Pastel styles to decorate your home this spring2

Whether you’re ready to make a new statement with your home or are simply in the mood for some color, pastel styles can easily be implemented into your interior design. They’re also a great way to add a hint of springtime to your space without overwhelming it.

If you want to give your home a refresh for spring, try introducing pastel styles. They’re easy to incorporate into a design scheme and can instantly freshen up a space without making it feel overly feminine. And the good news, pastel shades are easy to pair with a variety of other colors, from bold blacks and brass to classic whites. So, are you interested in applying a pastel style to spring interior designs? If so, take a look at these ideas below.

Pastel styles to decorate your home this spring1


Add a Rug

A rug is a timeless piece of home decor that can really change the look and feel of your room. They can help soften a hard floor or absorb noise. They also create visual depth and dimension that can elevate a room. When decorating your home this spring, consider adding a rug in pastel styles. These calming colors are perfect for spring and summer.

Pastels are often associated with children’s rooms, but they can have a sophisticated feel when used in the right amount. Try pairing a few different shades of pastel with other colors to create a more mature design scheme.


Rug is one of the home interiors that is able to present a theme and style according to the current season. Now you can try it with a touch of pink pastel which can be combined directly with the use of other furniture that has pastel colors as well so as to provide additional colors that attract attention. Pink Velvet Rug Design from


The two rugs that are applied in this kitchen decoration have rich patterns and colors that are ready to be used as room statements. Now you can try it with a floral pattern with a touch of various colors that will never fail for this year’s spring theme. Rich Pattern Rug Design from @mohawk_home


When spring arrives, you can use a touch of pastel colors in one of the uses of furniture in your living room. For example, you can apply it to the use of rugs which are perfected with geometric patterns that are able to present a modern theme. Spring Rug in the Living Room Decor from @plushrugs

Upholstered Chairs

Upholstered Chairs in pastel styles can help you bring a touch of springtime into your space without breaking the bank. Whether you’re revamping an antique piece or refreshing your flea market finds, reupholstering chairs is a simple DIY project that will give your furniture a new look for the season.

The key is to choose colors that play well together and coordinate with other shades in your decor. This spring, try a palette that includes blues, aquas, and yellows for a brighter look.


Look at the use of upholstered chairs with a touch of bright yellow, doesn’t it look more attractive? Yes, you can try it right now as a perfect decoration for your reading nook when spring arrives. The green plants around it are a natural touch. Yellow Upholstered Chair from @dudeitsperla


There’s nothing wrong with using a touch of pastel colors in your spring decorations. For example, you can try applying it to a vintage upholstered chair combined with a shabby chic wooden chair frame that gives a vintage impression, the presence of a floor lamp with a floral patterned lampshade design is the right mix. Vintage Style Pink Chair from @louisebooyensinteriors


Apart from being a comfortable sitting area, this pastel blue chair is an additional spring color that you can try. Currently you can choose a chair with a choice of velvet material which is able to provide a smoother and softer chair surface, you can try it right now. Light Blue Upholstered Chair from @ulike_furnishings

Accent Walls

Accent walls are a great way to bring a splash of color and pattern into your home. They’re also an easy way to make a room stand out and be the focal point. Creating an accent wall is not difficult, but it’s important to think carefully about the space. Often, it’s best to use a wall that already has a focal point, such as a fireplace or a unique architectural element. You can use paint, wallpaper or even peel-and-stick wallpaper to create an accent wall. Just be sure to match the color to the rest of your furnishings.


Don’t let your wall look empty and boring, when you have artistic skills you can apply a mural decoration with a splash of pastel colors that attract attention. A mural with an abstract pattern is a choice that will never fail. Mural Wall Decoration from @ola_chasingcolors_


Cover the bathroom wall with a wallpaper that has a touch of pastel colors, this is done so that it has an instant touch of spring style. Don’t forget to determine the theme that will be used, for example, you can choose and use a blooming flower wallpaper pattern. Pastel Color Wallpaper Design from @copperscave


When you have plain white walls then try hanging some wall paintings with fun colorful choices. This wall painting can be tried in the bedroom decoration section for a fun atmosphere, just choose abstract paintings and fruit patterns that match the spring theme. Pastel Artwork Framed from @perfetehome


The next pastel color that you can apply to your spring bedroom decor is sage green. You can try this color and choose to apply to the wallpaper decoration with a striped pattern that is ready to be made as the focal point of the room. Other pastel colors can be applied to other parts of the furniture around it. Sage Green Wallpaper Design from @honeyidressedthepug


It would be nice if you have pastel pink wall paint, then adding some wall decorations such as framed paintings is the best idea you can do. The framed wall paintings here have several different themes and colors so that they can attract the attention of your guests or your family who see them. A sunflower vase that is placed on the dining table is an additional color that you can try. Wall Painting with Pastel Colors from @homesthatmakemehappy

Color-Block Vase

When it comes to spring decor ideas, pastels are a popular choice for many people. They are easy to incorporate into any home design scheme and give your space a soft, feminine vibe that makes it feel more welcoming and cheerful. A simple way to bring spring decor into your home is by using fresh flowers and greenery. You can either use real or faux blooms, and they will instantly transform your space into a warm and inviting area that feels like you’re outside enjoying the season’s first blooms.

