Different kinds of dining table ideas to choose from2

Dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in every home. The dining table is one of the pieces of furniture that should be thought of first when you buy furniture for your home. It is the spot where family and friends gather to share meals, exchange gifts and catch up on life. It’s a space that you’ll use for years, so it’s worth making sure it’s perfect. Moreover, a dining room also the focal point of the room. Due to the reasons, in this case, you have to choose the best and right dining table to make your dining area more standout.

There are some considerations to choose a dining table for your home. A place and size is the first consideration when choosing a dining table. The right size can creat a balance look to your dining area. Next, you can consider purchasing online from decoelements.fr as they have huge variety of different shapes and designs to choose from. It depends on the theme you want to carry and the impression you will create. Can also be adjusted to the theme of your home interior. Finally, material is an important consideration in selecting a dining table. Here, we have some information about the dining table ideas. Let’s check it out!

Different kinds of dining table ideas to choose from1

Wooden Dining Table

The right wooden dining table can make a big difference to the look and feel of your room, so you should be sure to choose one that suits the style you want to achieve. Whether it’s a traditional farmhouse style, modern farmhouse or contemporary, there are plenty of great wood table options out there to suit any decorating scheme. Aside from choosing the right type of wood, another key factor is the finish you opt for. There are many different finishes available, from varnish to wax, which will protect the surface of your dining table from scuffs, spills and dirt.


This oval dining table design with wood is a popular choice to choose from and use. It’s a good idea to repaint it using a solid black color for a dramatic look which makes it easier for you to combine it with other interiors with any color choice. A dining table made of wood is not easily porous when used for a long time. Oval Wooden Dining Table from @lamaison_australia


When you choose a dining table with wood, then choose and use it with a choice of herringbone pattern so that it is not too plain and boring, especially if you leave it natural and not repainted. Teak wood is one of the recommended materials because it has a smooth and hard surface that is not easily broken and not easily scratched either. Usually this dining table is used in a farmhouse style dining room, you can try it now with the right choice. Herringbone Pattern Wooden Dining Table from @casa_de_cambridge


When you have reclaimed wood that is no longer used, then use it as the main material for a rustic dining table design that seems natural and environmentally friendly. To maintain the rustic theme of the dining room, there is no need to repaint so that it is more on budget too. A vase of blooming flowers placed on the tabletop is a decoration that you can use right now. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table from @_designtales_


If you’re looking to add an industrial element to your dining room, then a metal table could be the perfect addition. These tables are made from copper, brass, or iron and have a more robust look than other types of wooden furniture. Alternatively, you can go for something more modern such as a metal table that has a shiny base. This will make your dining area feel more spacious and sophisticated.


Do you need a glossy dining table look? If so, then you can use a dining table design with a choice of dark black metal. The advantage that you can use when using this dining table is that it is not easily scratched and is very easy to maintain, try to keep the surface of this dining table dry to avoid rust. Sleek Metal Dining Table from @kraft.cottage


When you use a dining table with metal material, repaint it to minimize the occurrence of rusty surfaces. Just choose paint with any color according to what you want, black is a color choice that will never fail. Chair legs made of metal and black are also a combination that can blend perfectly in the same room. Black Matte Metal Dining Table from @scandesignjacksonville

Glass Table

A glass dining table is a classic decor piece that works in minimalist modern spaces, luxury villas and cottage-inspired interiors. Glass dining tables work in Scandinavian settings as well, especially if you choose a base in light wood, gray or white hues. These colors provide a subtle contrast to a minimalist design and are perfect for transitional decor. You can also add a modern metal frame to the glass to complete your look. Also, it’s easy to decorate a glass table by adding just a few decorative items, such as tablecloth, flower vases and candles. It will create a modern look.


