Common roof damage problems you should know2

Although it doesn’t give such a big impact on the beauty of your house decoration, the roof is something essential for your house. Imagine that the roof is not only being used to protect your house from rain, sunlight, snow, and any flying objects entering your house but also to reduce energy costs by blocking the heat. If you want to use solar energy for your energy resource, then the roof is the best spot where you can install it. There is no doubt that the roof is important to be noticed as a part of your house.

Common roof damage problems you should know1

From all of those facts, it is clear that you should maintain your roof well. However, roof damage becomes a bad thing that can ruin everything. If you want your roof to function well for a long period, then maintaining your roof is a must. An excellent way to do this is to hire a professional roof inspection service to come and examine your roof for any signs of damage. This will help you to identify any potential problems earlier and prevent further damage from occurring. Here, you should learn the roof damage problems that commonly attack and give you trouble.

Kinds of Roof Damage

Before you plan to maintain your roof, knowing the kinds of roof damage is the first thing that you should do. There will be many things that can damage your roof but here, we will show you some of them in some categories as follow.

External Forces

The external forces come from factors that we can’t control and avoid that commonly comes from nature. Mostly, external forces damage the roof heavily damaged and in a shorter time than the other causes. Here are the external forces that can damage the roof.

Heavy Rain

The heavy rain that becomes a storm is really dangerous for your roof. It can tear apart your roof in minutes and create heavy damage immediately. Even sometimes, the roof can slump down and create leaks. For this kind of damage, you should ask a professional because the damage can be in a wide range of your roof.

1 snapinsta.app_275545217_507035407611076_8710090732191139532_n_1080

Look at the picture above! This roof suffered damage caused by heavy rain. This causes the roof to peel off due to the high intensity of rain. When this is allowed, your roof will leak and make the ceiling seep and maybe it will break. Roof Damaged Due to Rain from @starcityskies

2 snapinsta.app_40382327_476724182841098_6757517108784291570_n_1080

Heavy rain is one of the things that often causes damage to the roof of your house. Look at the picture above, the roof damage is in the form of an open roof due to the high intensity of rain. When this happens, it is very likely that your roof will leak and damage to the ceiling will occur. Peeling Roof from @kapiliroofingpainting

3 snapinsta.app_283463809_1614772905563794_737058205298138503_n_1080

One of the things that can cause damage to the roof is heavy rain. This time the heavy rain resulted in several roofs sinking, so that the roof would be damaged. You can prevent this by checking the roof regularly and repairing minor damage. Slumping Roof from @finefinishedexteriors


Strong Wind

No debate! The strong will is the scariest one that can damage your roof. The first thing is that your roof can fly. Then, if there are trees around your house, they can fall and damage your roof. So, be careful if you want to grow a tree. Make sure that you create space between the tree and your house.

4 snapinsta.app_337399266_906197010655788_5008630076391396443_n_1080

Apart from heavy rain, strong winds are one of the things that can also cause damage to the roof of your house. The damage that often occurs is that the roof is crushed by fallen trees so that it cracks or breaks. Therefore, you should prune trees that are close to the roof of the house so that they will avoid damage. Hit by a tree branch from @aly.oops90

5 snapinsta.app_332344057_935664607862384_3448259323588417486_n_1080

Look at this roof! He suffered damage in the form of peeling off the top of the roof. Damage to this roof is caused by strong winds which can result in the roof not being able to function properly. To overcome this, you can bring in experts to repair the roof in your home. Raised Roof Shingles from @disasterblaster

6 napinsta.app_334136520_1909059309471167_5807054494892402598_n_1080

There is a lot of damage caused by strong winds, one of which is damage to the roof. Look at the picture of the roof above! It was damaged which resulted in cracks and leaks in the roof. This is caused by being hit by the ruins of a tree that was hit by a big wind. Therefore, to prevent this, you can trim the trees around the roof of your house. Fallen Tree from @travelswithdelaney

Sun Exposure

Well, although the sun exposure won’t damage the roof in a short time period, it won’t be that long too. The sun exposure will make the roof peel off. When it happens, your roof will lose its beauty and can leak easily. No matter what kind of roof material you use, sun exposure will be able to damage your roof. Well, although it is not that urgent to be repaired soon, it is better for you bring your roof appearance back as soon as possible to maintain the beauty of your roof.

