How to set up your dining room for spring2

Spring is the time of year when we get to enjoy longer days, a warmer climate, and lots of beautiful blooms. Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, or nothing at all, spring is the perfect time to get your dining room ready for a cheerful celebration!

The dining room is a space where we share meals and celebrate special occasions. To make these moments even more memorable, consider adding decor that reflects spring’s renewal and growth.

A dining room needs to balance function (it needs to seat the right amount of people and have a layout that allows everyone to navigate it) with form. Here are some expert tips to help you achieve that balance!

How to set up your dining room for spring1

Bring in the Outdoors

Spring is a time of fresh blooms and warmer temperatures, which means it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy your outdoor space. If you’re looking to set up your dining room for the season, consider bringing in some of your favorite things from the outdoors. Think round place mats made from jute, rattan or wicker, or mix and match colourful plates and bowls to bring in fresh spring vibes to your space. Also, pop a couple of tealight candles in natural textured holders to add an element of nature to your setup.


An easy way to include natural accents on a dining table is to use a vase display mat made from the slice wood material you have. Use this slice of wood together with the old mason jar that you have to save more on your spending budget. Both can be found easily around your home, try to wash the mason jar vase first before filling it with water and a beautiful blooming tulip arrangement. Slice Wood Vases Display from @simpleinspirationsathome


Do you need a focal point on a springtime dining table? If so, then you can put a wicker rattan basket as a container to put some blooming flower branches. These flowers can be obtained directly in the backyard garden so they are fresher and you can also replace them with fresher ones when they look wilted. Woven Centerpiece Basket from @margaretsdaughter_


Woven jute placemats placed on dining tables this spring will bring an outdoor feel instantly. Have and use more than one jute placemat or it can be adjusted according to the number of your family members. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add green plant vases and greenery wreaths that can be used as decorations as well as focal points. Jute Placemat Design from

Add Flower Arrangements

Don’t forget to add flowers to your dining room. Spring is where flowers bloom. You can take them to decorate your vases and make a great flower vase arrangement. Choose colorful flowers to get an atttractive look. And, you can also bring in greenery to brighten up your space. Plants are a timeless way to create an instant springtime vibe, and you can change them out for different occasions throughout the year.


Tulips are a type of flower that is often used to decorate homes when spring arrives. Use a series of tulips with a variety of different colors to make it look more fun. Besides that, you can also start by using a wooden vase that has been painted and hand-painted with a pattern or sign according to the decoration you like. Colorful Tulips Arrangement from @representativecharlottewarren


Don’t let your spring dining table decorations look plain and boring. Because now you can put a vintage vase that can be filled with beautiful blooming roses. This rose has a splash of two different colors, pink and white is a combination that can never fail. A unique vase with a bunny stand is one of the hallmarks of the spring theme. Blooming Roses Centerpiece from @blueandwhiteblessings


If you have a galvanized bucket that is no longer used, then just use it as a vintage-style flower vase. This flower vase is large enough to be filled with pastel colored tulips. Previously you can do the cleaning first on the galvanized vase so that it is free from dust, dirt or insects. Galvanized Vase for Arrangement Pastel Tulips from @davenportfarmhouse_

Add a Pop of Color

When it comes to setting up your dining room for spring, a pop of color is essential. A fresh new chair or rug in a fun hue is an easy way to create a vibrant and inviting space. A bright yellow or blue table lamp can transform any dining room and add a cheerful glow. You can also add a colorful piece of wall art to lift the mood.

And don’t be afraid to use color throughout the rest of your space, too. Accents like cozy throw pillows, cloth napkins, and art in a variety of shades are all great ways to bring in more color without having to paint the walls entirely.


To add color to the decoration of this dining room, you can use Easter egg ornaments that have been repainted with a variety of different colors. This Easter egg can be applied to the chandeliers. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also put a basket filled with flowers and green plants as a refreshing accent. The blue mason jar that is placed on the dining table is a container for flower arrangements. Colorful Pattern Easter Egg Chandelier from @suzannebagheridesigns


The Easter egg ornament, which is placed neatly on the dining table, adds color to the room because it has been repainted with a choice of pastel colors. These Easter eggs are a clever idea you can use to add a pop of color to your dinner table. Then add a touch of greenery for a fresh accent that you can use and can get easily in the backyard. Pastel Color Easter Egg Ideas from @courtneyfitzp01


Another way you can add color to the room is to use a striped napkin with a colorful choice of colors. This striped napkin can be placed on a plate along with a colorful Easter egg centerpiece decoration too. This Easter egg can be repainted with a selection of pastel colors that you can try. Striped Napkin Pattern from @lifeandhomeat2102

Add a Textured Rug

Adding a texture rug is an easy way to add depth and character to your dining room. From high pile wool rugs to more hardwearing sisal rugs, textured rugs have a tactile feel that adds to their uniqueness. When choosing a rug for your dining space, it’s important to take into consideration the furniture and lighting in your room. It should coordinate naturally with these other pieces in order to give the space a natural flow.

