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One thing that is important when it comes to kitchen décor is the countertop. The countertop is very important because it will support your activities in the kitchen. This is the place where you put or plant the stove to prepare some food. Therefore, choosing the right countertop is important. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right countertop. Durability, stain- and scratch-resistance, and price are just a few. Related to that, you can choose based on the materials. Well, the first thing to consider is your lifestyle and what kind of upkeep you’re willing to do, says Kerrie Kelly, an interior designer. Because the selection and maintenance of the correct countertop will extend its life. There are several countertop materials that you can choose for your kitchen. Below, we have mentioned a few for you.

How to choose countertop based on the materials1


Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials for homeowners. It’s beautiful, durable, and increases your home’s value if it’s properly cared for. It is available in many shades and no two pieces are alike. It is also available in both polished and honed finishes. While it is the most expensive of the natural stone options, it is incredibly hard and resistant to heat and scratches. It is also the least porous and does not need to be resealed frequently.


This granite countertop is not an ordinary counter material but has many advantages that other types of materials do not have. This is a more modern alternative that has a white color for a minimalist look. White Granite Countertop from @galor_marble_industries


You can turn your table into a natural decoration by lifting the grante elements. Because this granite can be an option for you because it is heat and scratch resistant. Having this white color makes the decoration attractive and looks more elegant. Granite Countertop from @allgraniteandmarbledesign


This granite ktchen table is a table decoration in this kitchen. Having this pure white color will create a perfect look and will attract the attention of many people. Granite Kitchen Countertop from @rubygranite


This granite countertop is black with white patches which will add a striking contrast to this contemporary kitchen. The advantage of using this countertop is that it is easy to clean and resistant to heat. Black Granite Countertop from @italianmarblegranite


This granite countertop brings color and texture to the cooking space. Applying this to kitchen countertops results in a perfect home design and increases the value of your home when properly cared for. Kitchen stove with Granite Countertop from @jghollinsbuilders


If you’re looking for a natural stone that adds warmth to your kitchen, soapstone may be the right choice. It’s a favorite for country kitchens and can be included in styles from traditional to modern to eclectic. Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that contains talc, which gives it a milky appearance. It’s not as hard as marble or quartz, but it stands up to heat and scratches.


The bold soapstone countertop makes the right statement when paired with this farmhouse kitchen. This farmhosue kitchen design will also provide an attractive room design and steal the attention of many people. Soapstone Countertop from @marbledotcom


Soapstone countertop colors can create any cool look you want. This black soapstone makes for a perfect décor and a captivating room contrast. In addition, this soapstone table gives a strong appearance but requires sufficient maintenance. Soapstone Countertop and Sink from @seadaddy007


Using soapstone as a kitchen table is not the wrong choice. Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that contains talc, which gives it a milky appearance. Choosing a soapstone color and combining it with this wooden cabinet will result in a perfect room design and eye-catching room decoration. Soapstone Countertop with Wooden Cabinet from @hillsandgrant


Choosing natural soapstone with green cabinets will result in a perfect room design and attractive room decoration. Using this table will be durable and easy to clean. It is a favorite for country kitchens and can be included in styles from traditional to modern to eclectic. Natural Stone Countertop from @cardozasellssd


Marble is a classic option for a timeless, luxurious look. It’s available in a wide variety of colors and veining patterns, making it easy to find one that works with your kitchen’s design. A marble countertop is also heat-resistant, which makes it a great choice for baking. The material also resists scratches and stains. However, like all natural stone countertops, it requires regular sealing and care. This includes wiping up spills and using a neutral detergent to clean.


Marble is available in various colors with various patterns and streaks. It will increase the value of your kitchen if you use this material for your modern kitchen design. White Marble Countertop from


This black marble countertop will complement the modern and contemporary interior design in the kitchen to enhance the look of the entire room. This black color choice will create an attractive appearance and a luxurious room design. Black Marble Kitchen Countertop from @mikolmarmi


Using marble for this kitchen table design is the right choice for you to try. In addition, even though it is durable and heat resistant, it looks interesting for you to try in this home kitchen. This includes wiping up spills and using a neutral detergent to clean up. White Marble Kitchen Island from @canonanddeandesign


This white marble that is applied to the kitchen table makes it the right choice for your home kitchen. Having routine and heat-resistant maintenance is suitable for you to apply to your home kitchen. Marble Countertop from @new_world_of_hades


This marble kitchen island has an intricate pattern and white color which will give your home kitchen a luxurious look. The material is also scratch and stain resistant so it is suitable for you to try on this kitchen design. Marble Kitchen from @kelseyannroseinteriors


Quartz is one of the most popular options for kitchen countertops, as it’s durable, low-maintenance, and comes in a variety of colors and designs. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to replace their old countertop with something new and beautiful. It’s important to consider all of the factors – how thick or thin the quartz counter will be, its strength and durability, its cost, and more – before choosing it for your project. There are many color and pattern options to choose from, so make sure to take a look at them all before making your final selection. Getting samples of each can help you visualize how they will look in your space.


