Living in a busy town makes us hard to plant some planters at our house. But, we need fresh air and aesthetic natural look inside our home. So, the thing that can be done by us is make a vertical garden that doesn’t need wide space. Even if when we live in an apartment, vertical garden will be a smart choice. Here are some ideas:

Minimalist Vertical Garden

Minimalist vertical garden

Have a great planter in a modern look by using some cedar boxes made from wood like this. It will make your room clear, tiny, and fresh. This vertical garden gives you an aesthetic minimalist view.

Wooden Plants Hanging Planter

Wooden plants hanging planter

The planks are spaced to make it more uniform look. Put the pots into the planks and make sure it is already fit. Place it anywhere at your house to make you room look natural.

Hanging Glass Terrarium Planter

Hanging glass terrarium planter

Feel free to plant any planters you like into this orb terrarium. The glass will make your planters look elegant. Hang it at the side of the wall or any place who you think will be make your house wonderful.

Copper Pipe Hanging Planter

Copper pipe hanging planter

This hanging planter usually used for hang a towel. Here, you can make it as hanging vertical garden to fresh your room. The kinds of color will make it more cheerful.

Green Wall Planter


Prepare your planters in some pots. Then, make sure you have Hooks and Steel Mesh. You can choose the variety of sizes and colors of the steel mesh you like. Some varieties of the plants are jasmine, blossom, rose, or others.

Stand Alone Wall

Stand-alone wall

Use hex wire netting to make this wonderful vertical garden. A cedar frame ease you to plants some planters in some cute pots. This is good for outdoor and indoor.

Leather and Wood Trellis

Leather and wood trellis

Try this for your house. Even, this vertical garden allows you to plant any kinds of planter which switch to your side wall. Use a cup to plant flower or others and stamp it to the leather.

Ammunition Cans Vertical Garden


It’s brilliant idea. You can create cute planters only by using up cycled cans. Use chain to make it vertical. After that you can plant any planters you like.

Succulent Tray Vertical Garden

Succulent tray vertical garden

This vertical garden leads you to make a wall art look at your house. Make a rectangular frame of your wall or maybe this is one you ex-window. Use plastic trays as the plant media and fill with soil. Don’t forget to give aeration and drainage. It is good plant lettuce, or others.

Clay Pot Vertical Garden


Do you live in an apartment? If it is yes, you need to have this clay pot vertical garden to fresh your home. Making this vertical garden will not take long time, just do it at weekend.


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