Genius spring cleaning shortcut to do with time-saving style2

The ideas below will give you the ultimate guidelines to clean your home in spring. Do not worry every step is easy to follow.

Genius spring cleaning shortcut to do with time-saving style1

Make A Plan Of Attack

Make a plan of attack Genius Spring Cleaning Shortcut To Do With Time-Saving Style


Well, some parts of your home may go months without a deep clean. But when spring rolls around, remove months of dust and grim from every forgotten spot with three rules.

  1. Get multi-function supplies like a microfiber mop, non-abrasive cleanser, microfiber cloths, white vinegar, baking soda, and vacuum with a long-bristle and edger attachment.
  2. Start simple by cleaning a low-traffic space like a dining room or office.
  3. Do the cleaning from top to bottom, and back to front. You need to avoid backtracking by working with gravity.

Speed Clean Your Hard-Surface Floors, Mattress, and Headboard

Speed clean your hard-surface floors Genius Spring Cleaning Shortcut To Do With Time-Saving Style


If your floor is particularly dirty, you can sweep or vacuum to remove crumbs and debris. After that, grab a mop that makes quick work of cleaning the floor. After all, toss the reusable mop head in the washing machine. Make sure you start mopping at the far corner of the room so you will not accidentally trap yourself.

Next, you can vacuum your mattress and headboard from anything you don’t want to appear.

Dust The Ceilings And Walls

You can swipe the ceilings and walls with a clean dry microfiber mop. Then, the wide mop head will remove cobwebs and dust. Next, the long pole will also help you to reach every corner and behind furniture. Meanwhile, for textured ceilings or stucco walls, you can use a feather duster instead.

Spring Clean Your Stove And Appliances

To clean your oven in spring, you may prepare a paste of baking soda and water. You can apply it inside on the walls and floor of the oven. Next, spritz with vinegar in a spray bottle and wipe it down.

For the refrigerator, you can wipe the top of the refrigerator with a water-dampened microfiber cloth. Then, for greasy dust, moisten the cloth with cleaner. Next, you can move the refrigerator away from the wall and clean the coils with the brush attachment on your vacuum. Take note that removing dust will help the appliance run more efficiently.

Do the cleaning for your dishwasher and microwave as well with the right materials and tools for more efficient cleaning.

Deep Clean Your Bathroom

You can do the cleaning by removing mildew and soap scum from your shower curtain liner with little effort by throwing it in the mashing machine with a few fluffy towels and laundry detergent. Besides, you can wipe the newly sanitized area with a microfiber cloth and move on.

As the last word, do not forget to clean your furniture, blinds, pleated shades, area rugs, and carpeting. So your home will blink every second.

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