Home trends that will make a huge leap in this year2

It’s time to see a new trend and set a new goal for your home renovation and decoration. Many trends have been going on in the last few years, but here we will give you the top 5 trends of Home Trend that will make a huge leap this year.

Home trends that will make a huge leap in this year1

1. Rich, Deep Colors

Home Trends That Will Make A Huge Leap In This Year


The trend of using deep and rich colors start the last fall, and until now, it’s not going anywhere. Many famous designers like Cecilia Casagrande and Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas says that rich and deep color will become a hot design and trend this spring. A lot of people start to use the trend and renovate their houses. We will see a lot of change in the spring, and instead of using light blues and greens, we will see a lot of earthy combinations like saffron and dark ochre.

2. Modern Takes on Traditional Textiles

Home Trends That Will Make A Huge Leap In This Year


Textile will transform and will make a huge impact on the home trend this spring. The rich hues that traditional textile uses for quilts or brocade will become a hot topic to discuss. This will be put into many ways of home decoration such as home fabrics for sofas, curtains, bed covers, and many more.

3. Focus on Texture

We can spot nubby fabric everywhere now from H&M to Pierre Paulin. But it did not stop there, now we can also see this trend in furniture and textiles with metallic ones and richly-colored textiles. Just like in this picture how we can see the fabric get a contrasting metal cube on its back with a jolt in black and white.

4. Murals and Embroidered Walls

Most of the time we see those on accessories, but now it has invaded on home decoration. We will see more of the mural embroidered on the wallpaper, especially in 3D wallpaper. This will become a huge step for those who love using wallpaper.

5. Painted Wood Furniture

From Paris Flea to Round Top, we can see a huge increase in people’s interest in using painted wood furniture. Not only does it look pretty, but painted wood furniture will add an extra cheerful look and add pattern to the overall look of your room.

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