How important the plumbing maintenance for your home2

It is really important to do regular maintenance to your plumbing system. We all know that this is not something that will be easy to deal with when it is already damaged. It is because the position of the plumbing itself mostly is hidden. Then, the plumbing also has a small space that will be difficult to reach. There should be a special technique and way to clean the plumbing and repair the damage.

How important the plumbing maintenance for your home1

With that fact, it is clear that plumbing maintenance is not something to kidding. A preventive action will always be so much better than repairing. With good maintenance, you will be able to save your budget. The key is that you should prevent the damage before it breaks everything. By doing regular maintenance, you can increase your plumbing system’s efficiency and longevity. Also, you can detect the problem that may occur before it gets worse.

Maintenance List for Plumbing

Here we have listed some things that you can do to keep your home safe, sanitary, and comfortable with good plumbing maintenance. Make that you do the maintenance to all plumbing components available at your home. Get the ideas below!

Don’t Flush Clog Cause

There are some clogged causes that mostly happen to your drain. For the bathroom, it will be hair loss and tissue. Then, for the kitchen or other sinks available at your home, it can be food waste, debris, and other kinds of dirt. When your drain is close to one of them, then just make sure that you don’t flush it because you will make your drain clogged. What you should do is get rid of the dirt or whatever is that then clean the sink or drain.

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Plumbing maintenance that is quite simple and can be done by anyone is to keep the disposal clean and functioning properly. You can do this by avoiding flushing the causes of blockages such as food scraps, plastic and others. In this way your plumbing will remain safe and clean so that it can work perfectly according to its function. The drain is clogged with leftovers from @mountaindogplumbing

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Don’t flush the cause of the blockage! This is because a blockage can cause the plumbing to not work properly and can cause other damage. You can avoid this by installing a sink waste basket so that it will accommodate the sides of food or other leftover waste. That way, your sink will avoid clogging and plumbing will remain safe. Sink drain clogged from @sirtopaz

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Speaking of maintenance for plumbing, the easiest thing is to avoid clogging the drain. This time you can prevent it by not throwing garbage in its place and not throwing it in the sink because it will cause a blockage. Another alternative is to install a waste basket in your bathroom disposal and clean up scattered dirt such as hair and other. Drain Bathroom clogged from @obsessioncleaningservices

Drain Cleaning

Even when you have made sure that you don’t flush any kind of dirt, you still have to clean your drain because there is still a possibility for the dirt to enter the drain. Do the cleaning periodically. You can clean the drain by using drain cleaning powder or you can use a certain tool. You may clean the drain yourself but when the drain is in a severe clog, then you should call a professional soon.

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Cleaning drains regularly is one of the perfect plumbing treatments. This time you can use the hook stick to clean the dirt in the disposal so that there is no blockage. This is because if there is a blockage, the plumbing will not work properly and will cause greater damage. Cleaning Bathroom drain cleaning from @koko.drains

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To take care of the plumbing in your home, start by cleaning the drain. This time you can clean the drain on the sink so that it will avoid clogging. You can use a hook stick to pick up the dirt that is in the disposal so that it is more effective and efficient. This method is perfect and you should never miss it. Sink Drain Cleaning from @familyhandyman

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The drain is one that affects your plumbing. Therefore you can do regular drain cleaning so that your plumbing remains in a good performance. This time you can use a special clamp to clean your bathroom drain clean. So that the disposal will flow smoothly and not cause any damage. Bathroom Drain Cleaning from @jj_moss_cream_city_drain

Inspect the Leak

It happens sometimes when you don’t realize that there is a leak in your plumbing system until it gets worse and is difficult to deal with. So, just don’t wait until the leak sign comes. Just do the leak inspection regularly so that you don’t need to call a professional to repair it and save your budget. For your consideration, the leak commonly comes from the pipe under the sink. Or, it can also happen from the air conditioner pipe installation. Additionally, if you have a water heater, the pipe system of the heater can also be leaked.

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In addition to cleaning drains and avoiding blockages, checking for leaks is something that must be paid attention to. Check the pipe for leaks at the bottom of the sink periodically to ensure your plumbing remains in a good performance. When a leak occurs, make repairs immediately to avoid greater damage and result in disruption of activities in your home. Under Sink Pipe Leak from @besthomeservices

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For plumbing maintenance and keeping damage from occurring, you can do this by checking for leaks periodically. Doing this check will tell you the signs of damage and can prevent it sooner. When there is damage, do repairs immediately. This idea is quite easy but will never fail to keep your plumbing safe. Metal Pipe Leak from @dacostaplumbing

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You can check the pipes regularly in an effort to maintain the plumbing in your home. Checks like this will minimize damage to the plumbing in your home. In addition, in this way, you will find out about leaks earlier so they will be resolved quickly. Therefore, checking pipes regularly is important for plumbing maintenance in your home. Pipe Leak from @187racing

Mesh Drain Cover

It is really important to install a mesh drain cover. Not only for the sink but also for your bathroom drain and any other drains available at your home. The mesh drain cover will help you to protect your drain from dirt or waste entering and creating a clog. It is something that can be installed and removed easily so that you can clean it when it is already full of dirt.