Whether you want to make your own flower arrangements or simply add a splash of color to your space, color-block vases are an excellent option. They can be painted in any color to fit your spring decor narrative and are perfect for displaying greenery and flowers on a dining table or mantel.


Usually the coffee table in the living room is decorated as best as possible by placing a flower vase for a more beautiful and textured surface appearance. Currently you can use a glass vase that can be filled with blooming flower arrangements, on the other hand, also pay attention to the color of your vase. The color block vase design is the best idea you can choose. Contrast Colored Glass Flower Vase from @made_in_design


If you have a modern home decor, using a ceramic vase with a touch of bold orange and light orange is a color block color combination that you can try. Adjust the type of indoor plants with the size of the floor pot you have. Orange and Pink Ceramic Vase from @shoecompany_concept


Textured vases with three different shapes and sizes can be placed on the table as a centerpiece decoration. These vases can be repainted in a variety of pastel colors so that they can be used as accents to welcome spring this year with joy. Textured Pastel Vase Color from @atlboymom


This white ceramic flower vase is enhanced with splashes of sage green for a calm and serene feel. Have more than one flower vase of this flower so that it can be used as an accent to welcome spring this year. Green plants that fill this part of the vase can be found in the backyard garden. Modern Look Pastel Vase Ideas from @shabbyfufu

Painted Stair Riser Decor

A painted stair riser is an easy and affordable way to make your home feel fresh and vibrant for the spring season. Begin by selecting a color scheme that reflects the season’s vibrant colors, like soft pinks, blues, greens, or yellows. Next, use painter’s tape to create a clean design that works well with your home’s style.


Stairs are one of the interiors that you can use as an area to present a spring theme. What you can do right now is to repaint the stairs in a pastel pink color which can give the room a more feminine impression, paint the walls where the walls are painted yellow, which is a combination of contrasting colors. Pastel Pink Staircase from @kellybehunstudio


Not only using one color, but now you can also use colorful pastel paint as part of the staircase decoration in your home. Pastel colors that you can try are green, blue, yellow and pink, all of these colors can be chosen in light colors so that they can give the appearance of a pastel nuanced home interior. Colorful Pastel Staircase from @mimandfriends


Or you can also use wall paint and ladder paint with two different and contrasting pastel color choices. For example, you can combine lilac staircase color with sage green molding which both have a touch of pastel colors that never fail. These two colors are ready to color modern or contemporary home decor. Contrast Color of Stairs and Molding from @pocaandpan


Not only using a splash of pastel colors on your stair area, but you can also combine it with blooming flower wallpapers that are ready to be used as accents to present a spring theme. You must try it for a new look at home and of course have a more unique decoration. Colorful Stair with Floral Wallpaper from @our_home_in_colour

Through Home Accessories

Spring pastel style decorations can be brought through home accessories. You can use throw pillows and blankets, lampshades, candle holders, some porcelain mugs, and other home accessories in pastel colors. A popular trend for spring decor is to embrace soft pastel colors such as pale pink, light blue and lilac.


Flower vases are home accessories that you can have at affordable prices. For example, you can buy a plain vase that can be enhanced with a pop of your choice of color such as lilac, sage green and pink which can be placed simultaneously on the kitchen countertop so that it is ready to be used as a new focal point. Repaint Flower Vases from @homesthatmakemehappy


This small ornament dominated by pastel colors can be placed neatly in the standing open cabinet area in your living room. This is done so that the open cabinet is not too plain and boring, just buy this pastel-colored ornament online to make it more practical and arrange it neatly. Pastel Color Ornament for Shelves Decor from @homeofcharl


Focus your spring decoration by placing some colorful tulip vases. This flower vase section comes in a variety of different shapes so that it is ready to be used as a home accessory that you can have at an affordable price. Here you can also put a DIY wooden tray which can be repainted in pastel blue. Pastel Themed Color Coffee Table Decor from @reka_thornton_home


Or using Easter egg accessories in spring is a brilliant idea that you can try. Now you can repaint Easter eggs with pastel colors so they can be used as new decorations, besides that you can also put them on a beautiful and elegant lilac wooden tray. Lilac Color Easter Egg Ornament from @lofotenline_hjem

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