Vertical decorating techniques to make your small space look stylish2

If you have a room that seems small and cluttered, there are plenty of vertical decorating techniques you can try to make it look stylish. Vertical decorating technique ideas will make your small space looks bigger than what you see. This is a technique that can be used if you have a small space but don’t want it to look cramped. While tidying up your small space is essential, applying a few techniques and tricks to make it look high and stylish is also necessary. Then, vertical decorating technique ideas is one of them that you can try. Here are some techniques that you can use.

Vertical decorating techniques to make your small space look stylish1

Use Vertically-Oriented Lines or Patterns

Using vertically-oriented lines or patterns in your decorating can make your small room look stylish and spacious. Whether you’re choosing wallpaper, upholstery, or wallcoverings, use vertical stripes to visually push the ceilings higher and create an illusion of extra space. Stripes have the power to reshape a room and draw attention to focal points. They’re a fun and easy way to add a pop of personality and make any space look fresh and contemporary. If you have a small living room with low ceilings, you can use vertical stripes to give the illusion of height and make your space look larger. You can also apply striped wallpaper to create a simple feature wall.


To create a small room so it doesn’t look plain but still gets a broad impression, try using a headboard that has a striped pattern. The striped pattern on the headboard is perfect for vertical decoration which also has a function in your bedroom, adjust the color of the stripes on the headboard with the theme of the room to create a harmonious appearance. Besides that, you can also add some abstract paintings right above the striped headboard to fill the empty space on your bedroom wall. Striped Headboard from @theresidencybureau


Bring a different atmosphere to your small bedroom by changing the wall and ceiling decorations. Replace your bedroom wallpaper with wallpaper that has bright colors, the combination of yellow and beige on striped wallpaper will make your bedroom look bright and spacious. The wallpaper pattern on the wall that blends with the striped pattern on the ceiling will make the room look 3D. Striped Wallpaper and Ceiling Design from @sulisfineart


The hallway in your home will look more spacious if you use the right decoration, an easy step you can take is to use striped wallpaper. Use striped wallpaper in a neutral color, a combination of black and white is a widely used option. Install it on all parts of your hallway walls, because your black white striped wallpaper will present a broad impression on the room. Black and White Striped Wallpaper from @renumathiasinteriors

Utilize Open Shelves

Another way, you can use shelves to add height to your small space. One of the easiest ways to do this is by installing open shelves on your wall. Shelving is a great technique to height in a small space. Installing them in vertical ways to make the most of your wall space. This is one of decorating techniques that focuses on being above eye level or drawing your eye upwards. This will make the room feel bigger, high, and more spacious. More than that, you can also take advantage of shelf decorations which can also add a high impression to your space. You can display tall vases or arrange books at different heights. Another important tip when styling your open shelves is to vary the height of the items you display. Too many items of the same height can make your shelves look cluttered and uninteresting.


To overcome a small room so that it has large storage and doesn’t take up a lot of space so it doesn’t interfere with your activities. Use open shelving for the solution to this problem, install open shelving along an empty wall in the room you want and vertically arrange this open shelving so you can store lots of items or for your mini gallery of antique collections. Install open shelves with a flat surface to the walls of the room so that the room looks more spacious and neat. Built-in Wood Wall Shelves from @josefinapetrinovic


You can present a neat and spacious appearance to the room in your home by using open shelves. Open shelves made of wood will give a warm and natural impression, install these open shelves in a symmetrical and parallel position so that the appearance of the room will look balanced. Do not use open shelves that have a wide surface because they can interfere with your activities, if you want more storage try installing several shelves and prioritize using an even number of open shelves so that they can be installed symmetrically right and left. Symmetrical Wall Shelves Ideas from @the_comforthouse


Take advantage of the remaining space in the corner of the room to be used as storage which you can also use as decoration. Install vertical wall shelves in the corner of the room, this won’t take up much space so the room won’t look cramped. This can also be used as a decoration if you fill the shelf with various antique ceramic collections that you have, that way you will be able to show everyone about your collection. Vertical Wall Shelves at the Corner from @danisdomain

Add Height to Your Walls

Adding height to your walls can make your space look more spacious and stylish. It’s also an easy redecorating technique that doesn’t cost much at all. Painting your walls a different color than your ceiling can also help you create the illusion of height. A lighter wall color will keep your eyes traveling up, which helps to ‘expand’ the room and ‘blur’ the boundaries.