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Taking care of sinks is one way to keep your plumbing in good condition and in perfect performance. You can do this by adding a waste basket to the sink. This time you can use a brass waste basket so that it will accommodate leftover food and your sink will avoid clogging. Brass mesh drain cover from @lifespacejourney

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Apart from the sink, this time you can install a mesh cover on your bathroom drain. In this way, debris such as hair and small plastics are filtered out and cannot enter the drain. As a result, you will avoid blockages, and plumbing in your home can still work properly and perfectly. Square Drain Cover from @centralazsupply

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The mesh drain cover is one of the objects that you can use for plumbing treatments in your home. You can install this circular mesh drain cover in the sink area. This tool will work by filtering out dirt that causes blockages in the plumbing in your home. Therefore, this method is quite effective and efficient to try. Round Mesh Drain Cover from @argent_australia

Clean the Showerhead

Cleaning the showerhead should be done regularly. You have to make sure that the dirt is not hardened because it will be more difficult to clean. The point of showerhead cleaning is on the holes where you can’t let the holes seal with the dirt. What you have to do to clean the showerhead holes is by brushing them using an old toothbrush. Basically, it will be easy as long as the dirt is not hardened yet. If your showerhead has regular cleaning, you’ll get a good water flow shower and comfortable showering.

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The showerhead is one of the things that you should pay attention to because it also affects the plumbing in your home. This time you can clean it using an old brush so it will be clean again. In this way, the water in the showerhead can flow very smoothly and avoid any damage. Showerhead Cleaning from @glamourcleaners

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Speaking of plumbing maintenance, this time you can keep the headboard clean. You can do regular cleaning so that there are no blockages and water can flow smoothly. Use a special small brush to clean the holes in the showerhead so it will look clean. Befor After Showerhead Cleaning from

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This time you can clean the shower head in an effort to maintain the plumbing in your home. You can do this periodically so that the scale doesn’t build up too much and cause a clog. In this way, the water flowing from the showerhead will be very smooth and avoid blockages and damage to the plumbing. Clean the Showerhead from @supreme_cleaning_ne

Signs that You Need Plumbing Repair

With all of the maintenance lists that we have provided, you should also know some signs that show you if your plumbing needs emergency work. In this case, you may deal with it yourself if the damage is not too big. But, we recommend you ask for a professional if it is not your realm to deal with the plumbing because you may cause bigger damage. Here are the signs for you:

  1. Your water heater in your bathroom takes a long time to produce hot water. The cause can be the pipe that drains the water from the water source to the heater is in damage.
  2. The water pressure becomes too strong or too low. The leak and the water burst can cause a water pressure problem. So, when it happens, you should check on your plumbing system.
  3. There is a gurgling sound coming from the drain. It can be a sign that the water flow is not normal that cause the gurgling sound.
  4. There is no water coming out from the sink. When the water completely stops draining, then it can be a big problem so you should be wary.
  5. Some appliances such as a dishwasher move slowly or can’t do the work as well as usual. You should check on the pipe whether there is a leak or something else that bothering the water flow.
  6. The water burst comes out from the pipe. When it happens, just don’t wait any longer. It is an emergency condition where you should call a professional.
  7. There is a leak (even when only in a small part).  The leak can’t be underestimated. Repair it soon before it gets worse.
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Signs of damage to the plumbing that you can recognize are water heaters that don’t work properly. In this case, the water heater takes quite a long time to make the water that is flowing hot. If this happens, you can be sure that there is plumbing damage to your home. Water heater from @njb_plumbing

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Look at the picture above! This is one of the signs of damage to the plumbing in your home. There is high-pressure water coming out of the pipe and causing a leak. This is usually a blockage in one of the pipes and results in water only flowing in one pipe. Water spray on pipe from @besthomeservices

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There are many signs that you can recognize to find out the occurrence of plumbing damage, one of which is a pipe leak. If this happens, your plumbing will not run smoothly and as a result, the water will not come out of the pipe and will even cause water damage to your home. To overcome this you can fix it immediately and prevent other damage. Pipe Leaks from @poolbuoyleakdetection

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There is no water coming out of the sink, this is one of the signs of plumbing damage that everyone can recognize. This is usually caused by a pipe leak before the sink or a blockage occurs. Therefore, the water will not flow smoothly and no water will even come out of the sink. No water coming out from @victoriaslittlecottage_

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Is the Dishwasher in your house not working properly and running as usual? If this happens, then there is damage to the plumbing. This can be caused by low water pressure and it cannot reach your dishwasher. This is because there is a blockage or blockage in the water pipe leading to the dishwasher so that the water cannot flow smoothly. Dishwasher move slowly from @susanadamseducation


With good maintenance and regular preventive actions for damage that you do to your plumbing, we do believe that you can keep your plumbing working properly. It is really great since you can save your budget on the repair cost and professional fee. All maintenance ideas that we have mentioned above are possible to be done by yourself. So, what else do you wait for? Do the maintenance by yourself and get a better living!

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