Clever ways to divide your living room with furniture2

Whether you live in a large house or just an apartment, you don’t always have to build walls to divide up space. Especially if you apply the concept of open space for your home design. But without a wall structure, your open space will feel unbalanced and proportional. Meanwhile if you build a wall it will destroy your concept. Then how do you divide the space or even increase the space in your home if you don’t build walls? Especially for your living room. A living room with an open concept requires a divider to create a new zone or just to create a different atmosphere in the same room.

In this case, in an open-plan living room, you can use furniture as a divider for your room. Without relying on classic room dividers, you can define space in your living room. Using furniture is an easy way to divide a space without spending too much money or time. You can rearrange your existing furniture to create a temporary divider, or use new pieces that double as more than one function. The placement of furniture can make all the difference when dividing a space. The trick is to use strategic furniture arranging that creates two distinct conversation areas without sacrificing the feeling of scale. Here are some ideas.

Clever ways to divide your living room with furniture1

Sofa with Seating on Both Sides

Large open floor plans are all the rage, but sectioning them into workable living areas can be a challenge. Fortunately, furniture offers several options that help you divide an area without feeling like you’re creating a boxed-in effect or blocking out the light. For example, a sofa with seating on both sides is one of the most versatile ways to divide a room. You can use this multifunctional sofa to create two spots. One spot as an entertaiment area and the other to work. The key is to find a style that suits your space and your needs.


You can use this sofa with two different sides of the sitting area for two different rooms. One side of the sofa can be used as an area to watch TV while the other side of the sofa can be used as an elegant living room area that is comfortable to use with all your friends or family who visit your home. Use linen sofa material for a warmer surface. Soft Sofa Ideas from @tereza_komarkova_architect


Rugs are a classic furniture piece, they’re versatile and can add a whole lot of personality to a space. They’re also a great way to divide a room and work well in open-plan areas. For example, if you have a living room with a dining area next to it, you can use a rug under the table to delineate each space. This can be an easy and affordable way to do it without making the space look too busy.

When choosing a rug, make sure to choose one that works with the overall design of the room. For example, if the dining area has dark hardwood floors, you can choose a runner rug that uses light colors to break up the richness of the flooring.


Minimalist home designs usually have open decorations so you can put and consider the right furniture layout. For example, for the divider between the living room and dining room, you can use a square rug that is enough to be used as the base for placing a coffee table and two chairs. Square Shaped Rug from @suedaussicht


Usually open space is dominated by a combination of dining room and living room. Therefore you can use and limit both by using a rug that has a shape according to the layout of the sofa and coffee table that you are using. Circular shaped rug is the right choice when you use a curved sofa. Circular Rug Living Room from @thedreamre


An easy way that you can do to make boundaries between spaces is to use a rug with a choice of earth tone colors that have a color that is quite contrasting with the use of the floor material area so that it can be seen clearly. A white sofa and several wooden chairs are used as a comfortable blend as a sitting area. Earth Tone Color Rug Living Room from @nagatohouse

Place a Sectional Sofa

When you decide for an open space concept in the living room, the selection and arrangement of the right furniture will have a tremendous effect on your living room. In this case, to divide your living room, you can use a sectional sofa. This type of furniture is very helpful in the open living room concept when you need a clear distinction between two places, such as your living room with your dining room or others. This sofa is easy to adapt to your living room layout.


The existence of a sectional sofa is certainly in the living room decoration. Therefore, this smart furniture is the right consideration for dividing the room in your home. Try to use the right materials and colors so that they blend with the tone of the room. Throw pillow geometrics can be used on sofa surfaces as well for added color as well as pattern. Linen Material Sectional Sofa from @stinavangessel


The living room is a room that will often be used to gather or just lie down. Therefore you can use the right furniture, sectional sofas are a choice of sitting areas as well as being able to be used as comfortable lying areas. You only need to provide blankets and pillows to complete your comfort. This will be the divider for the living room and dining area. Divider Sectional Sofa from @hoursinplace


L shaped sectional sofa is an alternative choice of living room furniture that you can try. Just choose a light color to give a broad impression to the room around it. Black matte coffee table is an option and a combination of interiors that can be used so that it gives a beautiful contrasting color to the room. L Shaped Sectional Sofa from @stinavangessel

Use Two Separate Sofas

For other options, you can use two separate sofas to create zone a living space. This helps the living room to be more comfortable because you arrange your sofas facing each other. It can also be a solution for traffic in your living room. And the rest of the room you can use for other functional areas.


