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Moving can be exhausting. It won’t be fun and unpleasant but can be a way for you to have a better life in a new place. However, it can be arranged to be easy if you have a good plan for it. Avoid the mistakes and make your moving process as smooth as possible. There are some steps that you can do to give you ease in moving and the first thing that comes to your mind might be the packing process. Well, that is not wrong but before you do the packing, there are things that you should know so that you can have a smooth packing process with minimum mistakes. Here are the packing tips for you.

Tips for expedite moving process1

Packing Tips

Providing Boxes in Different Sizes

Since the stuff to be packed should be categorized, then you should make sure to provide the boxes in different sizes. Don’t let the box have a left space because it is risky. Also, if you don’t provide the fit box, you will make the box redundant. In this case, dividing the stuff based on size is the best thing that you can do.

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The first tip you should do if you are going to do a home move is to prepare boxes. Here you can prepare various sizes of boxes with the aim that they can be used to carry various items from small to large sizes. Therefore, preparing boxes is one of the things that is quite important if you want to do a home move. Different Sizes Boxes from @brettcallero

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Preparing boxes is one of the tips that you should do if you want to speed up your home moving. It’s not enough just one size, here you can use various box sizes so that it will be easier and can speed up. The reason is you don’t need to look for boxes anymore when everything is properly prepared and complete. Mix Moving Boxes from @boxesjeddah


Packing the Heavy Items in the Bottom

Not to make your stuff broken, then you should pack the heavy items in the bottom. After that, put the light items on top of the box. Also, with that technique, you can make a balance when you should pick up the box.

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After preparing the boxes, you can proceed with packing the goods. The right way is to place large and heavy items at the bottom. The reason is that if it is placed at the top, it will make the small items underneath it damaged, broken, and even unable to function anymore. Full Boxes from @aberlerzo

Making Sure to Use All Spaces in the Box

To minimize the use of the box, you should make sure to use all spaces in the box. If there is still space in the box, you can use it to store the small stuff. As long as the stuff is from the same room or the same cabinet, then you can put it in the same box.

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When packing, the thing you should pay attention to is the contents inside. Make sure your boxes are fully loaded and have no gaps or are overloaded. This is because if the boxes are not full, you will need other boxes to fill the goods, which will slow down the packing process. White Boxes for Home Moving from @meazza_lorenzo

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Look at this pile of boxes! Looks neat right? The owner filled it with great care and made sure there were no blemishes in it. This will speed up the process of transporting goods in your home. Because here you only need a few boxes. All Boxes Fully Filled from @elliott.making.moves

Giving Labels

This one is really important. Don’t forget to give a label to the box. It will give you ease in finding the stuff. You can label it with the name of the room or the stuff. For example, for the clothes, you can name the box with “Parent’s clothes”, “Kids’ clothes” and more. Then, for the room, you can name with “kitchen”, “living room”, “bathroom”, etc.

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Another tip you should do is add a label to each box. This will make your goods neater and more organized. In addition, when unloading you will never have trouble getting the items you need. Therefore, adding labels to the boxes is a tip you can’t miss. Labeled Home Moving Boxes from @clutterbgoneinc

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Apart from preparing boxes, and filling them fully, adding labels is also one of the tips that you have to do. Because by adding a label to the front of your box it will be easier to get the items you need when you are in your new home. Therefore, you should try these tips, and can’t be missed. Labeled All Boxes from @movingblanket_cn

Tape Well

To tape well the box is a must. It avoids the box from breaking down. When it happens, then your stuff will be at risk of being broken. To make sure that you tape your box well, it is better for you to do the layering taping and make sure that you tape all the edges and gaps. Also, since there are some kinds of tape, for your moving box, you should choose one in a good quality so that it can tape the box well.

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After all the items are put in the box, then you can cover it with tape so it will look perfect. In this way, these boxes look tidier and easier to lift without fear of the items inside being scattered. In addition, this method will also speed up the moving process because it is certain that your goods are safe in it. Tape Well from @djandrealuis

9 snapinsta.app_332758070_969574454073519_5904280864032497523_n_1080

This box containing various items looks neat and safe to lift. This is because the owner covered the boxes with tape so it is very safe and will not scatter your belongings. This method is quite easy but very influential in the home moving process, therefore it will never fail to try. Mix Moving Boxes from @2by2adventures

Special Care Packing for Certain Items

You should be able to sort the stuff to divide which one is the risky stuff and which one that won’t be broken even when it is being slammed. For the glass material, you should layer it with certain stuff to keep the glass safe. Then, for the furniture, layer it with wood not to make it broken. Then, you can also label it with the ‘fragile’ word.

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Make sure your goods are in good condition. Look at the picture above! Boxes that contain fragile items such as glass, plates, bowls, and others are equipped with bubble wrap inside so that they will keep your items safe and not break easily. But that alone is not enough. Here you can also add the words “fragile” so that everyone who carries it will be more careful. Fragile Labeled from @thecamelia.no5

11 snapinsta.app_336821553_238269045311278_7647430732149300889_n_1080

Not only breakable items, but furniture also needs protection. This time you can cover the furniture with a cloth before stringing it so it will keep it safe. In this way, your furniture will avoid scratches caused by the ropes that tie the furniture tightly. This idea is quite simple but will never fail for you to try. Scratch Resistant Furniture Protection from @fewmoves

Moving Advice

After mastering the ways to pack well, then you should know some things related to moving. It is not only about moving all the boxes to your new place but there are some considerations that you should think of. Here we have some moving advice that you can follow.

Get Rid of Unimportant Things

Commonly, we have some stuff that is not important but we think that the stuff is too valuable to throw away. This thing won’t be good if you are going to move to a new place. Remember that you can’t bring all things together with you. You should choose and get rid of unimportant things. Let’s say that when you have some ornaments that are not too expensive and don’t have any historical value, it is better for your not to bring them to your new place.

Start to Pack as Early as Possible

What is meant to pack as early as possible here is when you have decided the time of the moving, then you can start to pack the things that you won’t use. For example, if you will move in summer, you can pack your winter coat first. Then, you can also start to pack the things you don’t use routinely such as books or appliances. With that, the packing process won’t be exhausted and you can move smoothly.

Book Early

It is impossible for you to bring all the boxes by yourself. You must need a moving service. You should book early so that you won’t get in trouble with the date when the time comes. Don’t forget to check on the review of the moving service. Make sure that you book the best moving service so that your goods won’t be damaged.

Prepare Your New Place

Preparing your place covers many things. The first one is to clean the place from the floor, wall, ceiling, window, and more. Then, don’t forget to install the curtain, air-conditioner, and heater. You should also make sure that there won’t be any trouble with water and plumbing. When all things are set, then we do guarantee that you can move smoothly.



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