5 latest exterior wall texture designs to inspire you2

When talking about the house as a whole, besides the interior of the house, the exterior of the house is also important. An attractive exterior will add a special charm to your property. Talking about the exterior of the house is not only about fresh paint or a beautiful garden. However, texture is an important thing in exterior design. This will provide contrast, adding character and dimension to your home façade. To add texture to your exterior design, you can do it through your exterior wall.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home with an unique design, you should consider the options for exterior wall texture. Adding texture to walls can add depth and interest, as well as help hide architectural errors. Therefore, textured walls are becoming increasingly popular among engineers, architectures and interior designers. These designs provide a new outlook for your walls with high durability.

Modern trends tend to favor flat, simple walls and a focus on color, but textured wall styles can offer an alternative that’s both stylish and durable. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular wall textures.

5 latest exterior wall texture designs to inspire you1

Exposed Brick Wall

Exposed brick walls are a popular interior design option, especially in historic buildings. They add character and rustic charm to any space, while being versatile enough for a variety of interior styles. They also offer extra appeal for potential buyers, which increases the resale value of your home. Therefore, exposed brick wall can be a great option to add texture to your exterior designs.

However, it’s important to know how to make a brick wall look its best when exposed – it takes careful preparation, attention to detail and patience! Luckily, there are several ways to get a polished look with your brick. One is limewash, which is a breathable coating that softens red brick walls and brightens the overall exterior appearance.


The exterior design of the house using distressed brick walls adds a rustic impression for you to try. Pairing with this black window trim will also enhance the exterior appearance of your home. Exterior Brick from @thebirchco


The combination of the outer walls with bricks and wooden boards provides an interesting home design for you to try. This distressed nata stone adds a rustic aesthetic to your home’s exterior. Exposed Brick from @redress.the.address


The white brick wall applied to the exterior of this house adds a charming outdoor design. Pairing with this pink door will make your home’s exterior look more perfect. White Brick Wall from @abeautifulmess


To look quirky and different, you can use an exterior wall of bricks painted white. This type of wall will give a sleek look and a different home design, especially when combined with a wooden accent on the garage door of this house. White Exterior Brick Wall from @halfway_wholeistic


using a brick wall in the exterior design of this house adds a rustic look. You can use bricks for this entire wall and mix it with a gray door that will create a completely different design. Exterior Brick Wall from @jbdesignutah

Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth wallpaper texture designs are an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way to add warmth, depth and vibrancy to your home exterior walls. Made with a combination of natural fibres like hemp, jute and bamboo, this wall covering is incredibly durable and versatile. Unlike standard wallpapers that are manufactured in a factory where they are printed on paper, grasscloth is handwoven from reeds and other fast-growing organic materials. It has a variety of different colors and patterns, which means no two rolls of grasscloth are the same.

Despite its natural variation, grasscloth is still one of the most sought-after wallcoverings for its beauty and timeless appeal. In fact, it’s been used in homes throughout history and even in modern homes today.


This home wall design that uses grasscloth wallpaper gives a unique look. You can apply it all over your outdoor walls to produce a different home design. Grasscloth Wallpaper from @recreate.painting.decorating

Stone Wall

If you are looking to add more character and texture to your exterior walls, consider stone wall designs. This versatile material can be made from real stone or veneer, and it is available in many hues. Stone is a natural material that possesses an enchanting quality. Besides being durable, it also comes in various colors and is an easy and affordable option to get the texture you want for your wall. Its beauty will definitely make your guests and neighbours talk about it.


This white stone applied to the exterior walls adds a unique look to your entire home. This picture all over the wall can be an attraction for everyone to see it. White Stone Exterior from @fraleymasonry


Given that the exterior design uses stone material, it will give an attractive appearance and a rustic impression. Besides being durable, this stone accent has a charming quality. Stone Wall Exterior from @djfbuilders


This rock wall will give a meaningful look for you to try on your home interior design. This stone material has a variety of colors and different sizes so that it gives an attractive appearance. Teaming with white trim windows will also balance this exterior look. Rock Stone Wall from @buechelstone


This rustic house has a stone exterior design that will give the home a perfect look. Combining with wooden doors will add a rustic impression to this entire exterior design. Rustic Stone Wall from @stillwaterarchitecture


Appearing attractive with the exterior design of this stone is a charming home decoration for you to try. Having a different shape and color will add a modern look to the exterior design of this house. Exsterior Stone Wall from @nw.construction


In this bungalow style house, you can use stone materials in the exterior design. Combined with wood accents on this window trim, it will produce an attractive home design for you to try. Stone Wall Bungalow House from @sensusdesignstudio

Wood Texture

Besides stone, wood is another popular texture design for the exterior of a home. It is simple, easy to install, and can be a great match for any house theme. This is a popular option for contemporary, farmhouse, and industrial homes. Aside from being environmentally friendly, wood textured walls are also inexpensive to maintain and easy to repair.


You can use wood as the main material for the exterior design of this house. Repainting wood to make it look more attractive is a great idea for you to try. Apart from walls, you can also apply it to the front door of your house. Wood Plank Exterior from @woodfactorysarl


Modern style is certainly quite popular this year, now you can try it on exterior home decorations with wood and concrete materials. Applying it to the walls of this house will give a natural look to your entire exterior design. Wooden Exterior from @dwellmagazine


This modern home decoration, which is dominated by wood, is a home exterior appearance that is never boring and out of date. Currently, you can paint the wood material on the walls in solid black for a charming home appearance. Black Wood Exterior from @pisanoarq


The rustic style looks simple but is quite a favorite this year. You can use distressed wood materials for the exterior style of this house. This combination of glass windows will blend harmoniously to bring a classic feel to your exterior home design. Rustic Wood Wall from @modlarhq


If you have a budget that fits your budget when decorating a house, then the recommended choice of material is wood. You can use several wood materials throughout this exterior design. Stone and glass only as a complement as in general. These wood accents give the entire room an attractive and natural home look. Wooden Wall Exterior from @iloveit.home

Marble Finish

Marble finish wall texture designs are a great way to add sophistication and elegance to your home. Elegant and smooth texture makes the marble can enhance your exterior designs. These textures are easy to apply and can be customized to match any decor style. Even, you can pair it with many other textures, such as, wood, drywalls, or stones to make your home’s exterior look extraordinary.


Marble accents on the walls will work well to decorate your home’s exterior design. This material has a fairly good resistance to various weather changes outdoors. Apart from giving a luxurious impression, marble material also gives a different color. Marble Wall from @stonecitydesign


Incorporating elements of nature in outdoor decor can never lose its appeal. An easy step that you can take is to use marble tile accents on all the exterior walls of this house. Having this gray color will enhance the appearance of your home. Exterior Tile Mable from @kmstone.ch


With green marble accents on the exterior walls, this gives the house a different look and looks more luxurious. This type of marble will steal the eye and can be the perfect centerpiece. Green Marble Wall from @studiookami


The exterior decoration of this modern-style house is incomplete if it is not equipped with stone elements. Currently, you can use marble stone applied to all exterior walls for an attractive appearance. Exterior Marble Wall from @arca.ww


Change the exterior appearance of your home with marble tile accents all over the walls of this house. This home exterior home decoration will create an attractive appearance and a different design. Tile Marble Wall from @arca.ww

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