7 snapinsta.app_94977933_858544851318097_2973707408735848703_n_1080

This time exposure to the sun actually resulted in damage to the roof. The roof of this house was damaged in the form of several roofs peeling off which made its performance no longer good. This will cause your roof to leak when it rains. Eroded Roof from @homeinspector_saltlake

8 snapinsta.app_35328209_987825231378079_8136129507145809920_n_1080

There is a lot of damage that is often experienced by the roof of a house, one of which is the peeling of the first layer on the roof. This damage is caused by exposure to the sun that is too hot and too long so this happens. When this damage occurs, and is not repaired, it will result in water damage and damage to the interior of your home. Sun Exposure Roof Damage from @redmuddstudio

9 snapinsta.app_11098446_1633149326898655_1810117871_n_1080

No longer about damage caused by heavy rain and strong winds, this time the roof damage was caused by sun exposure. This will cause the paint on your roof to peel off and even erode the roof. With this, your roof’s performance is not optimal and when it rains heavily you might experience a leak. Wooden Roof Damage from @jwaitsphoto

Regular Wear

For regular wear, the damage won’t be that heavy. It is something that won’t give a huge impact and you can deal with this yourself. It means that you don’t a professional to repair your roof. You just need to have a courage and ladder. Here are the regular wear damages that can occur to your roof.

Faded Color

The faded color is something common that won’t create any problem even when you have it on your roof. It will just cause the look of your roof to be bad. You can repaint it or just let it be that way.

10 snapinsta.app_283967241_430813458883455_8489719139662984482_n_1080

Common damage that is often experienced by the roof of your house is a faded roof color. This happens usually due to continuous exposure to rain and sunlight and may cause the color to fade. Maybe this won’t cause a leak, but it will make the roof look less attractive. Faded Roof from @finefinishedexteriors

11 snapinsta.app_336949202_2838598846272021_8792714609931428552_n_1080

There are several damages that often occur on the roof of your house, one of which is the fading of the color of the roof like the roof above. At first, it has a clean and beautiful color, but due to too long exposure to the sun. This will result in your roof not looking pretty and less attractive. Faded Roof Color from @hydrosheen

12 snapinsta.app_10693754_689162117839331_1210946838_n_1080

This roof is made using galvanized and painted red. However, this roof has suffered damage in the form of fading roof color and makes it look less beautiful. Damage to this roof is caused by exposure to sunlight that is too hot and too long. Faded galvanized roof paint from @kimheep

Dark Spot

This damage won’t affect all roof parts. The dark spot will only come in some parts of the roof mostly at a certain angle of the roof. If you don’t want it to happen to your roof, you should do the cleaning periodically.

13 snapinsta.app_118067792_592122154793466_6040882585727015206_n_1080

Dark spots are also one of the common damages experienced by the roof of your house. This is in the charge because algae breeds in the roof area. Unsightly dark stains can really diminish the appeal of your roof. If left unchecked, algae problems can even cause shingles to break and leak. Dark Spot from @ibuildmemphis

14 snapinsta.app_283890447_1038487126778299_7485191839156918370_n_1080

The roof above is damaged in the form of having dark spots. The cause of this roof damage is algae landing on the roof and nesting there and causing the roof to change color. When this happens, it will create dark spots on your roof and will make it completely unattractive. Dark Spot on the Roof from

Uneven Shingles

This one can create a leak so when it happens, it is better for you to re-arrange the shingles. Basically, it is not a big thing that won’t be difficult and won’t need a long time so you can repair it yourself.

