Pool maintenance that you should do2

Having a private pool in your house is such a blessing. That is why maintaining it is a must. Even when doing the maintenance for the pool is quite expensive, to have a proper swimming pool for a long time, you should do the maintenance regularly. It is such a big investment that will be surely worth it.

Not doing pool maintenance can be dangerous and give a bad impact. Imagine when the bottom of the pool is mossy that will make it slippery. How dangerous it can be not only for the kids but also for the adults. Then, if there is some dirt such as dry leaves and twigs, or bugs that are trapped in the pool, they can rot and create germs that affect your health.

Pool maintenance that you should do1

Don’t wait until your pool is too dirty and damaged. Here we will tell you some things that you should know related to pool maintenance.

Things to Do

If you are going to have pool maintenance, it is better for you to do the list of things that you should do because it will be varied. You may do it all at once. Or, you can do some of them just based on your pool condition. For example, changing the filter won’t be too often just like cleaning the pool floor and wall. To give you ease, here we have a list of what you should do for your swimming pool cleaning project.

Vacuum the Pool

It can be the most often thing that you should do. It will clean your pool so that your pool can be free from moss, dust, foliage, twig, bugs, and any other things that dirt your pool. There are varied pool vacuums available at the store. some of them are automatic but some of them need you to move them. In this case, if you have your own vacuum, you can do the cleaning by yourself. However, you can surely ask the professional if you don’t have the tool and are too busy to do this.

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Pool cleaning is one of the right ways to pool care ideas in your home. You can do this by vacuuming the pool with a tool so that it will be more effective and efficient. You can clean it regularly so that your pool will look clean and well-maintained. Vacuum the Pool from @woodsidepoolsnj

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Using a vacuum to clean the pool is a perfect idea. The reason is that the dirt in the pool can be sucked up perfectly from small to quite large. This one method will never fail for poll maintenance ideas in your home so that it will make it look more perfect and very comfortable to use for swimming. Pool Cleaning from @mickeyaddict1001

Water Level Maintenance

Although it sounds simple, maintaining the water level is important so that the water of your swimming pool can be filtered well. It means that the water level should be high enough until it can be reached by the water filter system of the pool. Additionally, if the water level doesn’t fit with the filter, it is quite risky to damage the filter machine.

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Water level maintenance is one of the things you should pay attention to in pond maintenance. Make sure the pool water is on the right radar by installing water level maintenance on the pool wall. In this way, the pool will be a comfortable and safe place to swim. Square Water Level Maintenance from @aquaramapools

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Keep your pool looking comfortable and well-maintained! You can do this by maintaining the water level. This pool is equipped with water level maintenance that has been set by the owner of the water level radar. Make sure the water in the pool is on the right radar so that it will provide the safety of everyone who swims there without fear of drowning. Rectangular Water Level Maintenance from @brownspools

Pool Filter Cleaning

Besides the pool itself, the pool filter becomes the next part that you should clean. It is because when the filter is dirty, it won’t work well in filtering the pool so the water will still be unclear. In case the filter is already too dirty to be cleaned or there is a broken spot, you should change the filter with the new one.

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Cleaning a pool filter is one of the things you have to do for pond maintenance in your home. Here you can clean it by spraying it with water until all the dirt falls out and the pool filter is clean again. You can regularly clean this pool filter so that it will make pond maintenance easier. Sand Pool Filter Cleaning from @poolwerx

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The pool filter is one of the things that really affect the cleanliness of the pool and also the performance of the pool. Therefore, you can clean it using high-pressure water so that the dirt will fall out and the pool filter will be clean again. When the pool filter is clean, the water in the pool will also look clean so it won’t cause bacteria or anything. Pool Filter Cleaning from @bestway_canada

Chlorine Checking

It can be said that chlorine is the important thing that you should add to your swimming pool water. No matter what kind of pool you have, chlorine is a must. the chlorine will help you to make your pool looks clean. That is why it is said that chlorine is the cleaning solution for any pool. The chlorine won’t make your pool water change and won’t erode the plumbing so you don’t need to worry. It may not kill the germs in the pool but surely worth it to add to the water with its functions.

