How to decorate your home with mirrors2

One of the most versatile interior design items, mirrors are a timeless addition to any space. Decorating with mirrors has more benefits than just giving you a place to check your wardrobe. They can brighten dark corners and make a small room feel bigger. Mirrors are a wonderful way to add glamor, drama, and a sense of sophistication to your home decor. Used well, mirrors can also create a feeling of space and highlight interesting architectural features.

When decorating with mirrors, choose a design that will best complement your room’s overall theme and fit with your personal style. Also, it’s important to consider their placement – just like you’d decorate with a picture or painting. It’s also important to consider how they reflect light in a room, as this can be a powerful trick for amplifying natural light. So, if you want to know on how to decorate your home with mirrors, here, we have some ideas.

How to decorate your home with mirrors1

Mirrors are a great way to add light to a room

One of the most popular decorating tricks is to use mirrors to increase the amount of light in a room. This is because a mirror reflects the sunlight that comes into the room, which then illuminates the surrounding area. If you want to maximise this effect, place a mirror opposite or beside a window where there is lots of natural light – it will capture that sunshine and reflect it back into the room.

It’s also worth ensuring that the mirror you’re using is large enough to reflect light properly. The bigger the mirror, the more light it will catch – and that’s great news for anyone with an especially dark room! You can even create a brighter space by hanging multiple mirrors together. This is a great way to amplify the light in a room and will make it feel larger and more spacious.


You can use this unique living room decoration idea and steal the attention of many people to give the impression that the room is wider and looks brighter. Adding a large mirror next to this window can reflect light throughout your room. Standing Mirror from @manonmouysset


The large round mirror in the entryway room is able to give the room a bright and airy décor. This is a great way to decorate your entryway to reflect light throughout the house. Round Mirror from @abode_above


This asymmetrical mirror gives the illusion of a brighter and wider room because it can reflect light throughout the room. Place this mirror on one of the walls above the table to greet your guests with a cheery feeling. Asymmetric Mirror from @lastchancemirror

Focal Point

Adding mirrors is a great way to maximize light, boost the sense of space and add glamour to your interiors. Whether they’re placed on the walls, above the sofa, dining room, mantel or strategically placed in corners, mirrors can fit seamlessly into traditional and modern design styles.

Another key point to consider when decorating with mirrors is how they’ll reflect things that matter to you. For example, if you love beautiful artwork or a magnificent chandelier, position a decorative mirror directly across from it to capture the reflection of these items.


A giant curved mirror comes in this vintage bathroom decor. This mirror selection can give the illusion of a bright and spacious room. This idea is perfect for you to try small entryway decorations. Curved Mirror from @lastchancemirror


The large mirror in this dining room makes the decoration of the room perfect and catches the attention of many people. This decorating idea is perfect for you to try because it will give the illusion of a spacious and bright room in your rustic living room. Large Mirror from @martharileynash


This round mirror with a white frame gives a wide and airy look to the whole home. Putting this dining room fireplace bag gives it the perfect home look. White Round Mirror from @numbertwentytwosomerset

Incorporate to A Gallery Wall

Mirrors are great to use in art centric rooms because they can double the visual impact of a single large-scale artwork. Thus, you can add mirrors to your gallery wall. It’s also a good choice for those who want to add color to their home without having to do any major renovations.


The image above is a brilliant way to make a room look more interesting for you to try. Using a framed painting wall gallery and including a mirror in this gallery will produce a perfect home design. Gallery Wall with Mirror from @deadsoulsatnight


A large mirror on one of these walls will offer a beautiful view of the house. Blending with some other framed wall galleries will make for the perfect home decor. Large Vintage Mirror from @allmymanyloves


This living room is equipped with a mirror on one of the walls to give it a modern and stylish look. Combined with some framed wall galleries placed on open shelving it gives a beautiful and stylish look. Mirror Wall Decor from @one_small_home

Bedside Attraction

Mirrors are a great item to elevate your interior designs. One of them, you can use a large mirror then place it beside your bed. This bedside application is the perfect way to shoot check your OOTD. Also, a large mirror will be a great statement into your bedroom.