This quartz countertop offers the same aesthetics and durability but at a lower price than granite. This is a great choice for anyone looking to replace their old table with something new and beautiful. White Quartz Countertop from @stone_age_granite


This white quartz countertop option pairs well with a white subway backsplash. This is a great choice for anyone looking to replace their old table with something new and beautiful. This quartz material will also make the kitchen design luxurious and natural. Quartz Counters from @konkusmarblegranite


There are many color and pattern choices to choose from for this home kitchen table. You can use quartz on countertops and marble together for an attractive and stylish home design. Combined with this white cabinet it will balance the look of your kitchen. Quartz Countertop and Backsplash from @angelosmarblephila


This kitchen island made of white quartz will balance any different look and design. This quartz material will be durable and low maintenance. Stone Quartz Countertop from @brooklyntileanddesign


Quartz is one of the interesting kitchen designs that you can apply to your kitchen design. Applying this kitchen island will present a beautiful kitchen decoration and can be the center of attention of many people. Quartz Countertop Kitchen Island from @cabinetboutiqueiowa


Concrete is a popular material for homeowners because of its versatility, durability and aesthetics. One of them, you can use it to make a countertop for your kitchen. Choosing the right concrete mix for your countertop project can make all the difference. The best part about concrete countertops is that they can be made to match the look and feel of any other materials in the room. This means that you can combine concrete with wood, stone, tile and even other types of countertops if you want to. While concrete is not as prone to stains as other countertop materials, it still needs to be polished and sealed in order to keep it looking good for longer. This will help protect it from stains and scratches, which can be a real nuisance when cleaning up messes.


Concrete concrete is an interesting idea that you can try in your home kitchen design. Choosing the right concrete mix for your countertop project can make all the difference. Having this low maintenance can be the perfect kitchen decoration. Concrete Countertop from @themaincompany


In an outdoor kitchen you can use a concrete countertop which will give it a sturdy and durable appearance. This will help protect it from smudges and scratches, which can be very annoying when it comes to cleaning up dirt. Concrete Outdoor Kitchen from @fab.remodeling


This kitchen island, which features a concrete countertop, makes for an attractive, heat-resistant design. Even though it’s low maintenance, concrete still needs to be polished and sealed to keep it looking good longer. Concrete Kitchen Island from @trueform_concrete


One of the best materials for making kitchen countertops is concrete. Even if it’s durable, you’ll need to polish the concrete. So you will have a good long term investment in your kitchen. Concrete Countertop from @platformd


Having a strong design, this concrete kitchen table is perfect for you to use. Since this table is knife resistant, it is very durable. Combined with this navy cabinet, it will be the perfect kitchen decoration for you to try. Concrete Countertop with Blue Cabinet from @brookroadphotography

Stainless Steel

Kitchen countertops are a critical part of a kitchen, so you want to choose the right material that will stand up to heat, scratches and stains. One of popular options is stainless steel. It resistant to heat and rust, stainless-steel counters don’t burn or corrode, thanks to chromium and nickel. Stains won’t set on this nonporous metal, making it ideal for a room where messes are common (like a kitchen). This type of countertop comes in a variety of finishes: brushed, satin polish, mirror polish and antique matte. Brushed is preferred for its smooth, soft finish that hides fingerprints more easily than the polished options.


If you want to invest in the long term, you can use a kitchen table like the picture above. Using stainless steel for kitchen countertops will be very durable and suitable for long term investment. Stainless Steel Countertop from @gbfnts


One of the quality materials for making kitchen countertops is stainless steel. Because the stainless steel material on your kitchen table will be heat resistant and rust resistant. More than that, you can apply stainless steel material for your backsplash. It will create a modern look. Stainless Steel Countertop and Backsplash from @dresnerdesign


Using stainless steel for kitchen countertops is the right choice. Because with a stainless steel countertop your kitchen table will be very sturdy and strong. This material will stand up to heat and stainless steel counters will not burn or rust. Stainless Countertop with Oak Shelv from @fieldarchitecture


Having high-quality materials makes this kitchen table very suitable for you to use. Stainless steel is one of the highest quality materials that can be used for kitchen countertops. This material has strong and durable characteristics, making it a good long-term investment. Sleek Stainless Steel Countertop from @mekalbrasil

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