7 top kitchen designs that will blow your mind2

Looking for an idea for your kitchen? Then you come to the right place because today we will talk about a kitchen design that is approved by a famous designer around the globe. Take a look at 7 Top Kitchen Designs That Will Blow Your Mind.

7 top kitchen designs that will blow your mind1

Fake a Banquette

1 Fake a Banquette 7 Top Kitchen Designs That Will Blow Your Mind


The setting in this dining room is for a cozy setup. The cushy vintage sofa and lots of pillows paired with a set of dining chairs make the room looks casual yet welcoming to our family and friends. The room design by designer Liz Caan will make comfier times to chat after finishing your dinner.

Pink Dining Room

2 Pink Dining Room 7 Top Kitchen Designs That Will Blow Your Mind


The room designed by Nicole Dohmen of Atelier ND Interior looks sophisticated yet lively, it looks cute and romantic at the same time. Nicole add a bubblegum pink dining table paired with striped Roman Shades. While the curtain in the room is using purple in color that matches the walls and ceiling.

Mural Wallcovering

Mural Wallcovering will tell a story while you eat dinner or it can also make a bold impact on the room. The designer Courtney McLeod also includes an acrylic topper with the table and chairs that shimmers and adds glam to the room.

Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

The designer Kari Arendsen combined neutral chairs with a textured rug and a large wicker pendant for the dining room. It looks simple yet inviting, the design will surely be approved by the coastal grandmother queen Nancy Meyers.

Ancient Feel

Incorporating antiques that include chairs, table, limestone flooring, and art, the designer Lauren Liess successfully enhance the aged feel of a barrel-vaulted ceiling made from Jerusalem Stone.

Bold with Red

The combination of red dining chairs, red rug, and cherry red wall paint give a statement to this dining room. Designer Cullman & Kravis also add gold accents such as mirrors, console tables, and chandeliers to elevate the look of the room.

Paired with a Contemporary Fireplace

A contemporary fireplace will be the best choice if you didn’t like the idea of using a full-blown mantel. Designer Richard T. Anuszkiewicz successfully makes the room feel like both a dining room and a living room, moreover adding extra candles to the dining table will add the ambiance.

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