Ideas of installing stairlift to your home2

The stairlift is not too common but the use of the stairlift can really helpful especially if you take care of the elder at home. Or, if your family member is sick and has a problem with their feet, then the stairlift is something that you should install. It is even more comfortable and easier than the lift because you can simply sit there and let it brings you up or down. There will be a chair that is installed with the lift that makes it possible to move. If it is too risky, you can add a seatbelt there that will increase the safety of the stairlift. Another interesting thing about the stairlift is that you can install it for both your indoor stair and outdoor stair. Here are the examples.

Ideas of installing stairlift to your home1

Indoor Stairlift

The indoor stairlift is commonly installed on the stair that leads you to the bedroom or family room. It can be simply straight ahead or it may circular. All kinds of stairs are possible to be added with the stairlift. However, it is better for you to accompany the one who uses the stairlift if the stair is too high or has an uncommon design.


Complementing the stairs with a stairlift is a perfect idea as it will provide an advantage for some people. One of the stairlifts that you can use is the chair stairlift, making it suitable for people with disabilities. This time, the stairlift chair used has a white and gray color theme so it looks more attractive. Besides that, it can also be folded so it won’t interfere with other activities on the stairs when it’s not in use. White and Grey Stairlift from @onthemendmedical

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There are several types of stairlifts that you can use to complete the stairs in your home, one of which is the chair stairlift. This stairlift is usually used in indoor areas and is designed for people with disabilities. By using this stairlift, you can climb the stairs very easily and comfortably. Therefore you will never fail to use it. White and Beige Stairlift from @savaria_australia

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Look at this small space stair! It is equipped with a white nuanced staircase so that it will look more attractive. The stairlift that is used is equipped with hand supports and footrests so that it can provide comfort for each user. Not only that, but this stairlift can also be folded if not in use, so it is more space-saving and suitable for narrow areas. Beige Stairlift from @salvaescalerasvalencia

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This staircase is equipped with a stairlift chair so that it will facilitate your activities. This stairlift is installed on a rail that was previously installed in the stair area. This tool will work by means of a person getting into a chair and being lifted up or down… Black and Beige Stairlift from @our_home_in_hereford

5 324716117_1622435784872932_8837960879024669383_n

You will never fail to install a stairlift on your indoor stair. The reason is he can lift you when you want to go up or down the stairs without having to walk. This stairlift is also equipped with a belt that is in the abdomen so that it will provide perfect security for everyone who uses it. Light Brown Stairlift from @urbanexplor3

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To make it easier to go up and down stairs, you can install a stairlift in the stairwell. This time you can use a stairlift with a modern design and is equipped with hand supports, soft pads, and footrests so that it will provide perfect comfort. This stairlift is also very flexible because if it’s not in use the owner can fold it and it will look tidier. Modern Stairlift from @sulacessibilidade

7 243730333_406014127722876_5250403494443337626_n

This staircase, which is quite long, is equipped with a satirlift so that it will provide several advantages for you. By using this stairlift, your stairs can be accessed by anyone, including persons with disabilities or children. This tool works by raising and lowering the stairs of the people above it through the rails that have been installed before. Black Stairlift from @our_home_in_hereford

8 75654083_221247448870435_6336242260880878575_n

The stairlift that is installed on the stairs of your house will work by raising and lowering the stairs of someone who is above it. This tool is usually used for the elderly, people who are prone to falls and people with disabilities. By adding this tool in your home. will make your home hospitable to anyone. Therefore you will never fail to install this stairlift in your home. Stairlift with Belt from @sulacessibilidade

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Talking about the stairlift, this time we are using a stairlift with a curved design to follow the shape of the stairs. Similar to the usual stairlift, this curved stairlift is also intended for the elderly, people who fall easily and people with disabilities. Equipped with hand supports and footrests, this tool will provide perfect comfort for every user. Grey and White Stairlift from @fontanot_official

9 243475537_603895630795510_3523078921557916876_n

If you have parents, pregnant women, or even disabled people in your house, installing a stairlift in the indoor area is a perfect idea. After all, this tool will make it easier for every occupant of the house to go up and down the stairs. This tool is specially designed with footrests and hand supports so that it will make its users feel comfortable and safe. Ivory Stairlift from @salvaescalerasvalencia

Outdoor Stairlift

The outdoor stairlift is commonly installed on the stair that connects the yard to the porch before you enter the door. Then, it is also possible to be installed on the gardens stair, pool, backyard deck, and more. Since commonly the outdoor stair won’t be too high like the indoor stair, then you don’t need to have an extra accompaniment. Here are the ideas for you.