15 snapinsta.app_337110952_504776908534545_6685958962610474909_n_1080

Look at the roof on this one! It has damage in the form of uneven shingles so it will make your roof look unattractive. This may also cause leaks and cause damage to the interior of your home. This one damage is very common and often experienced by tiled roofs. Wave Roof from @roofershelper

16 snapinsta.app_335594011_1610311992745834_773158893961038304_n_1080

One of the most common regular wear roof damage experienced by your roof is uneven shingles. Look at the picture above! This roof has uneven shingles and damages its performance. If you notice warping or other irregularities in the structure, be prepared to fix these problems to prevent further damage. Uneven Shingles from @majorconstructioninc

Roof Ages

The roof age is the cause of the roof damage that won’t be there in a short time period. It comes after a very long time period and mostly, when it happens, you should change the roof or do a big renovation. So, what are the possible roof damage that may occur that is caused by the roof ages? Check the following information.

Crack Roof

When your roof is cracking, you should make sure that you repair it soon. You can’t let it this way for too long because there will be some risk. The first one is of course about the leak. You can break your ceiling if there is a leak from the roof. Then, the gap on the roof caused by the crack can let bugs, dust, and some small insects enter your house. It is good if you have plasterboard there, but if not, then you will let all of those things enter your house.

17 snapinsta.app_17332295_1682937085337554_5507669801859809280_n_1080

Not only because of the weather, weathering is also often a problem that results in damage to the roof of your house. One of the damage that is often experienced by the roof of the house due to age is the occurrence of cracks in the roof. When this is left unchecked it will result in leaks and will most likely result in damage to the interior of your home. Cracked Terracotta Roof from @alonsofotosintesis

18 snapinsta.app_320641696_1201642240481381_8634685636176490478_n_1080

The age of the roof is one of the things that really affects the damage to the roof of your house. A cracked roof is one of the most common types of damage that is experienced because the roof has aged too long. When this has happened, you should immediately do the repairs. Because if it is not repaired it will make the damage bigger. Gray cracked roof from @jnjroofing

19 snapinsta.app_18947814_483724721966405_7085093916814344192_n_1080

Look at the roof on this one! He suffered damage in the form of a wide enough crack in the ceiling area. This happens because the age of the roof is too long and may be brittle. The right solution to overcome this is to replace the cracked roof with a new one because if left unchecked it will cause leaks. Big Cracked Roof from @jorgaks


Water Leak

The old roof will make your roof break and when it is broken, the water leak will damage your house. When the leak is not too wide, you can control it by simply repairing it yourself. But, when it already affects a wide part of the ceiling, then you should ask a professional.

20 snapinsta.app_285198361_727060468422287_300489835941174270_n_1080

Water leak on the roof is one of the fatal damage. This is because water can enter the house and cause the ceiling to become damp and maybe the paint will peel off. When left alone for too long, it will result in more fatal damage and disturb the comfort of your home. Damp Ceiling from @homecaremanagers

21 snapinsta.app_334028128_898636458019028_1301708642723477500_n_1080

A leaky roof is one of the damages that is often experienced by almost all roofs caused by water damage. The effect given by water damage to the roof usually affects the ceiling, because the ceiling will be exposed to water seepage and may be broken. Therefore, do regular checks and identify signs of damage. Ceiling seeps from @pm_handyman_and_tiling

22 snapinsta.app_327969043_210365391463220_3685614477998720463_n_1080

The result of a water leak on the roof is a leak in the ceiling of your house. This will result in damage to the interior of your home, one of which is the ceiling and walls. When this happens, it will disturb the comfort in your home and also make the house look messy. Leaking ceiling from @mkconstrpro

What to Do with Your Roof Damage

The roof damage can be surely repaired. You can do it yourself when the damage is not too critical and only in a small spot such as a single crack roof, dark spot, or uneven shingles in a small scope. But, you should ask the emergency roof repairs professional right away when the damage is worrying and affect many parts of your roof such as the damages that are caused by the storm, heavy rain, or strong wind.

Anyway, roof damage can create a new problem for your house so that it can’t be ignored. Let’s say that you can have structural damage and electrical damage that are caused by roof damage. The structural damage will make your ceiling and wall damaged. Then, the electrical damage will affect your electrical system which can be dangerous. It is astonishing how a small thing can be a big thing that threatens your whole building.

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