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Not only about the cleanliness of the pool, but checking the chlorine level in the pool is one thing that cannot be missed. This time you can use several tools and liquids to check the chlorine level in your pool. This way, you can find out how much chlorine is in the pool and will know what to do next. Pool Test Chlorine from @blakesalesassociates

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Talking about pool maintenance, this time you can check the chlorine. This will allow you to know the quality of the pool water and be able to carry out further maintenance. Checking chlorine can be done periodically so that it will keep the water level in the pool maintained. Water Chlorine Checking from @vegaspoolsolutions

Kinds of Pool

After knowing the things that you should do to maintain your pool, then it is time for you to know the kinds of pools. The reference will let you have the consideration in case you want to build a new pool for your house. Also, it is important for you to know that the maintenance of each kind of pool is different. Take a look at the following pool references that you can copy.

Above-Ground Pool

This pool is not built into the ground. It is built on the ground and will be quite high. It is made of vinyl liner or a frame made of metal, resin, or both. The thing that you should consider is that the frame should be able to support the weight of the water. This kind of pool won’t be too wide but popular enough because it won’t need a high cost to make. Also, it is easy to set up and take down in case you want to move it.

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Above ground pool is a pond built on the ground. Having a square shape and made using concrete will make this pool look simple and suitable for outdoor areas. Equipped with a desk and glass fence will make this pool look extraordinary. Square Above ground Pool from @localspropertygroup

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Talking about the various types of pools, for now, we are discussing above-ground pools. Made using galvanize to make this pool resistant to water and suitable for outdoor areas. Having a circular shape and not too big in size makes it look simple but still functions properly. Round Above ground Pool from @riseandshinealways

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One type of pool that is often owned is the above-ground pool. This above-ground pool has a curved shape so it looks attractive and safe for children. Located in the garden area, this pool will make it very comfortable for swimming while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Curved Above ground Pool from @strikingpools

In-Ground Pool

This is the kind of permanent pool that is commonly built in the backyard area. Although need a high cost, the in-ground pool lets you have many features such as diving boards, slides, water games, water fountains, and more. You can also install some accessories there like decorative lighting to beautify your backyard.

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Look at this one pool! Made with an inground design that will make it look beautiful and simple but still works well. Having a rectangular shape will make it look simple but can still function well. Being under a tree makes it get the perfect shade and manages to provide comfort in this pool area. Concrete in ground pool from @bradfordproducts

11 snapinsta.app_326566498_212903854604735_1707933779667968114_n_1080

This inground pool has a wave design so that it will present a very attractive visual appearance. The paver which is on the edge of the pool will provide comfort for everyone who will go to the pool. The owner also completes this inground pool with shade so that it will provide comfort and shade at the same time. Inground Pool with Shade from @dannermfg

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One type of pool that is often used is in-ground. This time the in-ground poll has a wave design so it looks very beautiful and full of charm. Gravels that are neatly arranged on the edge of the pond will present an attractive visual appearance. Meanwhile, the solar lamp will provide beautiful lighting at night. Wave Inground Pool from @orangecountypoolsandspas

Infinity Pool

The infinity pool is an adorable one as it has a vanishing-edge design. It can create an illusion that the water has no bound. Can you imagine how beautiful it will be? Well, beauty things need a big effort including this infinity pool. You will need a high budget to build and maintain the pool.

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Infinity Pool is one type of pool that is often found in hotels. This type of pool has the illusion that the pool looks like it is unlimited or endless. This illusion is designed by making the wall on one side of the pool smaller than the volume of water. Blue Infinity Pool from @grandvelasnay

14 snapinsta.app_338778388_1349998418910123_1068327371317463968_n_1080

Talking about the infinity pool is one of the pools that have the illusion of infinity. One of the walls of the swimming pool has a lower height than the surface of the water so that the water seems to continue flowing and blends in with the background behind it. Therefore, this infinity pool manages to present a beautiful appearance and manages to steal attention. Infinity Pool from @laneriarchitetti

15 snapinsta.app_337781164_1748939185520773_791738742141621811_n_1080

This swimming pool is called the infinity pool. It has a design where one of the walls of the pool is smaller than the volume of the water, giving the illusion of infinity. This type of pool is usually found in areas near the beach or hotels so that it will present a beautiful and attractive view. Therefore it is liked by many people. Natural Infinity Pool from @shay_i.am

Swim Spa

The swim spa pool will be smaller than the common pool. It is commonly used for fitness where you can swim against the flow of the water. It can also be heated so that you can enjoy your time there to relax your body. For you who have a small yard space, this kind of pool can be really worth it.

