Signs of structural water damage you should wary2

You should be careful with the effect of the water damage. It is the culprit of your home issues and the most frequent is your house structural damage. Imagine how bad it can be when your house has structural damage that will surely influence the building’s resilience.

It is known that water can create damage to many things including your house. Let’s say that even the sturdy concrete wall can be affected by the water when it is invaded by the water continuously. There is no way out for you besides trying to dry the spots as soon as possible once they are invaded by the water. Then, if the spots are already being damaged, you should deal with the damage soon before it gets worse.

There are signs of structural water damage that you should know to avoid damage to your house. However, you should know the cause of the water damage first so that you can overcome the damage in the best way.

Signs of structural water damage you should wary1

The Cause of Water Damage

The water damage not only comes because of the rainfall but there are also still others causes that you should consider. Basically, the cause of the water damage won’t be the same from one house to another. It will surely depend on the climate, location, and house condition.

Water Leak

The water leak can be anywhere. It can be on the wall, on the ceiling, and on the hiding spots such as under the sink. The water leak itself can be from a bad water system so that when the rain falls, the water will leak on the wall through the gaps and cracks. Or, it can also come from the pipe leak in the sink, water heater, shower, and more.

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There are many things that can cause water damage in your home, one of which is water leakage. This time it’s no longer about the pipes, but rainwater that enters through the roof cracks will cause damage to your ceiling. As a result, the ceiling will become moldy and within a certain period of time it will be damaged and even collapse. Ceiling Damage from @oldtownhome

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Look at this broken wall! This damage is caused by water leaks seeping into the wall area. As a result, the wall becomes damp and moldy which will cause damage. This water damage will make your home unhealthy and unkempt. Wall water leak from @weardrywallfinishpros

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Apart from rainwater, leaky pipes will also cause damage to your home. This time the pipe at the bottom of the sink has a leak, this will greatly affect its function. So that water will seep into the walls and floor so that it will cause dampness in the area and it is prone to mold. Under Sink Water Leak from @stonevoiceovers

Storm with High Wind

It can’t be doubted that the storm can give a bad effect on the building especially if it comes with a high wind. The wind will make the water enter the house through the gaps and cracks. Also, it can invade the building in a high portion which will surely damage the building.

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Not only water leaks, storms with high winds can also cause damage to your home, especially in outdoor areas. The damage that is often caused by this storm is damage to the walls, the walls may crack and cause water to seep into the indoor area. In addition, the outer walls will also look dirty and mossy. Wall Damage from @stephenclarridge

5 snapinsta.app_1080_101793250_179507416943665_7701297881237943643_n

Storms with high winds will cause damage to your home area, especially the roof. A roof that is hit by a storm will cause the roof to fall apart and even collapse. This can also have an impact on indoor areas such as being hit by debris and also flooding when it rains because the roof has collapsed. Broken roof from @motorhubnwltd

6 snapinsta.app_1080_34922506_2077230762319558_7610471607999397888_n

Look at this wall! Suffered damage caused by a storm with strong winds. Strong winds might cause the walls to erode and the wall paint to peel off. With this damage, your home will look dirty and unkempt and may cause dampness in your home. Outdoor Wall Damage from @dolinman

7 snapinsta.app_1080_70240852_934051396971506_7672378815113314301_n

There is a lot of damage that can be caused by storms and strong winds, one of which is damage to the foundation of the house. With high wind intensity, it will exert strong pressure and crack your foundation. And this will cause other damage to the area of your home. Cracked wall from @omegastructuralinc


For structural water damage, flooding is the number one culprit. It will damage many things so you should move fast when the flood is already gone. You should do the cleaning and then be wary of the damage by investigating each part of your house that is in touch with the flood.

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Look at the picture above! This is a room that was damaged due to flooding. As a result, some items will be damaged and may damage the function of these items. To overcome this, when the water recedes immediately clean the floor area so as not to cause damage to the floor in your home. Flooded Goods from @michaelcrichards_author

9 snapinsta.app_1080_36161240_2186802924941520_6761248142835843072_n

Flood disaster is one of the things that will cause damage to your home from the outdoor to the indoor. The floor area is one area that will definitely be affected. When a flood comes, the water will soak up your floor and carry mud with it so that it will damage the floor and also the items that are there. Wet Goods from @beautifulboutiqueonbrilliant

Effects of Structural Water Damage

What is bad about structural water damage is its effect on your house. It causes many things that can be a sign that you need to maintain your house soon.

