Deck privacy ideas to create a personal outdoor oasis2

There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying the outside view in your decks. In this place, you can spend your time to relax while enjoying the surrounding. It means, your deck should be decorated as comfortably and well as possible. Including avoiding noise and some distractions. Whether facing neighbors, unsightly surroundings, or traffic noise. In this case, you need some privacy ideas for your deck. Your deck should be your own personal outdoor oasis, so you have to keep privacy on your deck. Lack of privacy will reduce your comfort when on deck.

If you want to enjoy your deck without having to worry about the neighbors or road noise, there are plenty of ways to create privacy. For instance, a simple wood fence or lattice can help you feel private. Or, if you’re willing to put in the effort, a trellis could provide a more customized solution. For other ideas, take a look these ideas below.

Deck privacy ideas to create a personal outdoor oasis1


A fence is one of the most effective ways to add privacy to a deck. It can also help block unsightly views, reduce noise and provide shelter from the wind. This type of fence is often made of wood and can blend seamlessly with a deck’s design. So, it can add more privacy while creating an aesthetic look to your deck.


Using a deck in the backyard will be safer and more private if you apply a fence as a barrier between the sitting area and the garden area. To keep the privacy deck fence from lasting longer, use iron material that has been coated with rust-resistant paint, black paint is a neutral color that you can try to apply. Fences Privacy Deck from @timbertech


Privacy fences that are suitable for modern decoration are large and strong fences, to maintain security if you have small children so they don’t get out of your sight. The combination of wood and iron will make the appearance of the privacy deck fence look more attractive and elegant. Modern Look Fences fro Privacy Deck from @greenfutureconstruction


Not always with iron material, you can also use wood material around you to be used as a fence to maintain your privacy when doing activities on the deck. Use reclaimed wood so that the deck looks warmer and can also maintain privacy tighter. Reclaimed Wood Deck Fence from @bridgewaydesigns


One of the best ways to create privacy on a deck is to plant trees. Trees provide year-round privacy and block the view of nearby neighbors. If you have a small yard, try planting a few trees around the edge of your deck for a soft, leafy curtain. By selecting diverse tree species, you can add drama and interest. According to Missy Henriksen, senior horticulturalist with the National Association of Landscape Professionals, “Evergreen plants provide coverage throughout the year.


For those of you who like the natural look of your deck but can still maintain your privacy, there’s nothing wrong if you plant cypress trees on the edge of the deck. You can also make this fir tree as a fence because of the character of cypress trees that can grow tall, this makes cypress trees the choice of many people for deck fences or even house fences. Fir Tree Fence from @unlockre


Combine raised garden and tree fences to provide privacy on the deck in your home. This is a neat way that you can try by planting trees on concrete, this raised garden has provided enough space to become a planting medium so that this tree fence will still thrive even in a narrow planting medium. Raised Garden with Trees Fence from @outdoordesignbyoz


In addition to providing privacy on the deck in your home, using a tree fence can also provide a cool, peaceful and natural effect. A bamboo tree is one of the plants that you can use as a deck fence, this bamboo tree fence will make the deck more comfortable so that the deck will become one of your favorite places in your home. Bamboo Privacy Fence from @cbimadeiras


Deck privacy ideas using plants can make an outdoor space feel more secluded and welcoming. Planters are an inexpensive and easy way to turn a dull backyard into an inviting oasis. Therefore, for a less-expensive version of this idea, use large planters filled with tall, decorative grasses or flowers. It will bring a fresh look to your deck.


When you have used a wooden fence in the deck area, to add a personal impression, you can hang some iron planters that can be used to plant beautiful blooming flowers. This planter can be hung more than one according to the size of the wooden fence used, you can try it now easily and cheaply. Vintage Iron Planter Deck from @glenrenn


There’s nothing wrong with covering the fence deck with a raised planter that can be used as a privacy deck that blends in with a bench for a comfortable sitting area. Just make this bench with natural pallet material so that it can be used easily and is environmentally friendly. Plant this part of the pallet raised garden with several trees of the same height. Privacy Raised Garden Deck from @dghpropertyservices


One of the ways you can make the fence deck look taller is to put a large number of planters. These planters include beautiful blooming flowers that come in a variety of different colors and green plants that will thrive under direct sunlight. Do watering regularly for maximum plant results. Planters Display on the Fence from @gardeninggays


Hedges have long been a popular option for backyard privacy. They offer a lot of coverage, help filter noise and come in a wide range of styles. Hedges also suitable for adding privacy to your deck. These are a classic way to provide privacy for decks. The symmetrical, linear shape of a hedge creates visual screening that’s both attractive and functional.


