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It is true that the vintage style is presented by bringing old things. It doesn’t mean that the decoration will be boring and not trendy at all. Precisely, the vintage decoration style can make your home be seen as more valuable since the stuff that presents the style is unique, aesthetic, and looks expensive. It is also great when you can feel the nostalgic feeling with all of the vintage stuff you provide to your home. If you want to have an authentic vintage decoration, then you should focus on the things that you should apply and the placement at once. We have gathered some ideas that you should check since we do guarantee that you’ll be amazed.

22 charming vintage home decoration1


The application of the vintage design style in the entryway is beyond amazing. As the first part of a home that people will meet, a vintage decoration concept entryway will give such a great first impression. You can choose to apply the vintage touches to the furniture that you provided there like the seating, table, storage, and more.

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Take a look at this entryway! having a vintage style will make your entryway look more classic and manage to steal the show. This craving mirror made of wood material will present a vintage and aesthetic appearance. Then you can combine it with a wooden console table so it looks perfect. Craving Mirror Frame from @anjula_g_rai

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Using vintage style furniture for entryway decorating ideas will present a classic look. Gold wall lamps with carved accents make this look perfect for a vintage theme. Some of the plants on display there will provide perfect freshness on the entryway. Gold Wall Lamps from @murpheybeckerart

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Choosing to use a vintage theme for entryway decoration ideas will present a classic and attractive look. A wooden bench pad with a wave accent will make it look beautiful and have an aesthetic appearance. Vintage wall art and patterned rug will work together to give the perfect vintage look. Vintage Furniture from @house_of_morrison

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You can never fail to use vintage for entryway and decoration ideas. This time you can use craving furniture so that it will present the perfect vintage look. Coupled with vintage plates that will make it look very perfect. Craving Furniture from @furniturebysublime

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This craving console table made using wood material will present a perfect vintage look. Decorated with vintage style jars and also candle sticks it will look amazing. Mirror and carpet will be the perfect complement to your entryway. Craving Console Table from @lizmearns

Living Room

As the public room that you also commonly spent your time there, decorating the living room with vintage touches is a must. Of course, the first thing that you should do is provide vintage furniture as the main thing that you should have like a coffee table, sofa, chairs, etc. Then, you may also consider the vintage lamp design, rug, and wall.

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Apply vintage decorations to your living room to make it look more classic. Wallpaper with a vintage theme will be the perfect background in your living room. Then you can use vintage style furniture as well for decorating the living room so it will look extraordinary. Vintage Interior from @lascasitasdenadin

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Wallpaper with this interesting pattern will be the main background in a vintage-style living room. Letter L sofa in dark green color will be the main furniture in your living room. Then pair it with a craving wooden coffee table for an extraordinary look. Craving Table from @cestivon

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Look at this living room! This large wall art will be the perfect focal point in your living room. A light brown sofa and a gold coffee table will be the perfect furniture for your living room. Then you can complete it with a carpet so it will look perfect. Large Wall Art from @visualaidd

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Interesting right? This living room has a beautiful color combination that makes it look very attractive. The purple sofa combined with the pink craving coffee table will look amazing. Side tables, table lamps and other vintage ornaments will make your living room decoration more perfect. Vintage Wall Gallery from @vintagecolourlover

Dining Room

Another public space that you have in your house is the dining room. That is why here we mention the dining room as one of the rooms that you should decorate. Besides the furniture, you may also provide some vintage ornaments there that you can as the table centerpiece. However, if you want to have a simple decoration, then you can simply have the vintage look on the furniture and chandelier.

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This time it’s about vintage style dining room decor. This soft floral wallpaper would be the perfect backdrop for this dining room. Wooden furniture with a vintage touch will make it even more extraordinary. A few jars displayed on a table will be the perfect focal point and perfect for a vintage theme. Vintage Vase from @curated.by.cristina

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This dining room uses craving furniture which is made using wood material so that it will present a vintage theme there. Some of the wall art that is displayed on this wall also has a vintage theme so it will look the same and manage to steal the show. Vintage vanity and carpet will strengthen the vintage theme in your dining room. Vintage Wall Art from @miradorlife

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Simple but still perfect! This dining chair made using iron material has a very real vintage accent. Paired with a glass coffee table it will look absolutely extraordinary. Coupled with a vintage-style ceiling and as a result, your dining room looks extraordinary and manages to steal the show. Vintage Ceiling from @alexander.lerner


The bathroom can be a private room if you have it in your own room. Anyway, whether it is used for the whole family member or for yourself, let’s make it looks nostalgic with the vintage style touches. You can enjoy your soaking time in such a perfect ambiance. Check the ideas for the vintage bathroom.