Foundation Water Damage

It happens when there is water seepage in the cracks of the foundation that is ignored for a long time and continuously. Commonly, it occurs when flooding comes that creates hydrostatic pressure to damage your house. It is dangerous because the house building can sink into the ground and compromise its stability. What you should do when it happens is dry your house as quickly as possible when there is flooding in your house or your house will be structurally unsound with mold here and there.

11 snapinsta.app_1080_218012968_505751570659942_252104579642609045_n

The foundation of this house is damaged in the form of small cracks in your foundation area. When this happens, rainwater or flood water can seep into your home and as a result will damage your home. To fix this, you can drain the water and patch the cracks in the foundation of this house to prevent further damage. Puddles on the Foundation from @kapurageneralcontractorsinc

12 snapinsta.app_1080_67820029_511400052764174_6674314228186844113_n

Talking about the foundation, this time the foundation was damaged caused by a pool of flood water. As a result, the foundation area of your house will experience moisture and easily erode until there are holes in the foundation area. With this, maybe your house will become unhealthy and will even cause enlarged damage. Cracks in the Foundation from @nicole_sellshomes

13 snapinsta.app_1080_79792655_784268718706260_7551939897149966306_n

One of the effects of structural water damage is erosion of the foundation. If this foundation is exposed to water for too long, it will make it very moist and even soft, making it very easy to erode. This will cause a great possibility that water can enter the indoor area and make your home unhealthy. Damage to the Foundation from @omegastructuralinc


Roof Water Damage

There are some roof water damage indications that you can check such as the cracks and tears in the roof, rusty roof flashings, moldy roof, and curling shingles. This kind of damage can be troublesome if you don’t fix it soon. It will affect your health, electrical circuit problem, and break the roof truss system.

14 snapinsta.app_1080_13129345_1010830209001105_2102309866_n

This time talking about roof water damage. Usually caused by a flat roof and water can enter freely into your home area. As a result, if it is exposed to electricity, it will cause a short circuit and possibly a fire. Therefore, this roof damage must be repaired immediately. Cracked Roof from @hero_remediation

15 snapinsta.app_1080_11312166_1607842682822093_2116508099_n

There is a lot of water damage that you might experience in your home, one of which is a rusty roof. The cost of a rusty roof is natural for those of you who have a metal roof so that when exposed to water and heat continuously it will cause this roof to rust. When this happens, the roof will easily erode and rainwater may seep into your home. Rusty Roof from @minimoimeme

16 snapinsta.app_1080_240880529_829588477758286_6580053950164767385_n

One of the water damage that we often experience is a moldy roof. This damage is caused by moisture in the roof area which is very high to make the roof moldy. As a result, your roof is more fragile and will experience leaks so that water can enter the house and damage the interior, such as walls and ceilings. Moldy Roof from @just.in_tim.e

Ceiling Water Damage

When it happens you should be careful because it can collapse your roof. This one will be really dangerous and risk your life. Besides, the ceiling water damage creates a stain that will break the beauty of the ceiling. Basically, the ceiling water damage is caused by the leak that comes from the roof. So, if you see a stain on the ceiling, just check your roof really quickly.

17 snapinsta.app_1080_277288360_5016531595070340_8193465217464798377_n

Water damage will also cause damage to the interior of your home, such as ceilings and walls. Look at the ceiling image above! There is mold covering the surface of this ceiling and you can be sure that there is a water leak on the roof. To overcome this, you have to repair the roof area so that the ceiling does not collapse and cause more fatal damage. Moldy Ceiling from @plumbingbyjacob1

18 snapinsta.app_1080_326870107_985309955785353_2896699365617739316_n

This ceiling is damaged in the form of paint on the roof area which is peeling off and looks damp. This is because there is a leak in the roof area and seeps into the house causing the ceiling to become damp. When this is left unchecked and not repaired immediately, it will result in the ceiling collapsing. Roof paint is peeling from @cherylciecko

19 snapinsta.app_1080_323513860_665556671937210_6206025834638718272_n

There are many things that can be caused by water damage, one of which is damage to the ceiling. This is caused by rainwater seeping into the indoor area and causing your ceiling to be damp. When this happens, the paint on your ceiling will peel off and over time the damage will get worse. Water Damage from @annettemegaughin

Wall Water Damage

Just like the ceiling water damage, the wall water damage is also caused by the leak in the roof. However, it can also be caused by the flooding that soaks the wall. The stability of your house building can be threatened when it happens many times. Also, your wall will lose its paint color and looks dull.

