15 ventilation system the types and functions2

Talking about the ventilation, it won’t be only about how the fresh air from the outside enters your home but also about how the air is taken out. With the right air circulation, you will surely have good air quality in your home. With that, it is clear that the ventilation is not as easy as you are opening the door or window and then closing it again when you think that there is enough air that enters your home.

15 ventilation system the types and functions1

Basically, the ventilation stuff is about the air. Your indoor air quality is something that you should consider well because it affects your health. Remember that you spend a lot of time in your house and when you don’t have good air quality whether it is too humid or too many dust particles, then you will get in trouble with your health. Just don’t risk your health and get a proper ventilation system for your home. Here are some ventilation types that you can consider applying to your home.

1. Natural Ventilation

If you want to have simple and easy ventilation, then you can have natural ventilation. It can save energy and save your budget. However, you should know that it may create pollution and can’t cover some important aspects of ventilation.

Natural ventilation is applied above the window or door. After the wind blows entering your house from the window or door, the natural ventilation that you install will let it go out to exit from the house and create air circulation. Or, if you don’t like to open the door and the window, then you can install it in two parts. There are two types of natural ventilation available that we will explain to you more on down below.

Trickle Ventilation: It allows air exchange by applying small vents. This one has something like a net to minimize the dust or pollution entering your home.  This one is simple and quite effective not to let your home in high humidity but can’t guarantee to fend off the pollution entering your home.

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Ventilation is very important for healthier air. If you use natural ventilation, here you can add trickle ventilation and install it at the top of the window. By using this vent, it will reduce the risk of condensation and avoid over-ventilation. Therefore, trickle ventilation is the perfect choice. Trickle Ventilation at the Top of the Window from @okohaus.co.uk

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We use trickle ventilation which is installed on the side of the window frame. Having a small size makes it look simple but very perfect for those of you who use natural air ventilation such as windows and doors. This ventilation will filter the air and make the air in the room of better quality. Trickle Ventilation Side Window Frame from @idealcombiuk

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Look at the picture above, we use trickle ventilation which is installed at the top of the window. This type of ventilation is perfect for those of you who have natural ventilation, such as windows and doors. Drip ventilation will help avoid problems associated with poor ventilation in naturally ventilated spaces. Trickle Ventilation Above the Window from @nealrjp

Stack Ventilation: You will need two types of vents for this ventilation. The first one is installed on the lower level of your house to let the air enter your home. Then, the second one is installed on the roof to let the air exit your home. With this method, you can have good air circulation.

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We use stack ventilation to make air circulation in the house smoother and healthier. This time we installed a ventilation stack at the bottom so that it will work properly so that air can enter your house. This type of air ventilation is quite simple and does not take up much space. Lower level stack ventilation from @shannadayteam


This time you can use stack ventilation to complete your home decor. There are two types of stack ventilation and this time we use ventilation that is installed on the roof. It will work as ventilation by expelling the air in the house. Ceiling Stack Ventilation from @that.70s.mobile.home

2. Spot Ventilation

Just like its name, this kind of ventilation can only deal with a certain spot where the ventilation is installed. It means that the spot ventilation can’t cover a wide range of areas. The function of this ventilation is to remove the moisture and pollutants around the ventilation. For example, you can install spot ventilation in your kitchen right over the stove. Then, the spot ventilation is also fit for bathroom needs. Here are the complete examples.

Kitchen Hood: It can be said as one of the spot ventilation. The use of the hood is really important to trap the smoke of your cooking waste and then remove it outside. With the existence of the kitchen hood, you can make your kitchen air clear and avoid bad smells. Commonly, the kitchen hood is installed right over the stove.

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Complete your kitchen with ventilation! Here you can use a kitchen hood and install it right above the stove. This way, smoke can escape through the vents and your kitchen area is clearer and healthier. Therefore using a kitchen hood is one of the right ways to start a healthy life. White Kitchen Hood from @remedydesignfirm

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There are many ways you can do to make the air in the kitchen healthier, one of which is installing a kitchen hood. Putting it on the stove is the right way. The reason is, this kitchen hood can catch steam and smoke from cooking residue and make the air in your kitchen clearer and not contaminated. Aluminum Kitchen Hood from @metalmorphic


Bathroom Fan Blower Window: To let go of the moisture from your bathroom, you will surely need the bathroom fan blower window. With this kind of ventilation, you can manage the humidity of your bathroom even when it doesn’t have enough sunlight. You can also avoid stale air from your bathroom.