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Cover the dining room floor with a rug made of wool in the right color and material. At this time you can use wool with beautiful blooming flower patterns. Apart from that, you can also add vase flower arrangements on the dining table to add color to the room instantly. Floral Wool Rug Design from @kishaniperera


You can complete the natural and textured look of this spring dining room decoration by using a sisal rug with a choice of beige colors that can blend in with the main furniture made from natural wood. This sisal rug design has a size large enough to accommodate the dining set chairs used so that it looks more elegant. Sisal Rug Design from @antiquefarmhouse

Add a Scent

One of the best ways to create a cozy space is by adding scent. Whether it’s using a scented candle, a diffuser or essential oils, you can add scents to your dining room to make it feel more like home. For a light and fresh scent, choose something citrus-based. Orange, lemon, and lime are popular options. These scents are great for eliminating any lingering food aromas and will keep your dining room smelling clean.


This mason jar scented candle that is placed on the dining table is a smart idea that you can implement when spring arrives. This candle scent is able to add to the aroma of the room instantly so it feels fresher and of course not musty. Just use one scented candle so that the aromas produced don’t mix and make you dizzy. Scented Candle from @angierossiter_70


To add a fresh scent to your springtime dining room décor, try using a citrus centerpiece made from dried orange or lemon wedges. Besides being able to be used as a fresh scent in the room, it can also add color to the dining room instantly. Don’t forget to end with some vases of blooming flowers. Citrus Centerpiece Area from


Aromatherapy candles that are used as centerpiece decorations on the dining table this spring have many benefits that can be obtained. One of them is to add aroma to the room while at the same time making the user more relaxed during lunch or breakfast together. The existence of this aromatherapy candle is perfected with two vases of tulips that you can arrange yourself. Aromatherapy Candle on the Centerpiece from @simpleinspirationsathome


There’s nothing wrong with adding essential oils on your dining table. Just use a spray jar that can be used anytime as needed. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also determine the aroma that suits your wishes or preferences so that it can work better and optimally. Add Essential Oil from @thefinleyfarmhouse

Rearrange Your Furniture

It may be hard to do at first, but rearranging your furniture can give your dining room a fresh look. Take the time to think about the function of the room, orient seating to face a focal point and avoid pushing up against walls if possible.


Adjust the layout of the furniture that you use for maximum comfort when used for dinner or lunch with the family. At this time you can put a dining table and chair set right in front of the window which ends with flowers blooming around it to serve as a beautiful eye view and attract attention. This flower is able to provide a fragrant aroma as well. Perfect with Blooming Flowers from @caliber_homes


Is your dining room equipped with glass windows? If so, then you can apply and adjust the layout of the furniture right in front of this window. Why ? This is done in order to get enough sunlight. Furthermore, when the curtain is opened, you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery. Apply Furniture Towards the Window from @returninggrace


After the rearrangement of this dining table set is done, you can redecorate the dining table with a colorful centerpiece design. Start by using a table runner with a plaids pattern which is dominated by a mix of pink and white. Furthermore, you can also place blooming flowers in this centerpiece area along with some candle votives which can be used as additional lighting. Statement Spring Centerpiece from @thisismyhome_bylucy

Bring in a host feel

When hosting, it’s important to create a dining space that feels warm and inviting. To achieve that, work with color and texture to bring a cozy vibe.

‘Wall colors are key to setting the mood and feeling of a space,’ says interior designer Susan Sutter. ‘We recommend using warmer paint tones like a dark slate gray or taupe.’ Wall paper is also a great way to add a layer of texture and warmth.


Comfort is the main thing that must be applied in every room of your home. Same goes with dining room decor this spring. You can pamper users or your family members with additional patterns and colors that are suitable, for example, you can use a textured table runner with a knitted flower pattern. Finish with a wood planter filled with orange blooms. Textured Floral Table Runner from @gina_barragan


Take a look at the wall decoration which is perfected with a fairly large size canvas flower painting, isn’t it ready to be used as the focal point of the room? Yes, you can use it together with spring centerpiece decorations which are dominated by rabbit ornaments, flowers and fresh greenery. Elegant Spring Diningroom Ideas from @clarybosbyshell

Taper Candle for Centerpiece Ideas

If you’re looking for a way to add elegant touches to your dining room, taper candles are the perfect choice. They’re slender, elegant and versatile–perfect for decorating a variety of spaces in any design style. They’re also a great alternative to traditional candles, as they don’t produce smoke or soot. They burn for a long time and come in a variety of colors.

But before you head to the store and pick up a set of taper candles, there are a few things you should know about them. The best taper candles are thick, dense, and made of high-quality wax. They are also made with wooden wicks that don’t require trimming to keep them burning smoothly. If you’re looking for an eye-catching centerpiece idea, try grouping pillar and taper candles together in a vintage candle holder. Adding a variety of colors can make the display even more interesting.


Candle sticks with a variety of different sizes are ready to be used as centerpiece decorations on the spring dining table. Besides being able to be used as a centerpiece decoration, it can also be used as additional room lighting when the atmosphere in the dining room feels darker. A bouquet of roses in a bowl vase is a beautiful finishing touch. Candlestick Centerpiece from @houseofhicken


To make the atmosphere of your dining table more inviting, you can use a taper candlestick centerpiece decoration with a touch of gold that seems more vintage and classic. Just use more than one or it can be adjusted according to the length of the table runner used. The table runner pattern used is a rabbit pattern that emphasizes the spring theme. Mini Tapper Candle from @paisleypearhome

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