How to perfectly arrange your balcony to enjoy spring2

With spring finally here, there is no better time to do some home improvement and get ready to welcome a warm weather. After a long winter, it’s time to add some new touches to your home. Especially for the outside of your home. Whether your porch, patio, and even your balcony. As we all know, a balcony can be a comfortable place to enjoy spring every year. So, it will be a great idea if you do some improvement to your balcony and turn your balcony into a beautiful space for enjoying the sun. Whether you have a large or small balcony, there are many ways to spruce it up and create your own little oasis! Here, we have some ways to make your balcony perfectly arrange to face the spring. Let’s check them out!

How to perfectly arrange your balcony to enjoy spring1


Clean and Paint the Walls

A fresh coat of paint can give your balcony a new look. It can also help your furniture stand out, especially if you choose a bright, bold color. But before you start painting, make sure your balcony is free of dust and debris. Clean your wall fisrt. Before you start painting, clean the walls with sugar soap to remove dirt and grime. You may be tempted to skip this step, but a clean wall is the best insurance against a ruined paint job.

Clear the area of any furniture or other items you might not be able to move once the project is done, and set up drop sheets on the floor or plastic sheeting to protect your floors from the paint. And you can start to paint your balcony walls. You can choose a color that reflect a spring vibe.


The first thing to create a comfortable spring balcony is that you have to clean it first. You can clean this balcony from debris and moss by scraping it with a tool.Debris Balcony from @servicemaster_bournemouth


After that you can wash the balcony spring to clean up the remaining dirt. Using high air pressure will help you speed up your balcony cleaning.Washing Spring Balcony from @victorsimrj


The next step you can wait for this balcony to dry to continue the rearrangement. You also need to sweep up the remaining debris to create a clean and comfortable balcony appearance.Clean Balcony from @servicemaster_bournemouth


Choosing a bright aqua color on this wall will make your balcony look brighter. Spring is synonymous with bright colors that will make your balcony design more stylish. Equipped with a small soft sofa area, it adds comfort when you are there.Bright Paint Wall from @kate_iskra_designer


You can apply this blue wall paint to the balcony of your house. This light blue color will create a bright balcony and can be a great place to spend time. Don’t forget to add a soft sitting area, folding table and red blooming flower accents for a comfortable and fresh space design.Blue Wall Paint from @small.flat.ideas

Add New Furniture

Adding new balcony furniture is an important step in preparing your space for spring. It’s not just about decorating your balcony, it’s also about making the most of your limited space. There are plenty of stylish and practical furniture options out there for balconies, so be sure to find the right fit for your needs. Balcony seating comes in all shapes and sizes, from retro Sunray designs to rattan tub chairs to high-back, slim frame styles.

Folding, stackable, and streamlined designs are ideal for small spaces. They can also be folded away when you don’t need them, saving space. You can also use folding furniture to create a garden-like feel on your balcony, with plants and flowers growing in planters. These can be hung off the railings, allowing you to keep floor space clear and maximize your spring and summer time enjoyment.


For a very inviting springtime balcony decor, you can use bold colored furniture. Choosing a small seat with rattan material will look sturdy and durable. A few pillows and blankets in this bright color will balance out your balcony’s springtime look.Small Seating Area from @living.with.mary


Do you need an outdoor relaxing area? If so, then you can use balcony decorations as the right area to use all day on weekends. The recommended furniture is folding furniture covered with pillows so that the sitting surface is softer. Folding Furiture from @living.with.mary


Liven up your small balcony with wooden furniture sets. This furniture set can be used as an outdoor lounge that has a different feel. To make this balcony decoration look more comfortable, you can cover the wooden floor with a burlap rug for a comfortable impression on your feet. Wooden Furniture Balcony from @rikkenora


An easy way to bring a comfortable impression to your balcony decoration is to add a balcony sofa. Equipped with a coffee table, it will also be a perfect room decoration for your springtime balcony. Add Sofa Balcony from @rikkenora