Glass and metal are a combination of materials that you can apply to modern dining table designs. Try to choose the surface of the dining table with glass material with the right thickness so that it doesn’t break easily when used for a long time. In addition, metal legs also make this table more sturdy in use for a long time. Glass with Metal Dining Table from @leebroom


This glass dining table will certainly have a more shiny surface. Perform routine maintenance on this dining table to keep it clean, all you can do now is wipe it with a microfiber cloth and cleaning liquid that you already have at home. You can try it right now for a modern look. Sleek Glass Dining Table from @furnitures_house1


To give the illusion that the dining room looks wider and more open, you can use the right furniture. The dining table is one of the choices of furniture that you can have, for example, you can use it with transparent glass material with sufficient thickness so that it doesn’t break easily either. The white room tones and deep black dining chair cushions bring out the monochromatic theme in an instant. Transparent Glass Dining Table from @homeofhaz

Small Designs

If you have a small space, a small dining table design is suitable for you. This table is designed for a capacity of four seats. So, it gives bnefits to save space in your home. Usually, this table comes in a square shape and has a simple and sleek design. If your home is in minimalist designs, a small dining table design can be a great option. You can easily push to the corner when not in use and the chairs can slide under the table, allowing you to utiliz the space.


Adjust the size of your dining table according to the number of family members. For example, if you have four family members, you can make a dining table with a small design. This minimalist-looking appearance has a touch of sage green which makes the room feel calmer and calmer. A small dining table will save more floor space. Modern Small Dining Table from @monmingo_home


Or if you live in a house only with a partner, then just use a minimalist dining table design with a small size. A dining table with two chairs placed facing each other is a choice that will never fail. The hairpin legs on the four bottoms of the table are sturdy enough to support all the food that is served. Small Dining Table with Hairpin Legs from @miriangarner


To get the most out of a narrow size, you can just use a round dining table. This round dining table has one supporting pillar and four wide legs, so you can store four chairs under the table, so the room will still look spacious when the dining table is not in use. Round Shaped Dining Table from @sprucingupthegaff

Extendable Table

Meanwhile, when it comes to dining tables, a key factor to consider is the seating capacity. If you have a small dining room, it’s possible that you’ll only be able to accommodate a few guests at one time. A good extendable table can solve this problem by expanding to accommodate more people when you need it. This option is especially useful when you live in a small apartment or house where space is at a premium.


If you like decorations that are different from the others, just use an extendable dining table to complete your dining room. This extendable dining table will make it easier for you because you can adjust it according to your needs, besides that this dining table is also very minimalist when combined with hairpin legs, but you don’t need to worry that this dining table will remain strong because there are four legs that support it. Extendable Dining Table with Hairpin Legs from @neighborhoodoaksteel


You can easily present an elegant appearance in the dining room by using a matte black dining table. That’s not enough, try to present a different impression by using a black matte exandable dining table. This dining table can be pulled to the right and left sides to suit your needs and can be used with family members. Black Matte Extendable Dining Table from @modern_european_sofas

Foldable Dining Table

A foldable table set can help you meet all your dining room needs and make the most of your small living space – and it could even increase the resale value of your home! These tables can be a lifesaver if you live alone or are in an apartment where you don’t have room for a regular dining table. They don’t take up any floor space once they’re folded away so they’re perfect for people who live in small spaces and can’t have a full-sized dining room set.


Placement of the dining table in a small dining room can be overcome by using a dining table that blends with the wall. This dining table has hinges on the part that blends in with the wall, so you can store it by folding it against the wall when not in use. Also complete with several chairs as an additional place and a long sofa as the main seat. Built-in Wall Foldable Dining Table from @_interior.elements

Bold Colors

For another option, try a new approach with bold colors for your dining table ideas. It can be a great solution if you bored with a neutral color and want to create a focal point in your dining room. The bold color of the dining table will attract some people attentions. All you have to do is just to make sure that your dining room colors are minimalist, so the colors won’t be clash with your dining table.


