Art is a great way to spruce up an interior design, we all know this. It adds colour and – most importantly – character to the home in a way that ordinary ornamental features cannot. 

But even art can get a little boring after a while. This is mostly because everyone has their own sort of style. Walk around your house right now and you’ll see the same style repeated over and over again with your art pieces. They’re beautiful, for sure, but they likely all say different things in the same way.

There is a method to get over this, however. Not all art pieces are created upon a canvas. There are a number of artists out there doing something different, and it’s important to look into these differences if you want a house that breathes differently in each room.

With this in mind, here’s a look at three different kinds of art that can make sure your house never feels safe or, even worse, boring:

Concrete Art

In 2023, concrete art is one of the new trends that is really beginning to pick up steam. Instead of a canvas and some paint, artists are instead using slabs of concrete to carve their ideas, with rustic looking paints to make them pop – click on judaica store for some examples of this. 

A piece of concrete art can be a great centrepiece for your home, or you could use it to decorate your entrance hall, along with a stone table, to immediately spice things up as soon as you walk through the door.

Art Sculptures

Another interesting route to go down is art sculptures. These are essentially art pieces that you can touch and feel. They feel more tangible, like a presence that is constantly inside your home. It is important, however, to choose the right sculpture, making sure it remains a décor piece rather than a distraction. 

You also need to make sure that it goes with the room that you are placing it inside. With traditional art on a canvas, it can tell its own story and become a nice, additional feature to the home décor you already have in the room. When it comes to sculptures, however, they become a part of the room far more than a canvas does, so you need to ensure they don’t stick out and the sculpture matches your themes.

Graffiti Art

This is where we’re going to go a bit out there. We’re not talking about graffiti art like a canvas depicting works from Banksy. We’re talking about literally getting spray-paint cans and doing the art yourself, DIY style. This will immediately make a bold statement inside your home and light up your walls with something different. 

In a way, it can also become a bit of a project. Get large sheets of paper and practice a bit, honing down your own style and the story you want to tell.  That way, when it comes to the real thing, you’ve done everything you can to make sure it not only matches your personality but looks beautiful. Please note, however, that this is not a good idea to try out if you’re living in a rental property!


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