If you have a large enough balcony decoration, then you can use a rattan sofa set. This material is very suitable when applied outdoors because it is more sturdy and not easily porous in the face of ever-changing weather changes. This moroccan patterned rug will also create a cozy and warm balcony decoration. Sofa Rattan from @westwing_es


This folding furniture will maximize the space on your balcony. Blankets and pillows in this bold color will also make a cozy room decor and bold look on the balcony this spring. Small Folding Furniture from @inredningshjalpen

Plants and Flowers

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and it’s time to add color and greenery to your balcony. Not only will the plants and flowers provide a pleasant atmosphere, they also will boost your spirits. The key is to choose a plant that thrives in your balcony’s environment, whether it gets full sun or part shade. Check the label to find out what conditions are best for the specific plant. If you have a small space, it’s essential to attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies, which will help your plant survive and grow. Fragrant flowers like verbena, lavender and snapdragons will do just that.


Blooming roses applied to this spring balcony will add to the impression of a cool room and attract the eye. You can grow these roses in terracotta pots to give a perfect balcony look. Roses Flower from @small_parisian_balcony


The blooming flowers that are placed on the balcony of this house add a fresh and cool impression. Choosing these colorful blooms will also present an attractive balcony decoration and can be the center of attention. Colorful Flower Spring Balcony from


Lavender flowers and purple and yellow tulips would be perfect spring balcony decorations for you to try. Placing the pots hanging from this railing will manage to make a perfect display on your springtime balcony. Colorful Lavender Flower from @rikkenora


These colorful rustic flowers placed on the balcony this spring will make a lively decoration and a fresh touch to the whole house. Planting in this rattan pot will enhance the country style of your home. Rustic Flower Spring Balcony from @makowy_dom


One way to spruce up your balcony is to add some color. Adding colorful accessories is easy, and will instantly make your balcony look brighter and more vibrant. You can easily add texture to your balcony with throw pillows and blankets, or use a pretty outdoor rug. Layering these textures will make your balcony appear more polished and well-designed.


These colorful pillows are a complementary idea that can be applied to your spring balcony decor. These accessories make this balcony feel more comfortable and warm for you to try. Finish by using greenery of various types as a fresh finishing touch. Colorful Pillow Spring Balcony from @hirals_homey_home


Adding a gray patterned rug to this spring balcony design adds a warm feel to your balcony. Choosing a large rug and placing it all over the floor will give the impression of a comfortable room. Add Gray Rug from @ewert1806


You can complete this spring balcony with comfortable accessories and furniture. Using this balcony patterned rug will add a charming look and a comfortable design for your feet. Pattern Rug wtith Rattan Furniture from @jedynytakidomek

Install Some Lightings

Enjoying spring in your balcony is not just when the sun is shining but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying it at night. This will make the atmosphere more romantic and deep. To add drama to your balcony, you can install here and there some lightings. The lighting will illuminate your space and create a relaxed impression.


This series of lights adds the perfect lighting to your springtime balcony. Hanging on this wall never fails for dramatic lighting. Some of these pieces of furniture will also produce a comfortable balcony design for you to try. Hanging Strng Light from @sznurkiperelki


The same bulb size will provide a balanced lighting. The string lights illuminate the balcony perfectly at night. Adding lanterns and candles will also provide a cozy balcony decoration that you can try for balcony lighting this spring. Bulb Lighting from @westwing_es


String lights placed on the railing will be very beautiful to create a romantic atmosphere around the balcony. Having this yellow lighting will make your balcony decoration even more romantic. String Light Fence from @randombalcony


The combination of light bulbs makes the balcony even more romantic. Add Candles to remind you of a romantic date on your spring balcony. Light Bulb and Candle from @debalkonie


Hang the light bulb perfectly to decorate the cozy balcony space. Lanterns placed on the balcony floor will also add romantic lighting to your home. Lantern and Light Bulb from @westwingnl

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