Out-of-the-box bedroom design that can satisfy all your needs2

A bedroom is not just a place for sleep but is also a place where we rest our bodies, calm our minds, or even a place to spend our time. Knowing this, the design of the bedroom can’t just be following a mainstream design, but we also need to think out of the box so it can accommodate all our needs. And this time we will show you what kind of bedroom design can accommodate all your needs.

Out-of-the-box bedroom design that can satisfy all your needs1

Inspired by Common Rooms

1 Inspired by Common Rooms Out-of-The-Box Bedroom Design That Can Satisfy All Your Needs


In this room, designer Andy Beers get inspired by the common room. Andy used a less saturated version of the common room’s colors. Moreover, the combination of crisp white and inky black is perfect because it uses a deep midnight blue tone to unite both colors.

Look at the Scale

2 Look at the Scale Out-of-The-Box Bedroom Design That Can Satisfy All Your Needs


If you have a small bedroom, then you can have fun with shape, colors, and prints, but you also need to pay extra attention to the scale. Look how Heidi Ceillier maxed out the scale of big windows and ceilings by hanging out a long curtain all the way from top to bottom.

Play with Books

There are many ways to make your bedroom looks cute and pretty. Just like how Nicholas Obeid plays with books. Nicholas stacks up some books and makes it a coffee table that fit a stylish nightlight and mood-setting candle.

Make a Bunk Room

If you want to create a fun bedroom, then you can try a Bunk Room idea. Not only it’s fun for kids, but you can also use it if you host extended holidays for family gatherings. Regan Baker shows us the Bunker Room design with a rich shade of River Blue from Benjamin Moore, it’s calming and inspires rest.

Make a Contrast

We really loved how Tamsin Johnson disguised the radiator in the room. Tamsin Place a thin glass console table with flowers on the top of the table. Tamsin also makes a contrast by putting a modern photograph that makes the room feel sweet and traditional.

Put a Small Desk

This one is perfect for those who work from home but didn’t have a home office or separate room for work. Vern Yip designs a small bedroom with a Cambria quartz desktop that is suitable for working from home. Moreover, it’s also good and will improve your mood.

Reading Nook

The built-in bench designed by Robson Rak is a perfect place for those who wish to be hanging out in their bedroom. the reading nook looks cute with a pale pink custom cushion.

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