This emerald green wall paint combined with plain white wall molding has a bold color contrast but can still work well together in one room. This decoration is done to give the illusion of a room that looks wider and more open. These two colors are suitable for instantly presenting a tropical theme, you can also add some green plants in the room. Emerald Green Ceiling with White Molding Wall from @stephanie_swander_interiors


To give the illusion that the ceiling looks higher, you can use a different paint between the walls and the roof. Blue and white paint makes a combination that will never fail. Currently, you can use glossy ceiling paint to make it look sleeker when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. Glossy Blue Ceiling Color from @matteetglossy


Dark gray is also a color choice that can be combined with plain white wall paint. This dark gray can be applied to the overall use of ceiling paint. These two colors give a modern look and an instant monochromatic touch, you can try it now. Monochromatic Color Living Room from @foenixhuset


The two pastel colors that are applied to the use of ceiling paint and wall paint are a smart idea that you can do in a small living room decoration. The sage green ceiling and plain white wall paint provide a touch of color contrast that can never fail. Both are ready to make the room look wider. Pastel Color Living Room Ideas from @helenehoue

A Tall Bookcase

A tall bookcase can be a great way to add height and style to your home. Not only can it store books and other important items, but it can also act as a place to display decor pieces like artwork or decorative boxes. You can arrange your book in a vertical way to create a high illusion. For a balanced look, it’s best to put larger items at the bottom of your shelves and smaller ones at the top. This creates a visual balance and will make your shelf feel more open.


Take advantage of the wall with a built-in bookcase that will enhance your small living room so that it can be used as a home library. This bookcase that frames the living room is ready to be used as a new focal point in your home. The use of other interiors with a vintage style can be applied because it will never go out of style. Framed Wall Bookcase Design from @kristywharvey


You can try this high bookcase with an arched shape in your living room. Its simple design is very eye-catching. Books that are placed on the top shelf area can be taken using a ladder that can be placed permanently in this bookcase area. Store and organize books using the KonMari method to make it easier for you to find the book you are looking for. Built-in Arched Bookcase Design from @theintrepidchatelaine


The corner of the living room that is used as the application of this L shaped bookcase will never fail. You can paint this part of the bookcase with a touch of white so that it has a color harmony with the wall paint you are currently using. Don’t forget to add a low chair for a comfortable reading area to use throughout the day. The main light in this room can be used as needed. L Shaped Corner Bookcase from @sue.and.stu

Install Long Drapes

Another easy technique to apply a vertical decorating technique is by installing long drapes to create a beautiful and high illusion of space. It can be an easy way to add height to your small space. The length of the curtains from floor to ceiling will make your space feel bigger. To strengthen the dimension, you can choose the long drapes in a vertical lines. In addition to making the space look taller, vertical details also add dimension and balance.


An easy way that you can do to make a narrow room look wider and open is to use floor-to-ceiling drapes that have a touch of white so that they have a color harmony with the wall paint you are using. Sheer drapes have many advantages, one of which is that they are easier to wash when they are dirty and dusty. Floor to Ceiling Drapes from @helenehoue


You can apply layered high drapes that are applied to the front door area for the illusion of a room to make it look wider. Use two different materials and of course with different colors to make it more contrast and ready to be used as a new focal point. The color of the drapes that can be used is white with emerald green. Layered Drapes Door Design from @sandiego_beachhouse


Apart from making the room look more open, the use of high satin drapes can also add a touch of luxury and you can try it on the master bedroom decoration. Choose and use satin drapes with a choice of white and brown colors that will look contrasting in this room. The surface of the drapes will look shiny when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. High Satin Drapes Design from @insplosion


Who would have thought that using high drapes could give the illusion of a more open and spacious room? Yes, you can try it in a small open living room decoration that blends in with the dining room decoration. Choose only thin drapes to maximize the entry of sunlight into the room. You can also open this part of the drapes during the day so you don’t turn on the lights during the day, wouldn’t that save more electricity too?.  Sheer Drapes Design from @10_interiors

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