The layout of the sofa facing each other in the living room is a smart choice because it will make the atmosphere of your conversation with your family more harmonious and warm. Try to use two sofas with the same color and material choices so that they are more harmonious, the high drapes in this living room add to the impression of luxury, spacious and open. Facing Sofa Layout from @piccadillydecors


Linen sofas that are placed facing each other are the living room decorations of choice that you can try right now. Try to use the right sofa material, linen is one of the favorite choices that will never fail to provide a warmer surface, of course. Throw pillows make the sofa surface softer. White Linen Sofa Design from @studio56_building_design


Not only the layout of the sofa is considered, but you can also use the right sofa design. For example, a sofa with a dull surface and dominated by a touch of plain white. The use of marble floors in this room emphasizes the modern theme and you can also add some indoor green plants as a natural decoration that is easy to get. Kids Friendly Sofa Design from @thedreamre

Use A Daybed

A daybed is a stylish and functional way to divide your space, particularly if you have an open floor plan. It also demonstrates one of the most important rules of interior design: balance. You can use a daybed to divide with other space. This piece of furniture can also be used to fill awkward space in your home. Among the best uses of a daybed is the fact that it can double as a bed, making it a perfect fit for anyone in your family. A well-chosen daybed can make any living room feel like a vacation destination, no matter how big or small your home.


Take advantage of the sitting area in the living room to serve as a room divider. This daybed design has a touch of classic modern style that you can choose with dark colors like solid black. Don’t forget to combine it with the use of a rug that has a neutral white or beige color that can instantly present a monochromatic theme. Tufted Daybed Divider from @hoursinplace


This daybed with a design made of rattan material is a new focal point in your living room decoration. The overall appearance looks more classic and attracts attention. What you can do right now is cover the rattan daybed with soft and warm cushions so that it makes you feel maximum comfort. No need to repaint to make it look environmentally friendly. DIY Rattan Daybed Design from @huisje126


Besides being able to be used as a place to lie down, a daybed placed in the living room decoration can also be used as a substitute for a sofa. That way, its existence will have a dual function and is ready to be used in a living room with limited space. Several pillows were placed on top to make the daybed surface softer. Divider Daybed Ideas from @nicolefullerinteriors

Bench between Two Rooms

Place a bench in between of your living room and dining room or other spots. The bench will act as a divider in your room that looks seamless without disturbing the beauty of the room. But the bench is able to separate important areas in your living room. Consider using a long bench or you can adjust the lenght of the bench according to the size of your room.


Velvet bench is a sitting area that you can use more comfortably because it has a softer and softer surface. The existence of this bench can also be used as a room divider. Isn’t it more multifunctional and ready to be combined with other furniture with a touch of minimalist style?. Velvet Bench Divider from @levoyageinterieur


Reclaimed wood that is reused to make this shabby chic bench design is an additional piece of furniture in the living room that you can use. You can combine its simple appearance directly with the use of a plain white linen sofa. In this part of the bench you can put some important ornaments like your favorite book that you usually read. Shabby Chic Wooden Bench Ideas from @carriedelanyinteriors


Who would have thought that an additional bench in the living room could be used as a home decor divider? Yes, you can use it with medium size for the idea of dividing the room using furniture. The existence of this bench is ready to divide part of the living room with other rooms, cover the wooden bench with a seat cushion so that it can be used as a softer sitting area as well. Multifunction Bench Living Room from @anticostudio

Opt for a Sofa Table

A sofa table is a classic piece of furniture that serves many purposes. It provides storage space for items like books, magazines, and TV remotes, but it also acts as a divider in the room that delineates the seating area from the rest of the floor plan. When choosing a sofa table, it’s important to consider the overall style of your living room and how it will affect the overall ambiance. For example, if your space leans toward clean-lined modern design or farmhouse, opt for an understated wood and glass table with a thin metal frame to add texture and interest.


The spindle legs of the sofa table used in this living room give a vintage impression that will never fail. No need to repaint for a more environmentally friendly look and of course save on spending budget. At the bottom of this table sofa you can put two wicker baskets as additional storage that you can use to make it more organized. Spindle Legs Sofa Table from @hipandhumblestyle


If you have reclaimed wood that is no longer in use, reuse it as a design for your sofa table. This furniture will be more useful and never fail to be used as additional furniture that can be used as one of the furniture to divide the room. No need to do painting for an eco-friendly impression. DIY Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table from @frengpartyof6


Or you can also choose a sofa table design that is equipped with a storage area. What you can do now is choose a sofa table cubbies design that can be used to place some of your favorite books. Just make it with plywood with a splash of black for a touch of contrast when combined with your sofa. Cubbies Sofa Table Design from @ad_design_journal


Free the surface of the sofa table from ornaments or other items. Because here you can use it as an additional sitting area which can be combined directly with some low benches that can be adjusted according to the height of this sofa table. Make a sofa table design that is elongated and can also be adjusted to the length of the sofa you are using to make it tidier. Teak Wood Sofa Table from @orangecountywoodworks


The sofa table, which is usually placed right behind the sofa, has many benefits that you can use. For example, you can use it as an area to place some small ornaments that can be used as room decorations. Furthermore, right under the sofa table you can use it to place two ottomans so it doesn’t look messy. Sofa Table with Underneath Storage from @onassisandclaire

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