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Ventilation is one of the most important things to keep the humidity in your bathroom. This time you can install a blower in the wall area so it’s simpler, works well and still saves space. This blower will keep the air circulation in your bathroom awake and keep the humidity down. Wall Bathroom Blower from @nfinnertyelectrical

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The bathroom is a room that is very prone to humidity. Therefore, ventilation is needed. Here you can use a blower that is installed on the ceiling so that it will maintain humidity in your bathroom area even if you don’t get sunlight. Ceiling Bathroom Blower from @aboveandbeyondconcepts

3. Whole-House Ventilation

For the whole house area needs, you can have whole-house ventilation. This kind of ventilation is able to take control of the air quality in a whole area. Here, good air quality is distributed all around the house which is really common for a modern home. Here are some kinds of whole-house ventilation:

Exhaust Ventilation: This kind of ventilation uses exhaust fans that bring the air through vents. It is commonly installed in the basement or attic and fits well in cold climate areas.

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Exhaust ventilation is one of the ventilation that you can use to get perfect air circulation. This time you can install this exhaust ventilation in the wall area so that it is simpler and can work properly. By using this ventilation air circulation will be maintained properly. Wall Exhaust Ventilation from @multiaxismetalworks

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There are many types of ventilation that you can use, one of which is exhaust ventilation. Having a square shape and small size makes it simpler and works well. This type of ventilation is especially suitable for confined spaces such as basements and the like. Square Exhaust Ventilation from @cryorig_life

Supply Ventilation: The ventilation works by filtering the air before entering the house. It will let you have good air quality since your house will be less pollutant. This kind of ventilation works well in hot climate areas.


Installing supply ventilation in the ceiling area is a perfect idea. The reason is that it will filter the air before entering the house and make your home healthier and the air you breathe is of higher quality. Therefore you will never fail to use this one ventilation. Ceiling Supply Ventilation from @elitemoldservices


Balanced Ventilation: You should install two fans and two ducts for this kind of ventilation. One fan and duct are used to let the fresh air enter the house and the other ones are functioned to remove the stale air.

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Using balanced ventilation to complement your home is a very perfect idea. The reason is that this type of ventilation has two fans and two channels and has different functions so that it can work effectively and efficiently. By using this ventilation, you can ensure that the circulation in your home is very good. Balanced Ventilation from @targahomes

Energy Recovery Ventilation: This one is the great one. During winter, the energy recovery ventilation can make the cold air outside to be warmer inside and otherwise, it can make the hot air outside to be cooler inside during the summer. You can lower your electricity bill by installing this kind of ventilation because it is able to help prevent energy loss.

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This one tool is perfect for creating comfort in your home. The reason is that it can work as a heater or as an air conditioner, therefore it will provide comfort. This tool is called energy recovery ventilation and has the advantage of saving electricity so it is suitable for those of you who want to save money. Wall Energy Recovery Ventilation from @make_it_right

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This time the energy recovery ventilation is installed in the ceiling area so that it will save space. This tool works by warming the wall air and also cooling the hot air so that it will make your home more comfortable. In addition, this type of ventilation can save expenses because it can save energy and reduce electricity bills. Ceiling Energy Recovery Ventilation from @highpointaframe

Types of Ventilation You Should Choose

Basically, in choosing the right ventilation to be installed in your home, you should consider some things such as the climate. If you live in an area with regular breezes then the natural ventilation will be good for you. But, if you live in an area with a colder climate or having an extreme climate change, then we advise you to have whole-house ventilation.

Since the existence of ventilation is really important, then no matter what it is, you should provide it. For you who live in a certain climate condition and don’t have too many choices for the types of ventilation, then we still advise you to have the ventilation system for your health reason. Remember that air quality is such an asset for your health. Hope that the references we provided can give you the information in choosing the right ventilation for your home.

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