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Dining room is one of important room for every homes. This is a place where you can spend time with your family while enjoying your favorite family dishes. Therefore, you have to pay attention to your dining room, both interior design and furniture. And another important thing is the lighting fixture of your dining room. The right dining room lighting can transform the space into a relaxing haven for meals, entertaining and family activities. Proper illumination is also a great way to highlight the dining room’s features and provide enough light for your wall art.

There are many dining room lighting options out there, and picking the right ones can make a big difference to how your space looks. When choosing a chandelier for your dining room, there are a few things to consider: Size, brightness, and material.

While a chandelier is often the go-to fixture for dining rooms, there are a variety of other lighting options to consider. These include pendants, ceiling light fixtures and wall sconces. Here are some dining room lighting options to choose from.

Lighting options dining room lighting ideas to choose from1


Chandeliers are dining room lighting options that can be a beautiful way to light up a space. They come in a variety of styles, shapes, and finishes, so there’s something for everyone. They aren’t just for formal settings anymore; you can find chandeliers that are modern and sleek or rustic and wrought iron. You can also choose a chandelier that reflects your personal style and fits the overall design of your dining room.

Size is important because it will determine how big the fixture will be, as well as whether it will hang high enough. You want a chandelier that’s not too large so it doesn’t look overwhelming or like it will take up a lot of room in your dining room. Brightness is important because it will determine how much light you’ll be able to see when you’re eating. You can use multiple lights on a chandelier so that you can illuminate your entire dining table.


This French dining room has chandelier lighting from crystal which will give the room a luxurious and elegant appearance. Hanging right above the dining table will also make the room look bright and balance the look.   Crsytal Chandelier Dining Room from @juliecouchinteriors


This dining room chandelier uses crystal material which will make the room look rustic and bright lighting throughout the room. Placed on top of this round dining table will provide perfect lighting to the entire space.  Chandelier Dining Room from @ashleygoforth


The accents of the two wooden chandeliers that are hung above the dining table can make this room brighter and brighter. This chandelier gives a rustic impression to give a perfect look.  Wood Bead Chandelier from @mldesignskc


You can add a modern chandelier right above this dining table to provide perfect lighting to the whole room. Having a touch of gold will make the design of this room more elegant and luxurious.  Modern Chandelier from @chris_lightings


Choosing a crystal lamp that is applied above this dining table gives the impression of a bright room with dramatic lighting. This lamp has a rustic style that will produce a perfect room decoration. Crystal Chandelier from @nicolefullerinteriors


Pendants are an easy way to add an element of style to a dining room. They’re also a versatile option that can adapt to almost any space. A pendant light is a great choice for a modern dining room because it can easily adapt to any design style and will give off a soft, inviting glow.

In addition to its shape, your light fixture’s color and texture can have a huge impact on the overall look of your dining room. For example, if you’re aiming for a rustic-meets-modern design, a rattan or woven pendant is an excellent pick.

When choosing a pendant, make sure it’s the right height to fit over your table or island. To find the ideal height, measure the length of your table minus 12 inches, then divide that measurement by two to determine the appropriate hanging distance for the fixture.


This concrete pendant light accent has succeeded in giving an interesting home look for you to try. You can hang these three concrete pendant lights to create a bright and bright room design.  Concrete Pendant Light from @lambdesignstudio


Hanging a colorful pendant right above the dining table gives the room a bright and dramatic look. Choosing a variety of colors and sizes will make your dining table design more attractive and stylish. Colorful Pendant Lamp from @studio_seikaly


These three modern style pendant lamps are able to produce a charming home design. Having dramatic lighting and an interesting impression can complement the appearance of the walls of your home room.  Modern Pendant Light from @zebbieslighting


These wicker pendant lamp accents lend dramatic lighting to the entire dining table. Hanging right above the dining table has succeeded in being the center of attention and an interesting design for you to try.  Woven Pendant Dining Room from @alibuddinteriors


This wood pendant light gives an interesting look for you to try. Adding two pendant lights that are hung right above the dining table is able to give a perfect look. Wood Pendant Light from @palecekdesign


Adding a double pendant that is placed on the dining table gives an interesting home design for you to try. Having a black color gives an attractive appearance and perfect design. Double Pendant from @mydecoratingobsession

Wall Lighting

Ceiling-mounted lighting is a popular choice for many dining rooms, but you might consider sconces as well. These wall-mounted fixtures offer a more intimate and homey feel for a dining space, since they’re not as visible as ceiling-mounted lights.