You don’t need to pay more to make the dining room look new, just repaint your dining table with a bold color. Not only can this look new, it can also make your dining atmosphere fresher coupled with the support of several other accessories such as flowers in a vase. Repaint Dining Table from @cmg_shabbynature


Create an atmosphere in your dining room to make it more attractive and cheerful by covering the dining table using tiles. Choose tiles that have bright and bold colors, for example yellow, yellow tiles are a smart idea to create a cheerful atmosphere. Coupled with various complementary accessories that also have bold colors such as plates, cups, and also table runners. Yellow Tile Dining Table from @erincrawfordstyles


If you have an artistic spirit within you, try pouring art into a piece of furniture in your home. Paint pictures of flowers in bright colors on your dining table to create a unique and joyful room atmosphere. Also complete with chairs that have bold colors to match the dining table that you have painted. Flower Pattern Ideas from @amylaurelart

Round Table

Another dining table idea is in a round shape. The round shape of the table can create an elegant look to your dining area. There are a lot of different styles to choose from when it comes to round dining tables, so you can find a design that fits your aesthetic perfectly. Some of the most popular options include glass, reclaimed wood, and solid wood. Some of these styles can be more expensive than others, so it’s important to consider your budget before deciding on a table. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to go with a simple round table made of solid wood or a glass top.


You can present a modern and elegant look at the same time in the dining room by using a round dining table with a simple design. This round modern dining table uses round support legs which you have coated with a layer of black paint to make it look more masculine. Modern Round Shaped Dining Table from @blisshomefurniture


If you have a dining room decoration with limited space, then you can use a dining table with a round shaped design. Use a transparent glass dining table material to give the illusion of a room that looks wider and more open. White chairs are a blend that will never fail and can be applied by circling this part of the dining table. Glass Material Round Dining Table from @home_with_candy_sky

Unique Shapes

Choosing a dining table is one of the most challenging tasks for many homeowners, as the shape of the table has a huge impact on the size of the room in which it’s positioned. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to unique shapes. Some have a more modern and nontraditional look, while others are timeless.


Choose and use a dining table with a different design. Currently you can use a hexagon dining table design with glass material that is thick enough so it doesn’t break easily either. This part of the dining table is covered with a placemat that has a pattern so that it can add color to the room, you can try it right now. Hexagon Dining Table from @keycityantiques


Look at the design of the dining table which is dominated by this striped pattern, doesn’t it look fun? Yes, you can use a round table stand for a different and more unique look. The striped pattern used has a mix of black and white which is able to present a monochromatic theme instantly. You can use this dining table to make it the focal point of the room. Striped Pattern Dining Table from @anulovesinteriors


This curved dining table with white stone material can be perfected by using matching colored chairs so that it can present a modern minimalist theme. This dining table has a smooth surface and is comfortable to use as long as it is used. The curved shape of this dining table is safe for your children because it has an obtuse angle. Curved Dining Table from @aladayinteriors

Rectangular Dining Table

A rectangular dining table is one of the most common and traditional shapes of dining tables. It is also a popular choice for many homes due to its versatility and ease of placement. And they’re available in a variety of widths to fit almost any space. They also tend to be more adaptable than round or square types. This table is suitable to be placed in an open space design or in a large room. It can accomodate a large group of people, so it is suitable if you want to have a party or just dinner in your home. This will allow you to fit more than enough food on the table and still have room for each guest’s plates.


Do you have a large number of family members? If so, then you can use a wooden dining table with a large number of chairs. Use wood as the main material for this dining table to make it look more environmentally friendly and seem natural too. Wood materials are also not easily porous when used for a long time. Teak Wood Rectangle Dining Table from @stewartpavilion


This glass dining table with a heart-shaped stand has a rectangular shape that can accommodate long enough family members. A heart stand with a shiny gold color is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. The dining table surface material with thick glass material is not easily scratched when you use it with great care. Glass Dining Table with Heart Shaped Stand from @theluxurysenses

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