16 snapinsta.app_328454083_125786287070287_8922929042422859697_n_1080

Talking about the pool, a swim spa is one type of pool that is suitable for you to have. The reason is that it is more multifunctional, that is, it can function as a swimming pool or as a hot spa. This time you can place it in the backyard area so it’s easier to access and more comfortable for spas or swimming. Backyard Swim Spa from @masterspas


The swim spa is a type of pool that has a combination of a swimming pool and a spa that is equipped with hot water. This type of pool is usually owned by households because it has a dual function. The swim spa is suitable to be placed in outdoor and indoor areas so it is more flexible. Deck Swim Spa from @orangecountypoolsandspas

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This pool has a combination of a swimming pool and a spa. Therefore, it is often used by households because it has a dual function. Placing it in an outdoor area with an in-ground design will make this swim spa look attractive and succeed in inspiring everyone who sees it. Inground Swim Spa from @masterspas

Hot Tub

Basically, the hot tub is a small heated pool that is used for relaxation or hydrotherapy purposes. If you ask about the difference between the hot tub and the swim spa, the hot tub is a portable and above-ground version then the swim spa is an in-ground pool version. Also, commonly the hot tub has a smaller size than the swim spa.

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The hot tub is a pool that is equipped with hot water and is usually used by more than one person. This time the hot tub used has a circular shape and an in-ground design so it won’t make your garden look cramped. Has size that is not too big, but this hot tub can be used for swimming or just soaking in hot water. In ground hot tub from @wonderwerk_eu

20 snapinsta.app_96759739_817502941989791_3537907184957443059_n_1080

Look at the picture above! This is a large tub filled with hot water which is usually used for bathing. It has a fairly high size but is quite easy to access because the owner completes it with a ladder. Not only for bathing but this pool can also be used for swimming but the space for movement is more limited. Above Ground Hot Tub from @mulberrycottage_ox

22 snapinsta.app_316400704_2380615535418942_8579628954821294182_n_1080

This time it’s about hot tubs! This hot tub is not too big and is above the deck so it will provide perfect comfort. This hot tub is equipped with hot water so it has the main function of providing a comfortable hot tub where everyone can relax. This type of pool is perfect for being in an outdoor area. Deck Hot Tub from @bowmanville.beach.house

Lap Pool

The lap pool is purposed for fitness or sports purposes. It can be narrow but long enough that it is typically rectangular. This lap pool is the type of in-ground pool where it is permanent and has a high cost of maintenance. For you who want to have a pool for sport reason, the lap pool is a good investment for you.

23 snapinsta.app_327972711_1261018091464668_8093348439569715335_n_1080

This one pool has the name lap poll. It has a narrow but very long design, so it is perfect for those of you who only have narrow land. Some green plants around this pool will provide freshness and can make you more relaxed. Rectangular Lap Pool from @landscaperscoach

24 snapinsta.app_117731029_598724864349579_4723043866626704683_n_1080

Don’t worry if you have a narrow space, here you can still have a pool, which is the lap pool type. This type of pool has a narrow design but is quite long so it is very space-saving. That way, this type of pool can function properly and also still provide comfort for its residents In-Ground Lap Pool from @nationalpoolsinc

25 snapinsta.app_76876300_3266207950116486_8409277937163643101_n_1080

This time it’s about the lap pool. It has a narrow and elongated design so it is very suitable as an alternative for pools for individuals with a lack of space in their homes. Having a simple design makes it look beautiful without being overwhelming and can also function properly. Therefore you will never fail to build a lap pool in your yard. Blue Lap Pool from @leisurepoolsau


Knowing the type of pool that you have and the characteristics of the pool is very important before you plan for maintenance. It is because each pool needs its own maintenance. It can depend on the size, the installment mode, and the features that the pool has. Of course, when there are many additional features that you have in the pool, there will be more maintenance that you should do. So, which pool is your choice?

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