Bathroom decoration right window treatment ideas for your bathroom2

Providing proper natural light is one of the best ways to add a sense of warmth to your bathroom. Whether it’s a small bathroom or a large bedroom, there are several window ideas to consider that will provide you with the best natural light possible. Therefore, a bathroom window is very needed. You have to choose the right windows for your bathroom. Anyway, you should also have to think about privacy in your bathroom. Thus, some window treatment ideas are also needed to provide privacy and aesthetics but are still functional.

Whether you have a large bathroom or a small powder room, you want window treatments that are functional yet beautiful. That means shades, coverings, films, and curtains that not only pull double duty as privacy and light control but also add an element of softness or a pop of pattern.

Bathroom decoration right window treatment ideas for your bathroom1


Curtains are a great way to provide a proper natural light in your bathroom. They also provide privacy, and can help to add a touch of color or pattern to your room. If you have a smaller bathroom with small windows, it’s important to choose the right curtains for the space. This will make it appear more spacious and less cramped.

And, if you want to provide privacy but still let in a lot of light, try using sheer curtains. This is a very budget-friendly option that allows you to both block views and allow light in while still being able to open the windows if you’d like. To create a more dramatic look in the bathroom, you can also use curtains to create a frame for your windows. This is a really good idea for towering windows and is an easy way to make your bathroom more stylish.


If you want the appearance of a white bathroom to be more stylish and textured, then using window curtains is one way you can do it. Use a high curtain design with a choice of colors that match the wall paint used to make it more harmonious, this curtain can be opened or closed according to the needs of the room. High Curtain Bathroom from @interiordesignsbysab


This small curtain with a ruffle design is the next choice that you can apply to modern vintage bathroom decor. Just choose a curtain with a choice of white fabric to make it easier to combine with other interiors around it. Small Ruffle Curtain Ideas from @seabrightlane


Or when you want more sunlight to enter the room, then just use a curtain with a thinner material. Sunlight that enters the bathroom has many benefits, one of which is being able to reduce odors and minimize humidity in the room. Sheer Fabric Material Curtain from @modernbymiles


If you want to maximize the amount of natural light that comes into your bathroom, you can try mini blinds halfway up the window. These treatments are effective for ensuring privacy while letting in plenty of light, as long as you use thick enough materials.

Faux wood, aluminum and vinyl mini blinds are the most popular for bathrooms because they’re moisture resistant and less likely to warp or mildew than fabric shades. In addition, they’re available in a variety of sizes and colors. They’re also a cost-efficient upgrade to your bathroom.


When you are going to let more sunlight into the room, you can use window blinds designs that can be opened or closed easily. Apart from sunlight, these vinyl windows are also able to replace the air in the bathroom with fresher outdoor air. Vinyl Mini Blinds from


When you use faux wood in a window blind design, it’s a good idea to repaint it with a touch of white for an elegant and more neutral look. Use this window blind design with a size large enough to make your bathroom decoration brighter all day long. Faux Wood Blinds from @southeastshutters


There are many advantages that can be obtained from using this window blind, one of which is to enter more sunlight. This sunlight is able to minimize the humidity of the room which makes it more comfortable and avoids odors. Aluminum blinds are the best choice because they are not easily damaged. Aluminum Blinds at the Corner from @myinterior_diary


If you’re looking to add some privacy to your bathroom without sacrificing a proper amount of natural light, shutters may be right for you. These window dressings can be customized to fit all kinds of windows – even those with complex shapes. Moreover, bathroom shutters are easy to maintain and clean. All you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth every now and then.

These shutters also have a louvre system that allows you to regulate the amount of light coming into the room. By tilting the louvres ever so slightly, you can let in some extra light while preserving your privacy at the same time.



Shutter windows usually have a farmhouse style touch which is dominated by a choice of plain white paint. Use wood for this shutter window design to make it more in line with the touch of the theme used. This window is suitable for use in any room, including in bathroom decorations. Farmhouse Style Shutter Window from @theshuttershop


Take advantage of the bathroom wall to install a shutter window design. Use a different shape to make it more unique, for example, you can use a round shape with a size that is not too big. Just install and apply the shutter window right next to the placement of the bathtub. Round Shaped Shutter Window from @jasnoshutters


When your bathroom decor is dominated by white, then for the shutter window design you can use a matching color. This is done so that the room can look more harmonious as a whole. The white color is also suitable for use in a small room and can give the illusion of a wider room. Harmonious Color Shutter Window with Tone Color Bathroom from @marthaantoninidesign

Roman Shades

Besides being practical, bathroom windows should also be designed to bring in the proper natural light. Roman shades are a great option for this because they’re easy to maintain and can be used as a temporary solution while you save up for more permanent window treatments.

The ideal bathroom roman shade is a relaxed style in a semi-sheer fabric that can filter sunlight without blocking it entirely. Choose a fabric with a printed design for a fun touch. Also, it can be folded up to let in natural light while still providing privacy. These blinds can be custom-made in a variety of fabrics, fold styles and mounting options.


The cotton material in using Roman shade is easier to apply and can be easily re-washed when it starts to look dirty. Currently, you can choose it with a touch of neutral colors like gray so that it can blend harmoniously when applied to an elegant white bathroom decoration. Cotton Fabric Roman Shades from @mygreyhome7


The choice of interesting patterns in this Roman Shades design is ready to be used as a room statement. Just choose and use striking colors and patterns such as shades of yellow to make this bathroom look more lively and combine it with the use of tiles and wall sconces with matching color touches. Statement Color Roman Shades from @kate_bell_interiors


The touch of neutral colors that dominate your bathroom can be perfected by using roman shades with tropical patterns to make the splashes of color more lively and fun. Indoor green plants that are used as decoration can also add color to a room instantly, get them in the backyard garden area for free. Tropical Pattern Roman Shades from


This roman shades design made of burlap material looks vintage and is suitable to be combined with the use of a plain white standing bathtub. This roman shades window can be opened and closed as needed, when you want to enter more sunlight into the room, you can open this window. Vintage Style Burlap Roman Shades from @21_design_construction

Frosted Film

If privacy is a top priority for your bathroom, but you’re hesitant to install frosted glass, consider applying frosted film instead. It’s a much cheaper option and easier to install, giving you the same benefits without the expense of replacing your windows with frosted glass blocks. By applying frosted film to your bathroom window, it will still let the natural light enter.


To maintain the privacy of your bathroom, use a frosted satin window design that will make the glass surface invisible. This frosted window can also be opened easily when needed. When you soak, the frosted glass window is the best choice that you can apply. Satin Frosted Glass Window from @our_anglesey_home


Besides being cheaper, the use of glass frosted windows will also maintain the privacy of your bathroom area. Use this frosted window design more than one to make it look more statement. The use of this bathroom window can be used temporarily or permanently. Double Frosted Glass Window from @kfantazy


Right behind the standing bathtub, you can apply a frosted glass window as an area to allow sunlight to enter the room more optimally. You can open it wide when you enter fresh air in the morning to replace the air in the bathroom as well to make it fresher and healthier. Privacy Frosted Glass Window from @surreyalpinewindows

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