For those of you who like calm and something natural, you can try to create it in the deck area of your house. At this time you can combine hedges with several types of green plants and trees that can grow taller. All you can do now is keep and care for the hedges to keep them neat and trimmed too for an elegant look that will never fail. Combination of Hedges with Trees from @gardens_and_architecture


Hedges make you more free to be creative in making it a deck fence. Yes, hedges are plants that are easy to shape according to what you want, as well as for deck fences you can adjust the shape of the hedges to follow the shape of the deck. Neat hedges will make the deck look more elegant. Elegant Hedges Fence from @hedgecrafttrimming


If you have a deck adjacent to the pool, using hedges as a high privacy fence is a very smart idea. Hedges that are planted along the edge of the pond will make your relaxed atmosphere with your closest people or relatives more enjoyable and certainly safe. The deck that you also use as a sitting area will be the most comfortable place in your home. High Privacy Hedges Fence from @oriolelandscaping

Lattice Screens

A lattice screen is a great way to add a decorative touch to your deck without blocking the view. They’re easy to erect and they come in a variety of materials, including wood. It can be a great option to add privacy to your deck while getting an aesthetic look.


So that your conversations with friends or family can be more private, you can use a lattice screen that is quite high in size. This lattice screen can be installed right next to the outdoor furniture used, choose and use pallet wood materials so that they have a harder surface so they are not easily porous when used for quite a long time. No need to repaint to make it more on budget. Pallet Wood Lattice Screen from @msfitcanada


Adjust the use of privacy lattice screens in the deck area with the use of outdoor furniture. When using tables and chairs using solid black, you can also use black lattice screens too. Furthermore, the fence can be painted white for a monochromatic look that can be obtained instantly. Dark black paint also makes outdoor furniture not easily look dirty. Repaint Wood Lattice Screen from @jp_mercantile


Take a look at the lattice screen design that is applied to this privacy deck, doesn’t it look charming with a touch of beautiful patterns? Yes, you can try it with a touch of dark black framed with red wood to make it look more elegant. This privacy lattice screen has an engraved pattern that can add a touch of luxury to your backyard deck. Unique Design Lattice Screen from @strotherfab


If you are looking for a way to add privacy to your deck or patio, consider adding trellises. These sturdy garden structures also a popular option for supporting climbing plants and fruit trees, as well as defining pathways. So, this can be option if you want to add fresh look to your deck.


Besides being able to be used as a privacy deck, trellis in this outdoor area can also support sunlight so it doesn’t focus directly on your skin during the day. Just use a trellis with a size that is high enough and of course just choose a solid black paint for a dramatic look that will never fail. This trellis is usually used to propagate the green plants that you have. Black Matte Trellis Ideas from @southerncraftedshutters


In addition to adding to the privacy of the deck, the double trellis that is used outdoors can also add beauty by hanging several hanging pots filled with green plants or blooming flowers. Repaint this plant trellis with a color that matches the use of an outdoor dining table so that it blends more perfectly and harmonizes. Double Wood Privacy Trellis from @ana_interiors


When you use a trellis with a choice of wood, this will never fail to apply. Trellis made of wood actually has a smooth outer surface but is not easily porous with quite extreme changes in outdoor weather. There’s nothing wrong with combining this privacy trellis wood with modern outdoor furniture. DIY Wooden Trellis from @sousaoutdoorliving

Add Curtains

For other deck privacy ideas, you can also choose fabric outdoor curtains that you can pull to open up your deck or patio or shut down completely for privacy. You can opt for sheer curtains for smooth and light impressions. Curtains are versatile and easy to clean, making them a convenient choice for your deck privacy ideas.


Another easy way that you can try to maintain high privacy on the deck that you also use as a dining room is to use curtains. Curtains that are installed on the right and left of the dining room deck will make the appearance more rustic and also classic. Especially if you also put cloth on the top of the deck, it will certainly protect you from the hot sun during the day. Rustic Style Deck Curtain from @tylerandtodd


If you want to create a quiet, peaceful and comfortable area to relax or to rest after a day of activities, try making a deck with curtains placed around it. A complete deck with swings will add to the comfort and quality of your rest. Curtains installed are useful for blocking incoming light directly. Bold Color Deck Curtain from @wainwrighthousetohome


The choice of curtain material to be installed on the deck in your home is a step that you have to skip, satin is an example of a material that can block the heat of the sun while maintaining the privacy of the deck. Don’t forget to attach hooks to the curtain rods so you can open or close them according to the sun exposure your skin needs. Satin Material Deck Curtain from @happy2stayor2go


Vines are a great way to add privacy to your deck. They’re popular for decorating trellises and fences, but you can also use them to create a screen that blocks views from neighbors or passersby. If you want a quick and easy screen that will provide privacy on your deck, try a vine such as the gold flame honeysuckle (Lonicera species). Its fragrant flowers bloom from spring through frost, and it’s effective trained along eaves or framing a doorway. Bougainvillea is another fast-growing vine that will quickly cover up a fence.


The deck decoration which is perfected with privacy vines adds a natural feel that you can try right now. This plant will work well to be perfected by using a fence made of wood or iron. The two will work well together to make your deck décor more private and private too. Take care to get the vines that will develop optimally. Privacy Vines Deck from


Vertical vines on this deck decoration keep your privacy safer from neighbors. Therefore you can use it together with a fence with a size that is high enough. This privacy deck vine is low maintenance, all you have to do is water it regularly and trim the plant parts that are too long and obstruct the view of this deck decoration. Vertical Vines Decoration from @outdeco

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