16 decoratin trend for 2023 eclectic designs application2

The eclectic design becomes the decoration trend this year. When commonly you do the decoration with a harmonious look which is when you have decided to have a modern home design, then all decoration aspects are designed in modern decor rules, now, it’s time for you to change the rule of decoration that you have followed. You should know how the eclectic decoration technique could be really interesting. It is great how you can do the mixing, matching, and layering for your home decoration. In this case, combining different home designs will give you a new experience and give a new impression for your home decoration that won’t be boring at all. To have eclectic home decor, you can do some things that we have listed below.

16 decoratin trend for 2023 eclectic designs application1

Presenting Different Era Stuff

Imagine how aesthetic your home could be when you can provide stuff from different eras in the decoration. Let’s say that you can provide modern things that are paired with the old stuff that has vintage or classic touches. Your rigid modern impression will be warmer with the existence of the vintage or classic stuff.

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This living room decoration uses an Eclectic design by presenting two items from different eras. This white sofa with letter L design will present a simple and attractive modern look. Meanwhile, a wooden coffee table and a sisal rug will work together to present a rustic look that will make the eclectic design in your living room look perfect. Modern Sofa and Rustic Coffee Table from @trilogyplantco

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Talking about eclectic designs, here you can present items from different eras so that they look attractive. Take a look at this living room, it uses modern era and farmhouse items. The owner uses the sofa to bring a modern touch. And using a white wooden coffee table to present a farmhouse. Modern Farmhouse Livingroom from @jmilesdesign

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Take a look at this home decor, he uses an eclectic design by presenting items in the modern and vintage eras. The owner uses a white dresser with a sleek look to present a modern touch. Meanwhile, to present vintage items, the owner uses a craving mirror. White Dresser and Craving Mirror from @welcome_to_no.1

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You can never fail to bring items from different eras for your home decor ideas. This time you can present items from a modern style and bohemian style. Here you can use a white desk and velvet chair to present modern items. Then present a mirror with a straw frame to present a bohemian style. White Table and Boho Mirror from @iwona.jar

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Interesting right ? This kitchen decoration uses modern items and industrial items in one space to make it look attractive. This time the owner uses a marble kitchen island as a modern style item. As for the industrial style, the owner uses wooden and metal stools. With a combination of different items from this era, your kitchen looks extraordinary with eclectic designs. Marble Kitchen Island and Industrial Stool from @loverenovate

Pattern Mixing

Each decoration style has its own pattern that characterizes the design. To create an eclectic impression, mixing the pattern can be an effective one. For example, you can have a modern tile that is layered with a boho rug. As we have said before that eclectic design is about layering.

6 snapinsta.app_1080_29738397_224703811632095_6795734922041491456_n

Apart from presenting items from different eras, here you can mix patterns to apply Eclectic to your home decor. This time you can use the geometric floor as a modern pattern. Then you can combine it with the bohemian pattern presented by the carpet so that it will present a very attractive and different look than usual. Modern and Boho Pattern from @design.worthy

7 snapinsta.app_1080_110216415_391170995187581_1668442811054345066_n

Blending pattern is one way to apply an eclectic design to your home decor. This time you can present nautical and bohemian patterns so that they will look attractive. Here you can use striped patterns on the sofa and intricate patterns on the carpet so that they are very attractive. Nautical Sofa and Boho Rug from @carin_ta_csdesign

8 snapinsta.app_1080_83032296_609054306539111_808556169864005498_n

This time we combine modern and bohemian patterns to apply an eclectic design in the bedroom. Modern patterns are presented on the geometric pillows and bohemian patterns are presented on the carpets so they look lively. This idea of combining modern and bohemian patterns will never fail for you to try now. Modern Pillow and Boho Carpet from @tribalhotel

9 snapinsta.app_1080_71289884_560818018084886_635196142321935581_n

This time, you can apply an eclectic design to bathroom decoration by combining patterns from different eras. Here you can use bohemian patterned tiles for the floor and modern patterns on the walls so it will look attractive. The decoration idea by combining this pattern looks really extraordinary and manages to steal the show. Boho Floor Pattern and Modern Wall Pattern from @pikeproperties

Collecting Arts from Different Eras

Art is something that already existed for many years a go. It can’t be doubted that artwork can add value to your home decoration especially when you have one from a famous artist. That is why finding the different eras of art won’t be difficult although it might need more budget. Look at how beautiful the different eras of art when being combined for a home decoration need.

10 snapinsta.app_1080_332921049_1399784240755456_8780702655777828798_n

Combining art from different eras is one of the right ways for an eclectic designs application. This time you can use tropical-style wall art and display it on the wall along with vintage art so it will look attractive and different from the others. This idea is quite simple but will never fail to try. Tropical art and Vintage Art from @peter_kleijnenburg_interior

11 snapinsta.app_1080_295556316_1206122809957322_59176310851690982_n

You can present bohemian art and craving art in your living room decoration so that it will look attractive. Here you can present bohemian-style art in the form of colorful garlands and vintage art in the form of a craving so that it looks attractive. Finally, you can display them on the wall together so they will be the perfect focal point. Bohemian Macramé and Vintage Wall Art from @threadz.bar

12 snapinsta.app_1080_334093587_3401634243451439_5133306411849113982_n

Look at this living room decoration! Equipped with classic wall art and a vintage statue that is displayed on the table will make the eclectic design application look perfect. This decoration idea is very simple but will never fail to apply to your home. In this way, your living room will also look trendy in 2023. Classic Art and Vintage Statue from @villajonnellinen

Neutral Color Background

Since eclectic design is the art of combining different decoration styles, then there will be a possibility that the look will be too crowded with different patterns, colors, shapes, etc. That is why, when having an eclectic design, we advise you to use a neutral color as the background to calm down the crowded impression.

13 snapinsta.app_1080_334429071_965864604793913_4922547912825703472_n

This living room uses walls painted in white which will be a perfect background. With a white background, it will present a clean appearance and the impression of a wider space. Some ornaments displayed on the wall will make it look attractive and manage to steal attention. White Wall from @carelia_medich

14 snapinsta.app_1080_332338373_557422643263131_180945184527005672_n

Using a neutral nuanced background will make your living room decoration look beautiful and not excessive. This time you can use the light gray color theme so that it looks simple and attractive. Equipped with lighting, it will make your living room background look perfect. Light Grey Wall from @visual_chase_interiors

15 snapinsta.app_1080_121573306_2744020122518513_8155693832031084750_n

Gray is a neutral color that you can apply to any decor. This time you can use gray to paint the living room wall so it will be the perfect background. In this way, home decoration with an eclectic design application will look very trendy. Dark Grey from @manzioneinteriors

17 snapinsta.app_1080_18879072_890483727757306_4381429347060285440_n

If you want an eclectic design application in your home, a simple way is to use a neutral color for your home background. This time you can use light brown color for baby bedroom decorating ideas so it looks simple and still beautiful. In addition, by using a neutral background, you can combine it with any decoration. Light Brown from @decor_for_kids


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