10 44253033_1866920786787184_1103638866484985030_n

This outdoor stairlift is also almost the same as the indoor stairlift, it is available in straight and curved shapes. But usually, outdoor stairlifts are equipped with weather-resistant features so they are safe to place in outdoor areas. You can even add a stairlift cover and close it when it’s not in use. White Stairlift from @adapt_colorado

11 84484169_1836084183193084_3507466557707421007_n

Not only on indoor stairs, you can also use a stairlift for outdoor stairs. Choose a stairlift design according to your stair design so that it can work perfectly. This time we are using a blue stairlift which is equipped with footrests, hand supports and also a belt so that it will work very safely. Blue Stairlift from @charlestonliftandramp

12 281159594_696229864988362_8120276845851840141_n

You will never fail to use a stairlift in an outdoor area, because it will make it easier to go up and down stairs in an outdoor area. Because it is in an outdoor area, this tool is equipped with a weather resistance feature so there is no doubt about its durability even in an outdoor area. Equipped with a soft pad and high back, this stairlift chair manages to provide comfort. White and Blue Stairlift from @careliftservices

13 71541979_2510749772304086_4766227899478813659_n

Adding a stairlift in outdoor and indoor areas has the same goal, which is to make it easier to go up and down stairs. This time we are using a stairlift chair with a straight design so it is simpler and works well. Having black nuances and mounted on white railings will make it successful in presenting a monochromatic appearance. Black Stairlift from @islandmobilitysolutions

14 326644240_1534548453708721_7367132471472669337_n

Take a look at this short outdoor stair! Equipped with a stairlift will make sick people, disabled people, and people who fall easily able to access it easily. Having a straight design, this stairlift looks simple but can still work according to its function. Equipped with weather resistance features, making it is very strong against rain, snow, and even hot sun. White Stairlift from @olympicliftsltd

15 38636625_1888152034826958_102868865195068858_n

Making it easier to go down and upstairs in an outdoor area by adding a stairlift is a perfect idea. The reason is by adding this stairlift, the stairs can be accessed by anyone, including sick people and people with disabilities. This stairlift is designed to be equipped with footrests, hand supports, and a belt so it is very safe. Cozy Stairlift from @towsonmedicalequipment

16 143083609_1341378996206925_2009138818827952208_n

If you want to install a stairlift on an outdoor stair, make sure the design is suitable so that it can work optimally. This time we use a straight stairlift for straight stairs so that it can work effectively and efficiently. This stairlift has a soft pad and can be rotated so that it can provide comfort and can be adjusted to your needs. Minimalist Stairlift from @westside_accessibility_roc

17 88236635_2897659483627699_5641058742890910313_n

Complete your outdoor stair with a stairlift! In this way, your outdoor stair can be accessed by anyone, including persons with disabilities. This stairlift is also equipped with comfortable footholds and supports so that it manages to provide perfect comfort. Equipped with weather-resistance features, this stairlift is suitable for outdoor areas. Black Stairlift from @smartliftsma

18 13696779_516347588559293_923298594_n

Make your ladder friendly to anyone! The right way is to add a stairlift to your outdoor stair so that they can be accessed easily. For outdoor areas, choose a stairlift that is equipped with weather-resistance features so it is safe and not easily damaged. Complete this tool with a cover so that when you don’t make it you can fold it and cover it with a cover so that it will last longer and not interfere with activities on the stairs. Light Brown Stairlift from @medicalcity_mobility

19 118890353_198083265029998_6759640519983592011_n

Perfect! This outdoor stair is equipped with a stairlift so that it makes it easier for everyone to go up and down the stairs. Specially designed with weather resistance features, this tool can work flawlessly even when exposed to rainstorms, snowfall, and even the hot sun. Equipped with stairlift hand supports, this will provide comfort according to the portion. Ivory Stairlift from @haltonstairlifts

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