Decorating above a sofa for focal point transformation2

If you found a gap between your sofa and the ceiling, then you may be wondering how to fill that space. Check the inspirational ideas below for beautiful above-a sofa decoration.

Decorating above a sofa for focal point transformation1

Hang A Gallery Wall

Hang a gallery wall Decorating Above A Sofa For Focal Point Transformation


With wall paneling, your room will have additional architectural texture, shadow, and depth. You will not need to be frightened of hanging on the paneling. You may go with the geometry to the center where you place things on each panel. To present a statement art in a living space, you may play with scale to make the most of the wall space. After that, you can choose a large-scale artwork that spans the full height of your wall. You can also create an art wall that plays with a mixture of work in different colors, genres, and sizes.

Mix Art With Bespoke Joinery

Mix art with bespoke joinery Decorating Above A Sofa For Focal Point Transformation


A beautiful bespoke joinery will make your living room look expensive. Therefore, it is a brilliant choice for the space above your sofa. Your home will feel calm and look pretty every day. You can place artwork within joinery as a lovely way to hero a painting. The dark wood textured grasscloth on the wall offers a warm luxurious color scheme as a perfect complement for an abstract painting.

A Large-Scale Art To Anchor The Space Above Your Sofa

The area above a sofa is a great space to layer up your favorite artwork. You can invest in an oversized piece of art that fully fills the wall. The result is a carefully curated space that harmonizes with its surroundings and serene scheme.

Sofa With Built-in

A room with a beautiful wall of bespoke joinery painted in a moody hue is wonderful. It also has a huge character and offers plenty of open and closed storage. Do not forget the right lighting for a blended and balanced look and practicality.

A Symmetrical Display

Symmetry is a popular interior design to create smart-looking rooms including for above-a sofa with art and photography. The key to symmetrical display is creating continuity of each art in the same type. of frame.

Let The View Speaks

If you are lucky to have glorious views, you can be situating your sofa in front of your window. It will add a gorgeous visual appeal to your room with enough sunlight.

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