the crystal because it may harm the chandelier fixture.

Repeat The Process

The last, you can move the ladder and repeat the process. Repeat the process until all of your crystals and the fixture is completely clean.

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