These wall scones are able to provide perfect lighting for the entire room. Besides scones, you can add chandeliers to provide bright lighting throughout this room.  Scone Lamp Dining Room from @valeriegrantinteriors

Antler Lights

Antler lights are an excellent way to add a rustic touch to your dining room. These lighting options are often made from mule deer, whitetail deer or moose antlers. They are typically brown in color and long and straight in shape.

The size of your antler lights can vary, depending on your ceiling height and the space you’re lighting. For a small, narrow room, you don’t want to buy a large antler chandelier that would overwhelm the space.


The antler light that is hung on the wall in this room gives a luxurious and rustic look. You can use wood materials to give a natural impression to this dining room decoration. Antler Light from @a_tale_of_244


This wooden antler light adds a rustic look to your entire dining room. Equipped with yellow lighting, it will also give a dramatic and stylish impression of space. Wooden Antler Light from @edwardian_home1907


To create a new look, using an antler lamp painted in white gives a different home design. Hanging right above the dining table this could be a brilliant idea for you to try now. White Paint Antler Light from @world_fashionx


This dining room has a dramatic yellow accent throughout the house. YOU can try using a small antler lamp that is hung from the dining room ceiling to create a charming look. Small Antler Light from @alldonedesign


The two large antlers that were hung right above the dining table gave a dramatic glow to the entire room. This lamp can also be the center of attention and will give a unique look to your dining room design. Two Antler Light Dining ROom from @rollandhill


Antler light complete with the shade on it makes the look even more stylish. You can try this lamp style to give a dramatic room impression. Simply hang it above the dining table which will be the perfect centerpiece. Antler Light with Shade from @jrlighting_


This large antler light can be the center of attention of many people in your dining room design. Adding a shade on top of this lamp will also enhance the look. Large Antler Light from @davidhuntlighting


In this modern dining room, you can add white antler lights which will give a natural impression to the whole room. Having yellow lighting will also create a dramatic appearance throughout this dining room. Hanging Antler Light from @rollandhill

Industrial-style Fixture

Industrial-style lighting fixture is a great way to add character and warmth to your dining room. It can be used to highlight specific furniture pieces, like a table, or it can be paired with a coordinating chandelier to create a striking lighting centerpiece. It will add an eclectic charm to your dining room.


The modern industrial dining room uses three chandeliers which are hung right above the dining table. Choosing different sizes and shapes can also create a unique and fun look. Modern Industrial Pendant Lights from @homecartel


This rustic industrial lamp made of old wooden beams complete with several light bulbs casts a bright light throughout this dining area. Using yellow lights will also make a dramatic impression on the whole room. Industrial Rustic Pendant Light from @nikolestarrinteriors


Four industrial style chandeliers in this industrial dining room provide the perfect lighting. Mixing with orange chairs in this dining table set will also make the look more quirky and stylish Industrial Light Dining Room from @tsnuq


This square industrial pendant lamp complete with several light bulbs inside manages to provide perfect lighting throughout your dining room. Simply hanging this lamp right above the dining table will create a unique and eye-catching design. Cube Industrial Light from @norbury_interiors


Using this iron pendant is a lamp idea that is attached to industrial style. AND you can use the two lamps that are hung above this dining table for perfect lighting throughout the house. Industrial-style Light from @slim.architecture


In this farmhouse dining room, you can use an industrial style pendant lamp. Having this iron material will look beautiful and stronger. Hanging right above this table also succeeds in making your dining table look brighter. Industrial Penadnt Light from @grayscalehomes

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