20 snapinsta.app_1080_119445618_161150482284897_565530606781059378_n

Look at the wall below! It was damaged, namely moldy and cracked. This is caused by the wall being submerged in flood water for too long so that it is damaged. You can avoid this by installing flood protection around the house where water may pass through. Water Damage from @homesmanagement

21 snapinsta.app_1080_23279497_236578140210446_6590843030444441600_n

Water damage such as leaking pipes and rainwater seepage can result in damage to the interior of your home, one of which is the wall. This wall was exposed to seepage of water leaking for too long and resulted in damp and damaged walls. This damage causes the wall paint to peel off. Peeling Wall Paint from @kklove29

Wood Water Damage

Although there are kinds of wood that can be durable and impervious, water can still damage the wood, at least in the color. It can be worse if you only have the common quality wood where the wood will smell moldy or musty. The worst risk is the wood will rot and you should change it with the new one. Anyway, of all of the house-building materials, the wood is the riskiest so when it gets wet, you should dry it quickly.

22 snapinsta.app_1080_87659288_233402344349032_8457978117752141790_n

There are many side effects caused by structural water damage in your home, one of which is damage to wood. Look at this wooden ceiling! It is exposed to water for too long, causing mold and making your ceiling look dirty and very damp. This damage will also result in inconvenience for each occupant and may result in more fatal damage. Moldy Wooden Ceiling from @los_angeles_mold_removal

23 snapinsta.app_1024_157114069_280315106787482_3623073517915995192_n

Look at this wooden floor! Looks broken and chipped. This damage is caused by water seepage and causes the floor to become damp and damaged. Damage to wood caused by this water will make your home look unkempt and also look shabby. Peeling Wood Floor Paint from @poseidon_restoration

Metal Water Damage

You might think that metal material is durable but it can be damaged by water too. The water can cause metal-fabricated homes to rust. When it gets rust, it means that corrosion is happening and the metal is decayed. Commonly, metal water damage occurs on the door frame, metal window, plumbing pipes, and more.

24 snapinsta.app_1080_14717658_1240455709310228_9051169046858301440_n

This HVAC has a metal material that will be damaged when exposed to water. Look at the picture above! This HVAC looks rusty because it has been exposed to water seepage for too long. This damage will make your home look unkempt and may cause other damage. Rusty Metal HVAC from @hvac_refer_guy

25 snapinsta.app_1080_322386529_498374129094409_5617669965974296627_n

This metal pipe has suffered damage caused by water so that it has rusted the metal pipe. Being in the ground for too long with water seepage, this pipe will corrode and cause damage. When this has happened it may result in other damage such as water leaks. Rusty Metal Pipe from @gemelli_masonry

26 snapinsta.app_1080_122095603_197154048647051_6946405978107399153_n

Who would have thought water could cause damage to metal? But this really happened. A metal window that is exposed to continuous rain will cause damage such as rust. When metal has experienced rust, it will cause this metal to be porous and brittle. Therefore you can take precautions against metal damage. Rusty Window from @annitalanitou

Repairing Structural Water Damage

When you already know the signs of the structural water damage that we have mentioned above, you should make sure that you clean and dry the spots really soon. Or, if there is a leak, you should repair it quickly. Don’t forget to also check on the cracks and gaps that may appear in the hidden spots as you should patch them soon.

However, there might be some structural damage that you can’t handle yourself. Here, you should ask a professional to deal with the damage. Commonly, the damage that needs a professional is the old house which can be risky if you handle it yourself. So, which structural damage that you have in your house? Don’t push yourself to deal with the damage yourself if you can’t handle it because you may cause other damage to your house.


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