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Extraordinary! Wallpaper with this vintage theme will never fail to be the background in your bathroom. Combined with shabby nuanced tiles will make your walls look perfect. Then you can use white nuanced furniture so that it will make the vintage decoration in your bathroom not excessive. Vintage Bathroom Interior from @themaximalistdreamer

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A white wall will be the perfect background because it’s easy to combine with anything. You can choose furniture with a vintage touch to get the perfect vintage bathroom decoration. Lastly, you can add a lace mat and lace rug so that the vintage decoration looks amazing. White Themed from @emilypelaezdesign

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The Ivory tile used for this bathroom wall design will present an attractive appearance and is suitable for a vintage theme. Faucets with a vintage design look very beautiful and manage to deliver an attractive classic look. Glass windows with a vintage design will make the vintage decoration in your bathroom very enchanting. Vintage Windows from @themaximalistdreamer


Cooking is a love language for a very long time a go. It is supposed to be done in a kitchen with a warm and welcoming atmosphere of the nostalgic vintage style. It will be surely fun to do the cooking with pretty aesthetic vintage stuff around. Even when it is possible, you can buy cooking utensils that have a vintage design.

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This kitchen decoration uses white walls decorated with ornamental plates, making it suitable for a vintage theme. The wooden kitchen island with lace curtain accents looks full of charm and manages to attract attention. A stone floor with a patterned carpet will make your kitchen more extraordinary. Vintage Kitchen Chair from @our1897vintagefarmhouse

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Talking about vintage style, now you can apply it to your kitchen decoration. The white kitchen cabinet and shiplap backsplash will look simple but perfect for a vintage theme. Chandeliers with floral patterns will be a perfect lighting idea in your kitchen so that vintage decorations will be more attractive. White Interior from @astrosoundscapes

Laundry Room

Although it is only a small room and not everyone makes it a priority when designing the house, having a modest design that still looks expensive for your laundry room will be worth it. Make a good arrangement with functional vintage storage. Don’t forget to add some pieces of ornament to strengthen the vintage impression of the decoration.

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White stone flooring can never fail for a vintage decor theme. Then you can combine it with white wooden walls so it will look clean. Wooden shelves with some vintage ornaments will bring a special charm to your laundry room. Not only that, a table lamp with a vintage lamp shade will be the perfect lighting idea. White Nuance from @oldmaplehome

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Look at this laundry room! The white wooden wall will be the main background in this laundry room. This wooden sink with carved accents provides the perfect vintage touch. Not only that, the owner also uses a classic faucet so it looks perfect. Carpets with intricate motifs will add an interesting visual appearance. Vintage Sink from @ericamuellerhome

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It has white nuances, making this laundry room look clean and bright. White vanity with craving mirror will present a simple yet real vintage look in your laundry room. Floors made using this patterned tile material will make your living room even more extraordinary and successful in inspiring. Craving Mirror Frame from @vintageporch

Powder Room

The powder room will be intended for your guests and you have nothing to do there. But, it is important to decorate it well because your guests’ impression should be valued and it is your responsibility to welcome your guests well. Since the powder room won’t be spacious, here are the things that you should consider when decorating it in vintage style.

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Walls painted green will give the powder room a bright and fresh look. Floor tiles with intricate motifs will present an attractive vintage look. This rectangular-shaped craving mirror will add a vintage touch to your home as if it were real. Craving Mirror from @victoriannerdess

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This vanity made with wooden material has an attractive vintage look. Paired with a mirror with a unique design, it manages to steal the show. Gold wall lamp will be the perfect lighting idea and succeed in stealing the attention of everyone who comes. Therefore you can never fail to try this idea to get a vintage decoration. Vintage Furniture from @design.saga

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