Pruning shears choosing the right pruning shears for your garden2

Pruning shears are vital gardenig tools for every gardener, as they help you create a beautiful landscape and maintain your yard’s health. They cut away dead leaves, stems and branches, deter pest infestations and encourage healthy growth. But choosing the right ones isn’t as simple as it might seem.

Getting the right pruning shears is all about understanding what you need them for, how to use them, and how to maintain them. This guide will help you narrow down your choices and make the most informed purchase possible.

Pruning shears choosing the right pruning shears for your garden1


Ergonomic designs on the handle of a pruner can help reduce fatigue when pruning thick branches or stems. They also can increase control and make it easier to cut through tougher materials. Pruners come in many different sizes and styles to fit the needs of different gardeners. For example, a smaller bypass pruner is ideal for cleaning roses and clipping tomato vines; an anvil pruner is best for cutting larger bushes.


This pruning shears design with a wooden handle has a longer size and can be applied to cut shrubs or tree branches that are quite large in size. This is one of the garden tools that will serve you well, choose and use a wooden handle with a choice of teak material so that it doesn’t cut easily or become porous when used for a long period of time. Teak Wood Handle Ideas from @satosan_spark_joy


Some shears are made with hardened or carbon steel blades while others have coated, titanium or nonstick surfaces to prevent sap from sticking when cutting green stems. Coated and nonstick blades are good for a long life, but they require more maintenance that involves oiling them to prevent rust.


Steel is a good choice of material to use for pruning shears. There are many advantages that you can get when choosing steel, one of which is that it is sharper, stronger and more durable. Besides that, these pruning shears can also be used to cut large and hard tree branches, no need to worry that this material will not rust easily. Steel Material Pruning Shears from @bobomatin


Pruning shears are one of the most popular tools used in the garden. The right shears can make pruning much easier and more efficient, so it’s important to choose the best ones for you. Included in the pruner spring selection. Use a spring that doesn’t burden your hands but is able to do a good job. These can be especially helpful for people who suffer from wrist problems or arthritis.


If you don’t have a lot of energy to cut flower or tree branches then it’s a good idea to choose pruning shears with a good quality elastic spring so they will work well and are lighter to use. Choosing a spring trimmer with stainless steel material is the best idea because it does not rust easily when exposed to splashing water which results from dew that sticks to the plants that are cut. Good Quality Trimmer Spring from @amybarnes0007


You will want to choose a pair of pruners that are lightweight and comfortable to use. This will reduce fatigue and wrist strain, especially if you have arthritis or other medical conditions that can make pruning more difficult. The weight of the shears will also impact how easy they are to grip. If the shears are too heavy, they will be hard to control and maneuver between branches.


Adjust the use of pruning shears to your needs. When you are only going to use it to cut twigs from roses or other types of flowers, you can choose it with a smaller size, which is good enough and optimal. The use of small pruning shears is also lighter and minimizes muscle pain in your wrists. Small Pruning Shears from @okatsune.europe

Then, when it comes to selecting pruning shears, there are severals pruner shears ideas. Furthermore, below are some kinds of pruner shears that can be choose from.

Electric Pruners

We recommend electric pruners because they are lightweight, require little maintenance and can be used for several hours between charges. They’re especially helpful when you’re trimming or shaping hedges because you can cut through thicker branches and greenery than with hand-held pruners. Many models also feature ergonomic handles that prevent slipping and reduce hand pain.


These cordless electric pruning shears are more sophisticated in use and of course very efficient, practical and effective because they are easy to carry everywhere. Its use is also very easy, press the on or off button as needed. Do a re-charge when this pruning tool is getting weak or can’t turn on anymore when it’s about to be used. Cordless Pruning Shears from @arvipo_tools

Hedge Shears

If you’re pruning hedges, you’ll want long-legged hedge shears with strong metal blades. Choose a hedge shears that have straight oak handles and sharp steel blades. They’re a great choice for beginners because they have a comfortable grip and easy-to-use controls.


Hedge shears that come in mini size appear with two right and left hand grips so that the power generated will be stronger. You can buy it in a size that can be adjusted to the needs of your garden. It will be friendlier to your hands, just buy it at an affordable online shop, or you can buy it directly at a garden supply store. Mini Hedge Shears from @gardenerskityvr

Felco 10 Shears

Left-handed gardeners will love these shears. They’re ergonomically designed for left-handed people, and the rotating cutting blade handle reduces blisters while putting your hand in a comfortable position.


Are you someone who is left-handed? No need to worry, you can still do gardening activities by using the appropriate tools. For example, to cut leaves or flower branches, you can use felco 10 shears with a steel knife that is very sharp, so it is more ergonomic and does not cause arthritis in your left wrist. Felco 10 Shears Ideas from @llewellyn_homestead

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