A mirror placed next to the bed helps you give the impression of a spacious and bright room. The idea of using curved mirrors will reflect the light, making your room look brighter. Bedside Mirror from @arxawan.akwan.home88


Two large mirrors hung on the right and left of the bed can provide an interesting room design for you to try. This mirror will reflect light and make your room brighter and more spacious. Two Bedside Mirrors from @sjhousegoals


This Moroccan style mirror placed beside the bed gives an attractive home look and a spacious and bright room design. Adding this monstera greenery gives it a charming design. Black Mirror Frame from @staceykasdorf

Create a Unique Gallery Wall

Instead of using canvas paintings for your gallery wall ideas, mirrors are a great piece to replace them with. You can use multiple mirrors to accentuate your walls. Choose the mirrors in different shapes, sizes, dan styles to get an attractive look.


The mirror gallery idea at the entrance of this house will be the focal point of the room. Choosing a metal frame with this vintage style will also give your mirror a stylish look. This mirror app will help you give the illusion of a bright and airy room. Vintage Mirror Gallery Wall from @fadedcharm_livin


The mirror on one of the entrance walls helps you give the illusion of a spacious and airy room. Using this gallery of metal-framed mirrors of various shapes and sizes is a brilliant way to make a small room appear larger. Gold Mirror Frame from @blueskygirlie


In this dining room you can add a mirror gallery on the wall to give the illusion of a spacious and airy room. Using mirrors of different sizes will also be the center of attention and have a different look. Mirror Wall from @jnr_designs


You can add a framed mirror gallery to the wall of this beautiful dining room which will produce a spacious and bright home design because of the reflection of the sun. Having different shapes and sizes can provide a charming room design. Vintage Mirror Gallery from @hollyaudreywilliams

Accessorize Your Mirror

You can choose to decorate the mirror with flowers on the frame or arranged colorful bouquets, both of which are quite easy and inexpensive. Another way to enhance your mirror decor is to give it a fresh coat of paint in a bold color. As reported by Foyr, soothing colors like light blues and greens can create a relaxing vibe while vibrant reds and oranges boost energy levels.


To enhance the appearance of the mirror, you can add bright neon accents to this mirror. The selection of bright colors will be the center of attention and can make the appearance of this house more attractive. Neon Mirror from @salonenvy


This bedroom decor accented by a gold framed mirror will be the perfect centerpiece for this bedroom. Choosing round mirrors of various sizes will give you a charming look to try on. Gold Frame Mirror from @ourplaneadventure

To Create a Surprising Design

Decorating your home with mirror doesn’t mean you have to hang the mirror on the walls. In this case, you can use the mirror panels for other things. Have you ever thought that mirrors can be used as a blacksplash in your kitchen? Well, it is a great idea for your interior design. It will be a design surprise in your home.


This moroccan pattern mirror blend for a glamorous backsplash will help you decorate a room to make it look more spacious and airy. This decoration is suitable for you because its beautiful design also gives the whole room a luxurious impression. Morrocan Mirror Backsplash from @mhhomedecor


A minimalist mirror backsplash looks great in this home kitchen decor. Applying this mirror is a brilliant idea for you to try because it will help you create the illusion of a spacious and airy room. Small Mirror Backsplash from @cornwallinteriors


To give your home an attractive and stylish look, you can use mirror backsplash accents in your home kitchen design. Using this on an entire kitchen backsplash wall offers an interesting home look that you can try now. Antique Mirror Backsplash from @bonitaglass


This yellow mirror backsplash for a modern kitchen creates the illusion of a large, airy room. Combined with this white cabinet, it can provide an attractive home design and a perfect appearance. This decorating idea is suitable for you to apply because it gives a broad impression at the entrance to your home. Yellow Mirror Backsplash from @roundhouse_design


The large mirror on this backsplash gives the illusion of a bright and spacious room. This mirror idea will help reflect light around the room and make a different home design. Mirror Backsplash from @arden_house

Between Two Windows

When decorating your home with mirrors, the placement is very important. But it’s not always about popping a mirror in an obvious place like on a mantle or console table, mirrors also work well in places that aren’t as common. For example, put a mirror between the windows. It looks seamless and will complement your home interior.


Placing a mirror between these two windows offers a unique home design for you to try. This mirror will work well because it is able to reflect light throughout the room. Choosing a curved mirror can give an attractive appearance and a different design. Bettwen Mirror Windows from @promptontoronto

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